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I am looking for a song and it gose like this .....she search my phone and checked my messages.... dose any one know what it is called plz

80's Reggae Style Song, Need the Name! 
I can't recall this song, I got the tune in my head and can only remember a smattering of lyrics. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I believe it …

who sings this song pls  
this is the link to the song 👉 it's on Jim Jones we fly high instrumental......but …

the dancehall song is old school 90 ,s and it sounds like this: Tell me what you want tell me what you need 
The song is old school 90,s dance hall. And it sounds like this: Tell me what you want ,tell me what you need.

What song???? 
It goes something like this. She whine and go down and ah do a rub a dub

Spanner Banner Cheater 
Who else apart from Spanner Banner recorded a reggae version of Cheater please. I heard another version my a younger voice and I would like a copy. Thank …

Anyone Know the name of this song at the 14 min mark? 
Fast forward 14 mins, does anyone know the name of that song?

just to find out 
who sung this song with lyrics starting "searching for long, just for you now that i found you please be true"

What is the name of the song in this video?  
Please can someone give me the name of this song in the video, and the artist that are singing: …

What's this song?  
The lyrics go like this: I must be I must be on your mind or do I speak for myself? If only I can show you how much I wanted you but I can't control …

What is the name of the song and who sang it?  
Trying to find out the name of a reggae song from somewhere in the late 80's-early 90's. All I can remember is a line from the chorus that says "...can …

Urgently need to find this song for a very special person 
I am short on details. The song is supposedly called 'love is' by morgan heritage or peter morgan. However I have been through the group's entire track …

First the Girl 
I thought the name of the song was First the Girl, but the lyrics go "Said I was walking down King Street I met a little girl and she looked so sweet, …

.Whats the name of this song? 
Guys, im looking for a song, i dont know the name but the lyrics go like '''coz we are best friends best friends, somethings not right, i want his girl …

name of artis who sang song with lyrics 
.she is so close to me and i have to give thanks to the Lord for the way

Who's next on di DJ Train? Reggae song Innocent crew 
Hi breeda's, just wondering if some lion here can help me out, I heard this great song that I don't know the Artist/Song, it goes something like this: …

what is the name and artist of the song 
song lyrics goes like "...she is so close to meeeeee and i have to give thanks to the Lord for the way things has turned out to beeeee...."

we need love to set us free 
im looking for a reggae song from the early 90s that goes like ''we need love to set us free strengthen us when we are weak i dnt know the artist name …

what reggae song is this?? 
Here are the lyrics to the song. Its a man and a woman that sing the song. The woman sings the lyrics below Take back your promises Take back your …

Wonderful, wonderful is your love, beautiful, beautiful is your love 
There is a riddim from around 2000 to 2002/3 that went as Wonderful, wonderful is your love, beautiful, beautiful is your love. who did it pliz? Thanks …

Lonely Days and Lonely Nights, girl...WHO IS THIS ARTIST? 
I heard this great song on the radio and the lyrics were along the lines of "I was born to win her, My lonely days and lonely nights, girl."

Danchall Music Tells The Truth About Jamaicans 
what are the ways in which dancehall music tells the truth about jamaicans

Song title and artiste 
whats the name of the song that goes something like "i dont like enemies....... come again..... fire fi d wicked fire fi d heathen" thats all i remember …

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What's the name of this song? 
I heard this song in 1995 with the lyrics: A girl like me, is no trouble to a man I can be nice I can be naughty listen, listen 24/7 She …

Who sang the dancehall track Wife in the 90's?  
Lyrics were: you are de wife, wife you a tek first choice, wife you wear de ring, wife you a tek everyting.

