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"Maxi Priest to release studio album 'Easy To Love'"

Dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel and His Three Co-Convicts Have Filed Appeals

21st Hapilos Anniversary & Digital Awards 2014 Postponed

Chronixx New Album 'Dread & Terrible' Tops Billboard’s Reggae Chart #1

Iba Mahr & Notis Records Stepping Out Hotter With 'Diamond Sox'

Demarco Breaks New Ground For Dancehall in Tel Aviv, Israel

DJ Tippy Young Talent Juggling At Catherine Hall Night Out Jamaica! [Video]

DJ Nicholas 'When Mi Tek A Pree' getting positive Feeback.

Vybz Kartel and Shawn Storm speak out after life sentence, maintain innocence

"DJ Tippy longside DJ Shem 'Work Out' Pier One."[ Video]

Dancehall artiste Teflon Road Manager Ricardo Lowe Killed

Vybz Kartel, Shawn Campbell, Kahira Jones and Andre St John Sentenced to Life In Prison


New Dancehall & Reggae Videos

I-Octane ft Ky Mani Marley- A Yah Wi Deh [Official Video]

Conscious Reggae Artist King Fragrance Releases New "Africa" Video

Talk It Out - Danielle D.I. Tiana Official Music Video

Prodi- Hustlers Anthem (OFFICIAL VIDEO) April 2014


Stonebwoy says if VGMAs merges Dancehall and Reggae music they will sacrifice good songs

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Dancehall and Reggae Music Press Releases

Anthony B on Good Morning TVN, Poland

Jah Vinci Pulls Huge Crowd at Ghana’s Independence Celebrations

21st Hapilos Digital Weekly HOTTEST Releases: Singles from Bugle, RDX,Vaness Bling, Pre-Order Riddim, Passport Riddm & More

Ziggy Marley's 'Fly Rasta' album in stores April 14, 2014

"Pamputtae Teams With Donsome Records For 'Nuh Problem''

Tenza ready for the second quarter of 2014

Benjaminz Let Me Take You Away

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Live Performances

I Octane Work ( My Journey ) Album Launch 2014 VIDEO

I-Octane 2013 Reggae Sumfest Performance [FULL]

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New Dancehall & Reggae Mixtapes

Vybz Kartel - Dancehall Hero (Dancehall Mixtape) - March 2014

DJ Styla - Murderous (Mixtape) - February 2014

International Dancehall Star QQ Releases Hit Filled EP "Kingston 20"

Vybz Kartel - Reasonable Doubt (Re-Mixtape by Max Vol)