What's the name of this song? 
Heard the song on the radio but it was on a tuesday night where it's the dj who does a remix there were reggae songs playing and their was this song they …

Help me find the title of this song :) 
I heard it from a video:, and some of the lyrics is: o mana tu saritua omalenesai tu eretua or something like …

Jackie Mittoo and Wa Doo Dem. 
I first became aware of Jackie Mittoo in the mid 80's via a radio show here in the UK(the late John Peel). The song was Eek-a-Mouse's Wa Doo Dem (which …

What's the name of the dancehall song playing between 07:44 to 08:08?  
Who knows the name of the song/artist playing from 07:44 to 08:08?

dancehall version of my my my (johnny Gill) 
Who did the dancehall version of my my my (Johnny Gill) & what was the name of the group & song that went. . . dem a call em pirates illegal stations just …

Who Was The "Artist of the Year " & "Song of The Year" on Dancehall Reggae  
On this website we had to vote for who we think the artist of the year and song of the year would be. Was it ever announced who won? What were the results? …

who sang this song 
im not sure but im looking for a song that goes like "lucky u have a family of ur own and me have nobody fa call my own" i think its kiprich but i cant …

Can I get some information on Baby Cham new album? 
He has released a couple songs I like (Tun Up, Wine, etc) but I have not heard anything about an actual album. I would love to buy his album. I would …

I would like to buy natural black sing rise of the poor on let go riddim 
whare can i buy this riddim or download it (natural black rise of the poor on let go riddim)

Tyrone Taylor "Little Cottage In Negril" Download 
Please I want the details of a site where i can download for free tyrone taylor's version of "cottage in negril". I fell in love with this song thru …

What's the name of this dancehall song 2009 i think 
do you know the name of the song that began like this big up to me friends them my family and my enemies

What was Buju Banton best album? 
I would like to know what album do others think is Buju Banton's best. I think Til Shiloh was created with perfection.

Who sing this Christmas reggae song? Lonely for you at Christmas 
I have been searching for this song for years. Its a Christmas reggae song on this reggae album. It's like this: "Lonely for you at Christmas. Baby …

Tracing a Reggae song from in the 1980s 
I am trying to trace a Reggae song that was song in the late 80s and early 90s. I cant remember the Artist and the Song title. Part of the lyrics is …

Reggae artiste Sanchez So Amazing 
I need to find a studio version of Sanchez's version of So Amazing which was originally sung by Luther Vandross. It goes, "Got to tell you how you …

Name of song and artist of an older reggae song 
The lyrics go something like "Here today, gone tomorrow. The memories are all I have to show". Any ideas?

I need to find this song!!! 
I listen the lyrics of this song in the radio: So long since youre gone, girl im missing you, oh im missing you. Please I need this song quick!

Need help finding this reggae song "dem can't just smoke a little" 
In about 1989 I heard some tapes with a song that had a refrain with lyrics like "dem can't just smoke a little, dem can't just smoke a little little". …

What is the title of this reggae for dancehall song 

Looking for a Song on a radio please HELP! 
im looking for a song, the lyrics (chorus) is baby ur so amazing but i love you i want to keep you next to me,let me touch you and caress you ....

Reggae version of South of the border? 
Who sang the reggae version of South of the border? I think it was released in the late 60's or early 70's.

Need help finding the reggae Version of "I Will" 
Am looking for a reggae version of I Will by Ruby Winters. I heard it years ago and have trawling the Internet but with no luck. Can anyone help? …

Whats the name of this reggae song? 
It goes something like this : "Girl I Know a Place Where We Can Be Alone , Where Only Green Grass Grows ... You'll Never Wanna Go Home ." I dnt knw …

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Hell Don't known the name or who sings this reggae/dancehall song 
hey can any one help i have a reggae mix with no names of artists or tracks the lyrics go kinda like this "i like all Jamaican girl and dancing and …

Does anyone know this reggae song is? 
There was a reggae song I heard a while back, the hook went something like this ... she can't deal with the pressure no more, no more, no more can't …

Anyone knows who done the reggae virson of On and On" 
who done the remix version of on and on down in jamacia i here at reggae nights was it dobby dobson

Female singer singing Errol Dunkley's hit You're gonna need me 
Hi Heard a version of Errol Dunkleys hit You're gonna need me by a female artist in reggae didn't catch the name. Please help

How do you get into Dancehall Music Videos 
Since there music videos international in hip hop and r n b and people get into lead roles or backgrounds depending on the location how would someone get …

Can anyone tel me name of this reggae song please ?? 
only got few lyrics it a guy and a girl singing lyrics go some thing like, 'this girl .. ... changing numbers in the night, she was tipsy, so was i X3, …

Looking for name and artist of a reggae song 
Only know a few lyrics something like so close to me... tryin to make me fall in love.....lips so clos to mine.... the corus was "trying to make …

Looking for a reggae song 
I am looking for a reggae song with the words in my room, my room, in my room....don't know much else any help?