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Top upcoming festivals Dancehall & Reggae Music
The a list of all the upcoming festivals in jamaica, dancehall, clubs, sumfest, nam and jam among many others. All are listed here
Dancehall Reggae News All Music information
Dancehall-Reggae news...For the latest in up-todate dancehall and regggae news. We are the first in line.
Ganja in Dancehall sessions and clubs
The use of Ganja in Dancehall. Most patrons attending dancehall sessions also uses Marijuana.
Top Sound Systems and Selectors
Top sound systems..Across Jamaica and most countries in the world are now boasting about there sound system/selectors and equipments.
Top dancehall reggae groups
Top Dancehall Reggae groups from across the world - Since the birth of Reggae and dancehall music in the 1970s and 80s respectively, there has also being some very outstanding groups performing these
Dancehall Religion and Reggae
"Dancehall Religion and Reggae " Most religion are against dancehall music they consider it as being crude or slack because of its sexual tones.
Dancehall artiste Tony Matterhorn "Mentally ill", Selector and Artiste
Tony Matterhorn (Dufton Taylor), "The Man from Mars", "Tony Mentally Iill" is one of the best sound system selector in the
Spanish Reggae
Spanish Reggae was started in Panama in the late 1970's to early 1980's.
Dancehall bashment the Slang of the Dancehall
"Dancehall Bashment" You may asked what does that word means?. This is just another word for a party or dancehall session. This dancehall slang was used to discribe dances and parties during the late
Japanese dancehall
Japanese Dancehall. Jamaica's music in the East. Since the past few years dancehall has become a major player in the music scene in Japan.
Dancehall terms slangs only used in the Dance and parties
These dancehall terms slangs are only used in the dancehall or parties and clubs by selectors/dj when toasting the micophone to give more vibes to the patrons.
Find the Best Dancehall Gospel Music Information Here
Dancehall Gospel, Gospel reggae music, what is this?. Most people would say. This is the same gospel music that you love and enjoy today,
Jamaican Dance Music
Jamaican Dance Music! Jamaica music has certainly come a far way. From Ska, Rocksteady, Mento, reggae dub, Rubba Dub, Reggae Music and Now Dancehall.
Listen to the Best Dancehall and Reggae Streaming Online
"Online reggae streaming also Dancehall music can now be enjoy anywhere in the world through the intervention of online radio stations.
Hottest Dancehall and Reggae Music Mixes
Download free mixes and sound effect. Dancehall and reggae mixes from the 1960-current, Are you a fan of culture music or hardcore dancehall and reggae?. available here.
Shop dancehall and reggae items
shop dancehall and reggae related items
Hott!! Reggae and Dancehall Videos
Dancehall videos is the recording of a short movie clip for a song done by an artiste or group, Most of the times there is a lot of drama displayed in it.
Sound System Impact on Dancehall and Reggae Music
Sound System like Dancehall music started in the 1980's and ever since played a great part in the development of dancehall and reggae music.
Ska Music "Music from the 1970s and 1980s
Ska music was originated in Jamaica in the 1960s. It is a combination of Caribbean Mento, Calypso, Jazz and Rhythm and Blues.
The Broadcasting Commission
The Broadcasting Commission is a statutory body which was established in 1986 to monitor the electronic media in Jamaica. It was first called the Broadcasting Authority. They have recently came down
Reggae Dub Poetry
Reggae Dub Poetry is just a sub-genre to dancehall and reggae music genre.
Jamaican Rocksteady Music
Rocksteady originated in Jamaica in the 60's. This genre of music was influence by Jamaican Mento, R&B and Jazz, It is also a derivative of Ska Music.
Technology impact on the dancehall and reggae music Industry.
Technology in the dancehall and regge music industry has come a far way just like any other industry.
Jamaica steel drum music
Jamaica steel drum music has improve imensely since the first beat in the 1970's. The steel drum or steel pan as it's called in the West Indies was invented in the late
Rastafarian Culture on Reggae Music
"Rastafarian". is a religion which we must give a lot of credit for the huge sucess of dancehall and reggae music worldwide.
Dancehall Reggae and Reggaeton Music
Reggaeton the music of Panama, Latin America and Puerto Rico. Started in the 1970's in Panama but was adopted by Puerto Rico in the early 1990's.