Hey Now Baby??? 
what reggae artist sang hey now baby? im dying to find out...please reply...i know some of the chorus goes like this "hey now baby how about a little love" …

want to know the name of a song dancehall song 
i only heard a short clip of this song it says:: "to we everyday a christmas we every girl have to link up ((then something i cant understand then it says))champagne …

What is this 'mazin tune on this dodgy vieo 
What is this 'mazin tune on this dodgy vieo, I must know . . . tried google what lyrics I could make out but …

Whats the artist's name and title to this song...  
intro: reggae ...rock n come reggae.... shake your waist to the riddim.. chorus winey winey..*2 winey and shake your leg or waist when the reggae …

Need Help with this song reggae song i can't remember  
It's this really old song and i can't remember the name or who it's by but I do remember one part and its the chorus "After you mama send you go a school …

Searching for the name and artiste of this old reggae song 
Looking for an old school ragga song I think is called heat. Says something like hotter than the pepper weh u put inna di pizza. Pls help me with the artist!!! …

What song has Evita (Don't Cry For Me Argentina) melody? 
The chorus melody is the same thing as Evita (Don't Cry For Me Argentina, the Don't Cry For Me Argentina part. …

need help..trying to find the name of a 90.s dancehall song..... 
you are the woman of my life, you are the one to be my wife

Song with got to take it easy hook 
What's the reggae artist who sang the song with go to take it easy as the hook

Whats the title of this dancehall song in this video 
whats the title of the song in this video?

Anyone knows the name to this song? 
24/7 im always thinking about girl do you you are my baby time after time cant get this song out of my head please help email me the name at missbarbados917@aol.c …

cant remember name of song or artist remember some lyrics  
Nooo hey noo hey fever all American girl in the fever. Something like that do u know who it is

Who sings these song "Money Worries" 
2 ARTIST came out in the 80s the song money worries (maytones) was sample 1st artist everywhere you go it the same cry money worries, money worries . work …

What the name of this song "Girly you better can cook" 
Girly you better can cook think you there for your pretty looks you want to live at Kentucky.

Can you help me find the name of a song? 
A friend of mine was in Jamaica last month (December 2011) and heard a song on the radio in Kingston. "Here are the lyrics as he remembers them: Momma …

does anyone know the artist to this song ??  
please lover, please come back back, dont let the train go down the track track ?? i can only find the motown version :(

Can you help me find the name of the person who sings this dancehall song? 
Hello, I dont know the name of it but I do remember some of the words, here they are.... up the road n down the road n up the road again, thru …

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please help me find this reggae tune 
don't know artis or name of tune, but i know most off the lyrics here gose. hay my little chatter? you know to deal with the matter deal with it porpoer,hay …

Help me find these dancehall songs 
I was watching the DVD Mojito Monday to Bounty Sundays dvd that came with Ragga Ragga Ragga 2011, and there are 3 songs I love in part four of the dvd. …

Trying to find a reggae song for over a year now 
Been trying to find a song for over a year now, and still can't find it. Not sure who it is by or what it is called. But I recorded it on phone. Is there …

What riddim is shaggy feat mavado girls dem love we on 
Can someone please tell me what riddim shaggy and movado's - gayl dem love wi, is on.

Reggae-song in Costa Rica! Please help! 
you're my everything girl..... time to celebrate girl

GREGORY track I found on youtube 
GREGORY track I found on youtube-"covanant international soundsystem(birminghamuk)",followed by a TAMLINS track. I,ve been searching for these tracks …

who is the best dancehall artist mavado or vybz kartel 
who is better mavado or vybz kartel

so i used to hear this song on 1xtra and lovveee it, got it recorded on my phone but bad quality and cant make out the words, when i type the ones i think …

?Catch a fire me skin catch a fire when me see the girls pass on me corner? 
Please help me identify this older reggae tune. Some of the lyrics are... Catch a fire me skin catch a fire when me see the girls pass on me corner? …

Whats the name of this song??? 
It goes sometihng like girl u r amazing or so amazing it had a dance hall or regga tune not the one by bruno mars...i heard it some where n wanna hear …

dancehall music 
What are the name of artist who sang the Johnny Gill song " my my my my my my you sure look good tonight"

wats up everyone im a fan of dancehall and i watch a lot of dance videos from this thing dance battle event in brooklyn...anyways in one of the videos …

Easy Love 
Hi, please can you tell me who sang the reggae tune Easy Love?? Been trying to find it on you tube, can't ever find it!! Lyrics are "time after time you …

parents and siblings 
I would like to know more about the Parents and other siblings of this amazing family hope you dont think that is too intrusive but would really love to …

Who sings this song and is this song titled 'Kali?' 
The lyrics are something like: On my way up to (Margaly?) Mama sent me out (pick up?) (buy some Kali?) I make a mistake (a me gon buy farfalee?) …

Trying to find name of a song 
In the Bahamas recently, I heard a song that had the beat of "Ill be missing your" from the P. Diddy song with a dance or reggae mix into it. It included …

can you please help me find these 2 dancehall reggae songs? 
please can anybody help me out with these 2 songs? heard them on the radio today, the lyrics are: 1. bouncing, bouncing like a bouncy ball under the …

nasahmed in the UK - Question about Spanner Banner "Cheater" 
Hi, These are some of the lyrics to one of my favourite reggae songs, but i cant seem to find out who sang them? please help. I cant take it no …

David in United Kingdom 
David in United Kingdom--mi want a millian dollars by the morning mi little sister and mi baby dem barling mi want fi rich mi want fi rich rich rich …

Gina in Trinidad and Tobago 
Gina would like to get the title and singer of this song..hold up selector come down entertainer cause tonight will be a rub ba dub night yes tonight rub …

where was the first sting concert held 
Inaugural Sting Concert... Where was first Sting concert held?

Looking for the Ragga song with Kevin Lyttle's Last drop tune 
There is a song whose tune is similar to Kevin Lyttle's Last drop and its chorus includes the words 'I would be rich'. The song also has a sample of …

stay (I missed you reggae version) Not rated yet
I heard the reggae version of stay (I missed you) in the late 90's and I've been looking for it ever since. Can someone please help me out?

What's the name to this song? Not rated yet
I heard it about a month ago, all I can remember from the lyrics is "gonna make love tonight, rain all night, give it to meh baby". Anyone know the song? …

Can't find this song !! Not rated yet
The song goes like this i wanna dance with you, until the night is through .. ... let me enjoy myself .. oh what a feeling, sweet reggae feeling …

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River Dance Not rated yet
whats the name of the song for this dance it has a nice jingle to it...dem irish??or something

80s reggae song Not rated yet
I am looking for a reggae song from the early 80s that contains these lyrics: "..that's the reason why I had to run in her pyjamas last night..."

Rain - Name of song Not rated yet
Song I heard back in 1995. It goes something like this. Rain why it always rains for me. know I've lost the girl I love Can you please try n let me …

Mr Right Not rated yet
Looking for an 90s dancehall; it's about Mr Right. The much of the lyrics that I can remember is: "Every girl in site deserves the right to happiness in …

if your walking out the door, you better give me back my keys Not rated yet
Please can you tell me who sings this song ?

Unknown artist  Not rated yet
Assistance naming a song please...the hook goes something like this "I've got my world inside my head" It sounds like a Marley song but I can't locate …

Need help with song Not rated yet
A song that goes "she still wants to leave me and go to another..." and he sings out loud something like jewhaaaaaa. And almost the same beat as Don Carlos- …

Bounty Killer - Nitro mix  Not rated yet
This was one of the hottest remixed from back in the 1990s. What do you think?.. Leave your comments below..