Dancehall Music the new sub genre of Reggae music
Dancehall music is a genre of Jamaican popular music that originated in the late 1970s.
Reggae Artists The best in the Business
"Reggae artists". Reggae music is a genre of Jamaican music developed in the 1970s. This was originally more roots, Rastafarian geared and religious.
New reggae artists also Dancehall artists
New Reggae Artists also Dancehall artists in the music industries. Everyday there are new artists trying to get a break onto the music scene.
The Doctor Beenie Man "The Official King of the Dancehall"
Beenie Man "Anthony Moses Davis" was born on August 22, 1973 in Waterhouse Kingston St. Andrew. He is also known as "Ras Moses
Booking information for dancehall and Reggae Music artiste
Dancehall and Reggae music Affiliated, and Booking Agency this is your page.
Chimney Records creating waves in Dancehall Reggae music
Chimney Records is one of the most sought after producer in the dancehall Reggae business.
Montego Bay the entertainment Capitol of Jamaica
"Montego Bay" locals say <b>Mobay</b>. This is also our second City, the Tourist capitol, and the "Entertainment Capitol" of our beautiful Island Jamaica.
Hottest Dancehall Dance Moves
Dancehall dance moves - Since the inception of dancehall music in the 1980s, there has being a lot of creative dance moves which are sometimes acompanined by a song with the same name.
The Hottest Dancehall pictures and Pictures from Parties and Clubs
Dancehall pictures..As the saying goes a Picture is worth a thousand words.
The most popular night Clubs
popular night clubs
Learning reggae dance Moves
Learning reggae dance! Or we should say, Learn HOW to dance reggae and dancehall music!
"Jungle Night club" Negril's top night club
"The Jungle Night club". Located in Negril Jamaica is regarded as one of the top night club on the island today. It has two floors on the first is
"Dancehall Night Clubs In Jamaica"
"Dancehall Night clubs"Have you ever been to one of these club?. Well if you have'nt you are certainly missing out on a lot
Dutty Fridaze One of the Hottest Street Party
Dutty Fridaze was born in fletcher’s land Kingston Jamaica. This is a weekly party which is held on Fridays and goes on until around 8am Saturday
Germany Sound Systems
Germany sound systems have also carved out a piece of the dancehall and reggae music industry, and have become a force to be reconked with.
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Jamaican Reggae Artiste - Claudius England
Jodian Pantry "Reggae and Gospel music singer
Jodian Pantry - "Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul..."
Top reggae songs in Jamaica and Worldwide
Top Reggae Songs - Our list of songs are the <font color="red">Hottest</font> and newest songs that you will hear, should you go to a club, parties, reggae sessions, dancehall sessions or festivals.
The Dancehall Reggae Music Culture
Dancehall-Reggae culture,Dancehall is a polular type of music originated in the late 70s in Jamaica it is also known as bashment. Reggae music was started in the early 70,s with artists like Bob Ma
Live Dancehall and Reggae Music Performance
Listen and Download Live dancehall and Regga Music Recording here.
Dancehall and Reggae Lyrics
Reggae Lyrics - Sometimes you might hear a dancehall or reggae song that you fell in love with and would like to get the lyrics for it.
Dancehall and Reggae music Passa Passa/Gossip
Dancehall and Reggae music Passa Passa/Gossip. This is where all the news and information about artists, producers, DJs,
Zip 103 FM, Your high energy station.
Zip 103 FM, Your high energy station. Playing the hottest and freshest dancehall and reggae music in Jamaica.
Dancehall Reggae group Merital Family Biography
The Merital family was formed in a Garrison community called Flankers, Montego Bay, Jamaica.
TUGG - Wisconsin Reggae and Alternative music Band
TUGG - The west coast of Wisconsin is not typically thought of as a hotbed of alternative reggae music.
The Green - Oahu, Hawaii Reggae Music Band
The Green - Four extraordinary talents, one scene-shaking reggae band.
The Don Gorgon Ninja Man - Dancehall Legendary Artiste
Ninja Man - "The Don gorgon, Double Ugly, Brother Desmond, Gun Pon Teeth" is one of Dancehall and Reggae music most controversial artiste.
Damian "Junior Gong" Marley "Bob Marley Youngest Son"
Damian Marley aka Junior Gong was born on July 21, 1978 in KingstON Jamaica.
Dancehall artiste Terro 3000 Official Biography
Terro 3000 (born Clifford Hall) has been in and around the music business since 2002 honing his craft and laying the foundation in order to maximize the longevity of his career.