I need the title and artist. Not rated yet
All i remember is one sentence from the song. it's making me nuts thanks. I never graduate and I didn't learn a thing Because all i ever wanted was …

Looking for a song titled "Party"... who sings it? Not rated yet
Looking for a song titled "Party" In the video, two girls sing it... the video starts with the two of them singing in front of a coach bus. in the …

Reggae song title and artist artist of the 80s ?? Not rated yet
Early 80s reggae lyrics...."Rastaman sing a Watating, sing rastaman a Watating

I need to find a reggae song that stuck in my head Not rated yet
It's a guy singing and the only part I know of they song that's stuck In my head is " for you I'll give it up baby" it's like a regret love song

Dancehall song from 90s please help!!!!! Not rated yet
I have been trying to find the title and artist for a song that I had on an old mixtape lost a long time ago. Excuse me if I don't get the lyrics correct. …

Satisfied Lover Not rated yet
I need help finding this reggae song, i think it's called "satisfied lover" it goes something like this... "I went on a three month vacation"... And a …

who is the artist  Not rated yet
There is track that is done copping General Trees song - gone a negril. But the song goes like "take a letter to my babie take a letter to my wife …

What is the title of this song and who sings it Not rated yet
I have been trying to find out for years the title and singer of a reggae song. I'm sure it was out in 1989, as it was played a lot at my local pub, also …

Dancehall sound on the bum bum fatty riddim Not rated yet
I am looking for the artiste name who sang another song on the same riddim that Lloyd E stiff sang bum bum fatty. I think the name of the song is Lord …

What song is it? Not rated yet
Aaright, so mi ear this song pan power 106 today. The only part mi remember is this part of the lyrics: "when you turn and ask that question the answer …

reggae song but dont know the words but "do it" in the song Not rated yet
Tryna find a song I heard when i was younger and recently heard on WDAS FM Philly radio played Saturday 6/6/15 in a mix session. The only words I understand …

who sings the song ill wait for you Not rated yet
its a female artist and the lyrics goes like this: no distance my baby can change my love for you, no river no mountain can separte us two, ill wait for …

Name who sang this tune please Not rated yet
I used to have a tune on a tape called "where is the money" (I think) It used to go "where is the money, you must of coke pipe dunnit" Please can you …

Title for old dancehall/reggae song Not rated yet
I heard this song today and cannot find the title of it, annoyingly cannot remember enough words, it went something like this; hey girl, dip it down …

Name of this Reggae song Not rated yet
Trying to find this song stuck in my head I believe it's by vybz kartel (you mean the world to me before I was bornyou choose me alway hear me when …

This is a reggae song Not rated yet
It starts Even though my job take me all around the world you are still the most beautiful girl in the world and no matter how hard I try I still coming …

Hard times Not rated yet
anyone know a song with the lyrics "aint got no money in my pocket and bills to pay and my girlfriend is having a baby, Hard times"

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80's dancehall reggae music song Not rated yet
went something like " bad man song, it ah the bad man song, raise yuh hand like yuh have ah spechy..... screw yuh face when you see yuh enemy..

I need to know the name of the song and of the artist of this song Not rated yet
PLIZ HELP. the lyrics go like.. This is real the way you make me feel boy u should know the deal u know i got that sex appeal................u know i know …

Reggae song with a woman being killed Not rated yet
What ON EARTH is the name of that reggae song that opens with a man shooting a woman, and the woman is crying and screaming--begging him not to do it? …

Help!!!! I need to know what song this is... Not rated yet
The song include the lyrics 'Hold on strong little girl, don't you know I'll forever be your lova. Hold on strong little girl, you mean to me so much in …

reggae song i only know the lyrics please help  Not rated yet
I've got these lyrics from a song but don't know what it's called or who sings it can anyone tell me who it is or who sings it please theses are the lyrics. …

There is an old dancehall record I ve had in my head for years Not rated yet
The singer is male and it came out in the 80s The lyrics go like this 'Your loves a lie ' 'You know we're through your loves a lie ' If you …

brown sugar me find the name of this song Not rated yet
I heard this song in 2005. It was on a reggae mix cd. I think the song 96degrees by third world was also on this CD. It's been so long but it's a man …

Ragga Fan Not rated yet
Looking for Dance track wich I think is Called My Darling - the track has got a ragga sound to it - Artist has a husky voice and continiously sings somthing …

What the song with the following lyrics  Not rated yet
The song has the lyrics that say. "Some say life is for livin what about receiving it takes a life. If was only for money, my money would be here. If it …

Name that reggae song Not rated yet
What is the name of the artist and title with lyrics "girl i love you you are so beautiful girl i love you you are so wonderful youre the best thing in …

Name of song Reggae Song Not rated yet
I am looking for a reggae song that starts off by saying "Come here honey I've got something for you". I used to play it in 1991.

song that says something like "i want to go with her" in the chorus  Not rated yet
I do not know exactly what it says, but it sounds like he says "i want to go with her now" over and over in the chorus. sweet song

Looking for the artist Not rated yet
I'm looking for the artist who sang a tune with the words " boombastic they get boombastic" the artist had a raspy type voice like cutty and Louie ranks. …

Ragga tune, name of song and artist Not rated yet
Been searching for long time. Lyrics go something like....."me and my friends we do it like that"...."we drop it like its hot"......."super unleaded …

Song title and artist please Not rated yet
First part of the chorus..."Your love, it rings through every beat of my heart. That's why, I know you and I'll never part". Thanks

name of singer n song Not rated yet
Come on let me hold you let me tell ya theres something about ya that makes me wanna love you ya got no reason so why you leaving. Tell me whats going …

the remix to r kelly Your Body's Calling who sang it and what riddim is on Not rated yet
the go I hear you callin', "Here I come jah jah jah jah To save me, oh oh no more stallin' It's unbelieveable how jah jah calling for me I can just …

Thank you reggae song, male artist Not rated yet
I heard a song 'Thank you' on the inflight entertainment on Kenya airways in September 2014. not sure if Thank is the title but is sang by male artist. …

Dean Fraser track called 'Just Because' - Does anyone know the original riddim of this tune? Not rated yet
Hi. Does anyone know what the original riddim is for the Dean Fraser track called 'Just Because'? The horns riff sounds familiar from another tune, possibly …

who sing this song  Not rated yet
your my best friend and i rate you and all i ust dont trust you around my girlfriend

A bit closer Not rated yet
Who sang the reggae remix of "come a bit closer "? Its not the prunes or eric donaldson they were singing it in a really old version,what I'm looking for …

Lonely Street Not rated yet
I'm looking for a reggae song from the 70s maybe early 80s its recorded by a woman and its called "Lonely Street", it's a reggae version of the old

help what song is this. .. Not rated yet
Here are the lyrics to a gospel song gone reggae "If you only know the niceness that the sensimilia brings you would never smoke a coke pipe again" …

What's the name of this song?? Not rated yet
lyrics "I'm on my way, give it to me baby, all i know" heard it and cant find it any help? Thanks

Song title and artist Not rated yet
What's name of this song and who made it? I only know a few lyrics........"If you don't know where you're coming from, then you don't where you're going/ …

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What the name and artist to these Lyrics Not rated yet
" You dis girlfriend friend and Rasta told you a thousand times, if you ever dis the king girlfriend that is when you a' go fall behind" I think it is …

Need to find an old song from Irie FM Not rated yet
Oh no, oh no. Never gonna let you go. Oh no, oh no. Never gonna let you go. What must a poor man do to survive in life. 100% of love but still your …

Help need help finding this Dancehall song !!!! Not rated yet
I'm looking for a song with the lyrics cause I'm falling in love with you oh girl the tune is a 1990's dance hall love tune

Album/LP Not rated yet
Good day. I am looking for an Lp from 89/90 with the following artists on it: I believe the title had Pungnanny in it. Beenie man Lecturer I …

song title question Not rated yet
There's a song that has the lyrics: Honey, stay, because I love you Darlin', stay, because I need you then, I'm not sure of the next line then, …

who sings this Reggae song... Not rated yet
there's a dancehall reggae tune that i heard yesterday which sounds like the song 'lean on me' i was wondering what it's called... anybody know it? sounds …

want to know the riddim name  Not rated yet
the riddim is cool here in zimbabwe but i heared it in a mixtape. i just cought this part when a lady is singing smthng lyk 'this is real, your love makes..." …

Help I been looking for a song for 6 years Not rated yet
Can any one help me please I heard a reggae song on the radio about 6 years ago and I only caught a little bit of it but I've been dying to find it ever …

What song? Not rated yet
There is this song i like but all i know is the a little bit of lyrics "somethings ,the only education the only education i know somethings the only education …

Need help finding these Reggae songs Not rated yet
im trying to find 2 artist who sang 2 songs from I believe 1994 , fashion catalouge or fashion magazine I think was the title of the song ? and the other …