Lady Keyz Merges Rap, House, R&B and reggae
LADY KEYZ merges Rap, House, R&B and reggae in an unapologetic fusion that sets her apart. Her rhymes are a mix of pundit lyrics in a methodic tone that bring
QQ Takes Over Labor Day Weekend In New York!
Dancehall artiste QQ - Although Labor Day weekend is the no work, all rest and play dedicated weekend of the year, there was no rest in sight for the young dancehall star as he took over
Simon Splinta reggae artiste official biography
Michael Orlando Kelly a.k.a. Simon Splinta was born on the 19th day of February 1980 at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital Kingston, Jamaica and is the third of eight children.
Reo Soul Singer Song writer official Biography
Reo Soul - Struck by the beauty of rhythms and soul, music found its way in the life of the young, intelligent, and talented songwriter and upcoming artiste.
Warrior Love Band - Reggae and dancehall music band
Warrior love band is one of the most talented young bands in Jamaica today.
Dancehall Reggae Music Singer Wayne Wonder
Wayne Wonder Named Von Wayne Charles on 26th of July 1972 in Buff Bay Portland, Jamaica. Wayne is a songwriter/singer, whose genre of music is reggae, dancehall, r&b and hip hop.
Dancehall artiste Elephant Man the "Energy God"
"Elephant Man" (O'Neal Bryan) was born on September 11, 1977. He is also called the "Energy God" because of his high energy performance which he always deliver.
Dancehall Reggae Music artists Chaka and pliers
Chaka and Pliers are the most successfull duo in the dancehall and reggae music industry today.
Dancehall reggae artiste Sizzla Kalonji
"Sizzla Kalonji" one of the most controversial dancehall and reggae artiste in the business today. Birth name Miguel Orlando Collins on April 17, 1976 in St. Mary Jamaica.
Dancehall Reggae Fraternity hails Roach love for music
"Rest in Paradise mi bredda Roach, a nu just now. A nuff help u help mi ina music from before mi buss til now, mi an nuff other ghetto youth," were the heartfelt words
Reggae singer Tanya Carter drops video for 'Mr Dj Boy'
Belizean reggae rising star Tanya Carter has debuted her video for herlatesttrack 'Mr DJ Boy'.
Reggae Singer and Producer Lee Scratch Perry "The Upsetter"
Lee Scratch Perry otherwise known as the upsetter was born on March 20, 1936, in Kendal Manchester Jamaica birth name Rainford Hugh Perry .
Shabba Ranks Veteran Dancehall and Reggae Music Artiste
Shabba Ranks! (Rexton Rawlston Fernando Gordon) aka Mr loverman and Co-Pilot was born on January 17, 1966 in the parish of St. Ann Jamaica.
Reggae Singer Desmond Dekker
Reggae singer Desmond Dekker was born Desmond Adolphus Dacres in St. Andrew, Jamaica. He grew up in Kingston and attended the Alpha Boys' School.
Disc Jock DJ Tippy "Young Talent"
DJ Tippy - Dancehall and Reggae music is one of the most loved music across the world. Each day we have new talent emerging onto the scence, from Singers, Deejays, producers to players of instruments.
Veteran Female Reggae Singer Millie Small is not so Small
Millie Small born Millicent Small on October 6,1946 in Milk River Clarendon Jamaica. Her musical career started in her early teenage years.
UB40 UK Top Veteran Reggae Group
UB40 is a British reggae group which was founded in 1978 in Birmingham England (UK). This band/Gourp is considered to be one of the most sucessful reggae group out of Europe.
Alaine Dancehall Reaage Music Artiste
Alaine Laughton - Songwriter, reggae singer and Actor was born on September 21, 1978 in New Jersey USA.
Reggae artiste Augustus Pablo
Augustus Pablo (Horance Swaby) was born on June 21, 1953 in St Andrew Jamaica. He was a Instrumentalist, Keyboard player and a Producer.
Recording Reggae artiste Bushman Official Biography
<b>Bushman</b> is a reggae artiste out of the parish of St. Thomas Jamaica. He is a die hearted rastafarian since and he entered into this religion since the age of two.
The Don Deejay Peter Metro Dancehall Reggae Artiste
Reggae singer and Dancehall Deejay Peter Metro birth name Peter Clark was born in 1960. In kingston, Jamaica.
Reggae Artiste Burning Spear "Turly A Legend"
Burning Spear ("Winton Rodney") was born on March 1, 1948. He is a son from the Parish of St. Ann Jamaica.
Ska Music Singer Derrick Morgan
Singer Derrick Morgan Born on the 27th of March 1940 in Clarendon, Jamaica.
Everton Blender The reggae singer with the smooth, crooning, tenor vocals.
Everton Blender (<b>Everton Dennis Williams</b>) - The reggae singer with the smooth, crooning, tenor vocals.
Mutabaruka Reggae Music