What's the name of this song? Not rated yet
I think it goes something like :"It gon be hot this year, what them affi do to hold me" (or something like that), and then "it gon be wicked this year …

what is name of artist & song - get down *3 ,fire gonna burn? Not rated yet
Hi grew up in Zimbabwe Based in London, U.K. There's a childhood song all my elder homies used to play. Tryiing hard to find it!! Starts with …

who sang this song and can i have the lyrics Not rated yet
I am looking for a song I only remember some of the lyrics "your my best friend and I rate you and all I just don't trust you around my girlfriend"

Name and artist please! Not rated yet
whats the name of the song and the name of the artist, the song goes like; me havi heal my mutha first, mama yuh a di best ting inna di world....

looking for the title of a reggae song Not rated yet
what is the title of the reggea song with the lyrics having you is all i need and am happy that your mine

dancehall song Not rated yet
i have a question about a song ive been hearing on radio the chorus says something like.. oh girl wait till you get a little older... its a ragga song …

Name of the Artist of this reggae song lyrics Not rated yet
Please, can you help me find how sang this reggae lyrics and what is it called? "I decided finally to settle down, With this love I found, Am really …

looking for reggae song Not rated yet
Looking for love song reggae with the lyrics - If you was MY lover from i guess 1986

Vintage Music with Owen Brown Not rated yet
What is the title of the theme music at the start of the show. I think it's by the Skatalites.

looking for an old track called a christmas reggae time. Not rated yet
The song in question is by a female and is from probably from between 1965 to 1980. the lyrics go like this Christmas time..bells are ringing, celebrations …

whats the song called with a lady singing 'one time' in the chorus multiple times Not rated yet
one time du du du du du one time du du du du

female reggae artist  Not rated yet
Who sang a song called lonely night,some of lines says" I'm gonna be lonely night,it's gonna be lonely night"?

name of tune and artist Not rated yet
80s dancehall tune where in the chorus the artist sings KNOW HOW FI LIVE ,YOU HAVE FI KNOW HOW FI LIVE IN A FOREIGN

whos sings this song.. HELP ANYONE? Not rated yet
what's the name or artist or even riddim of the dancehall reggae song that goes, "hey girl what you want me to do when i do what i do and its me loving …

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better days Not rated yet
trying to find an old reggae song. the lyrics i think are like "better days are coming. children children stop your crying crying, cuz better days are …

mystery 80s reggae track Not rated yet
Hi im trying to find the artist of a top reggae song. I think the song is called sitting in the park watching girls go by. It was on 12" record and it …

WHO SANG THE SONG Not rated yet
what is the name of the Jamaican group who sang the song with the words MY BABY HAD TO GO BACK HOME SO WE HAD A PARTY LAST NIGHT...

Dancehall Reggae artist. Not rated yet
I would like to know if there's anyone out there that knows the name of the reggae artist that sang this song that goes like this.Take the message to my …

looking for a reggae song about not trusting his best friend around his girlfriend Not rated yet
I remember some of the lyrics "your my best friend and I rate you and all I just don't trust you around my girlfriend"

Raggae n riddim. Not rated yet
can someone help me find this songname and riddim , lyrics are "somebody please tell me her name, coz i don know her"

Looking for a song Not rated yet
Hi I'm writing to you because I'm looking for a song I heard about a year ago. The only thing I remember is that the singer says whining 4 times. The …

Slow lovers riddim regae Not rated yet
I have been seriously searching for this song but i don't know the name or has a duo deep male voice and lady...i can give two hints.. "will …

Wonderful 2000-02 Not rated yet
I am looking for a song from 10 years ago lyrics went like this "Wonderful, wonderful is your love, Beautiful beautiful is your love" I cannot remember …

Whats the name of this song :( Not rated yet
I cant remember it that much but theres a girl that sings .. Touch me right there, touch me there.. I love how you do it to me? something like that

who knows the name and artist to this song? Not rated yet
it goes like this: this girl is hard to find, changing numbers in the night, she was tipsy so was i, so was i, so was i

name of song and artist? Not rated yet
having you is all i need, happy that you are mine, waiting for you patiently