Mutabaruka Reggae music history and life. He was born on 26th December 1952 in Rae Town Kingston Jamaica. He grew up as a Catholic but later change to the Rastafarian Religion.
Dancehall artiste Lejah Eyeing a Big Musical Breakthrough
Upcoming dancehall artiste Lejah is upbeat about his musical career and how the fans have welcomed him with open arms.
Dancehall artiste Teknique Ready To Make Musical Mark
GT Muzik recording artiste Teknique dropped out of college in the United States in 2010 to pursue his music career.
Kiwaine richie sly jones a.k.a k-sly
K Sly - New upcoming artiste straight out of south Trinidad, with the hit single "Baby I Love You".
Dancehall Reggae artiste D'vercity Official Biography
D'vercity - Born Leroy Christopher Anthony Griffiths on August 18th to Yvonne Dale and Leroy Griffiths Snr. He grew up surrounded by music.
Propally Makes Impact With ‘Concrete Jungle’
Propally - Intent on etching his name among the scribes of the Jamaican music industry after several daunting years;
Dancehall Reggae Recording artiste Khago
Khago or should I say "Chicago. Birth name Ricardo Gayle, he is a reggae artiste from the parish of St. Ann Jamaica.
Reggae Singer Tessanne Gives Powerful Performance On The Voice
Tessanne gives powerful performance on The Voice - Hailed as a possible winner
Top dancehall and reggae music sites
Reggae music sites - There are a lot of good reggae music websites promoting and providing very top information about this genre of music call reggae, which was originated in Jamaica.
Raggamuffin Music "Jamaica's Hiddin Music"
Raggamuffin music also known as Ragga. It's a sub-genre of dancehall and reggae music. This genre consist primarily of electronic music.
Jamaica top reggae festivals
Top Reggae Festivals in Jamaica. Below is a list of some of the most fulfilling top festivals in Jamaica.
The Hottest Reggae Videos online
Reggae Videos, this is the recording of a short movie clip for a song done by a reggae artist or group.
October 2013 - Dancehall & Reggae Music, News, Gossip videos and more
This page is dedicated to the month of October 2013, here you will find all the latest information on dancehall and reggae music.
Lively up Yourself - More than just a song
Lively up yourself was released in 1974 on Bob Marley and the Wailers album titled "Natty Dread".
Roots Reggae Singer Protoje
Reggae Singer Protoje born on June 14th, 1981 (Oje Ollivierre) is one of the freshest face in the dancehall and reggae music business today (2010).
Dancehall reggae singer Tarrus Riley
Tarrus Riley (sing singy) born in 1979 as Omar Riley in Bronx New York. Tarrus is the son of veteran Jamaican singer Jimmy Riley. formerly of the vocal trio
Vagan Determined to Carry on His family tradition
Rising Jamaican reggae/dancehall sensation Vagan, born Shaquille Simpson is determined to carry on his family tradition by making a great impact in the music industry.
Reggae singer Peter Tosh
Reggae Singer Peter Tosh born Winston Hubert Mcintosh on 19th of October 1944 in Petersfield, Westmoreland, Jamaica.
Samantha J premieres ‘Tight Skirt’ video on BET
Still within the midst of her teenage years, Jamaican music’s fast-rising young sensation, Samantha J has already accomplished more feats at the age of 16 than many established acts,
Novenber 2013 - Dancehall & Reggae Music, News, Gossip videos and more
This page is dedicated to the month of November 2013, here you will find all the latest information on dancehall and reggae music.
Libran 'Dancehall and Reggae Music artiste Official Biography
Libran - The name of a new and aspiring addition is being added to the growing and impressive list of stars of Jamaican reggae music.
Chardavid aka Iley Dread - dancehall and reggae music singer
Colin Levy, Chardavid aka Iley Dread, singer, songwriter, producer, began his humble beginnings in Hanover, Jamaica and later migrated to Canada and emerged onto the Canadian Reggae scene in Montreal
January 2014 - Dancehall & Reggae Music, News, Gossip videos and more
January 2014 - Dancehall & Reggae Music, News, Gossip videos and more
The Mau Mau Warriors - Reggae group
The Mau Mau Warriors - The Birth of Icientcy Icienty's mother. Eliza Ms Shirley Temple from Clarendon, Father Edmond Painter Williams from St Elizabeth, met in Jones Town while looking f
Toasting in Dancehall and Reggae music
King Stitt is the reggae artiste who is the King of toasting in dancehall and Reggae music.
2006 dancehall riddims
The Year 2006 saw the birth of some young producers and Top dancehall riddims, One noteable producer for that year was Stephen Di Genius McGregor.
J Boog reggae and dancehall music singer
Reggae music singer J Boog, The singer of Samoan descent was born in Long Beach and raised in Compton, California.
Ghost dancehall reggae music singer biography
There are many words which could be used to discribe "Carlton Hylton" aka Ghost. He can be discribe as been unique, sensational, soulful, dynamic and sexy.
Dancehall reggae singer Guidance
Known for his reality lyrics, Guidance is definitely not a pretender.
Ryme Minista Scores big with Killas and Killas
Montego Bay-based deejay Rhyme Minista (Minister) knows all too well about gun violence in the ghetto as his mother and two siblings died violently over the past couple of years.
Rickey Teetz Dancehall Reggae Music Artiste
Rickey Teetz (Ricardo McLean born in 1983) is one of western Jamaica's brightest young recording artiste.
Dancehall reggae artist Mr Lexx aka Lexxus
Dancehall Reggae artiste Mr Lexx, the artiste who's real name is Christopher Palmer is one of the dancehall music industry fashion Icon.
Dj Khaled Hip Hop, R&B and Dancehall and Reggae producer
DJ Khaled the man who wears many hats, He is a music Producer, Radio personality, Dj and Record label executive.
February 2014 - Dancehall & Reggae Music, News, Gossip videos and more
February 2014 - Dancehall & Reggae Music, News, Gossip videos and more
DancehallReggae Music In Guyana
DancehallReggae Music in Guyana. Dancehall and reggae music is fast becoming the main music of choice for the people of Guyana.
Zj Dj Liquid One Of Jamaica Finest
ZJ DJ Liquid (Michael Brissett) AKA Liquid and Lippo is consider to be one of the Top Disc Jockey, Radio Personal and now upcoming recording artist.
Reggae artiste Queen Ifrica the Fyah Muma
Queen Ifrica the Fyah Muma. Born Ventrice Morgan on March 25, 1975 in the hills of Montego Bay, St James, Jamaica.
Reggae singer Stephen Marley
Reggae singer Stephen Marley was born on April 20, 1972 in Wilmington, Delaware, USA.
DJ Nicholas dancehall reggae gospel artiste official biography
DJ Nicholas, birth name Nicholas Vacianna Eccleston, Born the 29th of October and known in his early years as Nameless and sang mostly violent gun songs and explicit lyrics.
Alborosie dancehall and reggae Music singer
Alborosie is a reggae and dancehall singer who was born in Marsala, Sicily in Italy (1977).
Another Anthem From Abajonai - Real Born Kush
Abajonai (pronounced ABA-JO-NYE), born Hughgan Thompson in the rural community of Golden River, Above Rocks, St. Catherine, lives his life and create his music based on a
Aria Morgan reggae recording artiste
Aria Morgan was a name given by her father, Owen Morgan a very gifted traditional gospel musician who must have been discerning when he named his second daughter of three an opera solo.
Fiwi Tube dancehall and reggae magazine
Fiwi Tube is a dancehall dvd magazine operating out of Montego Bay, Jamaica.
Bob Marley Trenchtown Rock
Trenchtown Rock - What and where is Trench Town?. This is a community located in Kingston Jamaica.
Dancehall Permit letter or Police Permission letter
Dancehall permit letter or police permit - If you are planing a dancehall session or a party in Jamaica, you'll need the permission of the local police in your Town/area.
Prodigal Son dancehall reggae gospel artiste official biography
Calvin Curtis Whilby a. k. a. Prodigal Son was born in St. Catherine, Jamaica, in 1976. He was raised by his grandmother, a Godly woman who made sure he grew up in the Christian church.
Cocoa Tea Dancehall Reggae Music Singer
Cocoa Tea born Calvin George Scott in Rocky Point Clarendon, Jamaica on September 3, 1959.
Dancehall artiste Ms Thing Official Biography
Nateshia Lindsay AKA Ms Thing, also referred to as Muma Thing, was born and raised in Kingston Jamaica on September 15, 1986.
Sky Fm Reggae and Dancehall Music Station
Sky Fm Reggae - This is an Internet radio station which plays what is called root Reggae.
Reggae singer George Nooks
Reggae singer George Nooks also known as Prince Mohamed was born in 1958 in Kingston, Jamaica.
Johannesburg - Dancehall Reggae and Ragga music
When you think of reggae music in Johannesburg these are the names which readily comes to mind, Lucky Dube, Nkulee Dube, Harley and the Rasta Family, Colbert Mukwevho, Rasta Rebels and many others.
Dancehall artiste Assassin "Agent Sasco"
Dancehall Reggae artiste Assassin Agent Sasco who's real name is Jeffrey Campbell has being creating a stir in the dancehall and reggae music industry with his the released of some of his latest singl
Hefla Nya - Dancehall reggae music artise
Heflya Nya is slowly becoming a household name in Jamaica and the Caribbean since the release of his single
World Clash 2012 Montego Bay Jamaica
World Clash 2012 - One of the biggest dancehall event returned to Pier One in Montego Bay, Jamaica on April 12, 2012.
Dancehall artiste Squeeky Plus
Squeeky Plus was born in St.Thomas, Jamaica. St.Thomas, an area not exactly noted for a fertile reggae scene, and miles away from major recording studios and recording labels in Kingston.
Phorein Reggae Music artiste
Born Milton Jackson (Stamford, CT), Phorein grew up in the rural district of Salt Spring, Montego Bay Jamaica. Phorein's love for music began at an early age. Similar to other kids his age attending
Rooby Man - Haitian Reggae music star
Rooby Man - Multi-award nominated and winner of the Chicago Music Award’s Best Reggae Entertainer of the Year, Roobens Steve Dieujuste, is often described as expressive, innovative, energetic and rous
Eljai - Dancehall and Reggae music singer
ELJAI was born Lloyd Carlton Mcfarlane Jr. in Belize City, Belize.
Fanton Mojah dancehall and reggae music singer
Fanton Mojah was born on August 5, 1975 in St Elizabeth, Jamaica.
Spechinal shows his love for a ‘Natural Girl’
Promising young Reggae star, Spechinal has returned to the forefront with another track that’s sure to win the hearts of his growing female fan base.
Dancehall artiste Alkaline Lyrics in 'Fuk You Baby' Angers Fans
Dancehall artiste Alkaline has received strong backlash from dancehall fans following the release of a controversial single on So Unique Records Igloo rhythm in which he endorses anal-stimulating sex.
Nite Traxx "Clarendon's Number one Sound System
The brainchild of Dennis Campbell, was built and mobilized in 1994. Nite traxx sound started as a competition sound system in the car stereo arena and went on to win over 60 trophies island-wide.
RETV - Dancehall and Reggae music television station
RETV - which means Reggae Entertainment Television ! the number medium for dancehall and reggae music videos and also interviews, party riviews and interviews.
Stashment Records and Production Company
Stashment Records and Production Company is about music entertainment. They are bringing young talented artiste to the world. They are here to entertain with our clean and vibrant music.
Chris Demontague - Reggae music and R & B singer
Reggae Music singer Chris Demontague new single "Just The Two of Us" a big hit in Jamaica.
Spoonie - Dancehall and Reggae Music Producer
Maurice 'Spoonie' Parkes is known in the streets asa dance promoter and also as a dancer alongside the iconic Bogle and John Hype before venturing into producing with his label, Old Spoon Production.
March 2014 - Dancehall & Reggae Music, News, Gossip videos and more
March 2014 - Dancehall & Reggae Music, News, Gossip videos and more
Dancehall & Reggae Music in India
Reggae and dancehall music have now landed in India. These genres of music which originated in the small caribbean island of Jamaica, is really spreading its wings.
Dancehall reggae artiste Dandexx biography
Dancehall reggae artiste Dandexx, the artiste who's real name is Kirk Brown is base in Los Angeles, California.
Meet Tessanne Chin Winner Of The Voice December 16, 2013
Tessanne Chin born September 23, 1985) is a Jamaican recording artist, best known for winning Season 5 of NBC's reality TV singing competition The Voice as part of Adam Levine's team.
Reggae artiste Dann I releases 'Uncle come'
Following the success of his most recent single, 'Time', singer Dann I is on a musical roll, as he pushes the envelope with his brand new single, 'Uncle Come'.
Marika - Polish first lady of Dancehall and Reggae music
Marika the first lady of Polish Dancehall and Reggae music.
Dancehall reggae artiste Navino
Navino is one of dancehall and reggae's music fastest rising Deejay.
Saba Tooth releases The Revolution is Right Now album
Reggae-dancehall firebrand,Saba Tooth,has been able to soldier on with his revolutionary brand of music despite crippling personal tragedies.
Welcome the Birthday page of Dancehall & Reggae Music Celebrities
I know you are here because you are searching for the birthday of your favorite dancehall and reggae music celebrity.
Western Jamaica Top Djs , rep. Westmoreland, Trelawny, St James & Lucea
Western Jamaica top DJs, these djs are presently the hottest on the western side of the island.
April 2014 - Dancehall & Reggae Music, News, Gossip videos and more
April 2014 - Dancehall & Reggae Music, News, Gossip videos and more

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