Help Finding Reggae Song Not rated yet
The lyyrics in the chorus goes "Take it easy, don't let'em know if you're going through trials don't let it show" It is a femal artist. Help please =(

do you know this reggae song??? Not rated yet
it is a old reggae/dancehall song, the hook goes oh you think you gonna get away, oh you think you gonna get away, but u dun know u dun knoooow. pls help …

who sings this reggae song Not rated yet
i dont know the entire lyrics but i heard it on the radio, its a duet dancehall reggae and it says: "boy you are my everything, everything. i really love …

Who is the artist plus need song name Not rated yet
I know a few of the lyrics) She heart my heart when she tell me that she leaving...she can't stay another night she say she leaving this evening....the …

so i used to hear this song on 1xtra and lovveee it, got it recorded on my .....reggae singer who sings a song with the lyrics ring ring ring my bell ... Not rated yet
so i used to hear this song on 1xtra and lovveee it, got it recorded on my .....reggae singer who sings a song with the lyrics ring ring ring my bell ... …

Early 2000 reggae song Not rated yet
I 've been looking for this reggae song for 10 years. I dont know all the lyrics but the corus goes like this i think " All up in the club she buggin me, …

Late 80's or Early 90's Reggae Rap/ Club Song Not rated yet
Can't remember the artist name. ( I thought it was black bear-think that's wrong though) In the chorus the guy screams out Fa Real Fa Real. And he also …

Identify song from 1980's by some of the lyrics Not rated yet
Parts I remember: I say my belly does a hurt me ... Lord, I'm tired of poverty say me no have no money do you hear me, honey yes, everything …

The Message reggae song... Not rated yet

Hold it down Not rated yet
I am looking for a song from the 90's (probably 1995 or 1996) The lyrics are hold it down (cool down) take it easy. It sounds like Sugar Minott. I can't …

Dont you just know it Not rated yet
who did the dancehall or ragga version of " dont you just know it by huey smith

anyone remember this old reggae song Not rated yet
don't know the artist or the title but remember a lyric in the verse which goes ''a white mans heaven, is a black mans hell'' greatly appreciated if …

what is the name of this Reggae song Not rated yet
ever since creation men been fighting for this nation white people play with music and claim his family did not choose it were well to do nothing …

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Dancehall and reggae track 'FOR REAL'? Not rated yet
There is a real low down funky raggae/dancehall cut that DJ's play that really gets a party going ... I want to know the name of it and who sings it, the …

What is your favorite Buju Banton song?  Not rated yet
1.Which Buju Banton song is your favorite? 2.What is his best album? why do u like that album?

Dancehall track MONEY MONEY MONEY 1996 Not rated yet
Looking for a dancehall track that came out in JA in 96 the song was about 1st Century Bank collapse taking a lot of peoples money it used the church song …

want to know the title and band that sang an 80's reggae song Not rated yet
Thechorus of the song is Yea yeah no maTter how I try I just can't satisfy her I take her to the show I taker her to the dance I take her every …

Ive been looking for this song my friend from Trinidad let me hear in 2008 Not rated yet
the song said "I am a cowboy that fucks alotta hoes" thats how the chorus starts off and its an uptempo song and its a man and a woman singing parts of …

Reggae Song please help Not rated yet
does anyone know a reggae song that has lyrics Your love is what i need its quite a happy tone reggae song

I want to know the artist/group who did this song the chorus goes a bit like this... Not rated yet
Will i ever see you again i want to hold you again my lover wherever you are

Need help with title and artist of this reggae song Not rated yet
I have been searching trying to find who sang this fast reggae song with a deep bass sound, part of the lyrics is sung by a male artist 'so when i come, …

What is the title of this reggae song? Not rated yet
Looking for a 80's song with lyrics that go something like this: "Look all the women them dancing, look at the women romancing"

A name of a song?? Not rated yet
I've heard this reggae track and I think its called 'just a likkle bit', and it goes "give me your number......". Its quite an old song so I was hoping …

Who sings O.P.P. reggae version Not rated yet
who does the 90's dancehall remake of O.P.P. by Naughty by Nature. I think it was a women and i know it was much dirtier than the orignal... Help …

What's dancehall/reggae song is this? Not rated yet
The beat was dancehall/reggae the lyrics went something like: Baby girl there's something about you your my queen and the one I look up too ________________________ …

Trying to find the name of this roots reggae.  Not rated yet
I'm looking for the name of a roots reggae music with a chorus as follows "You, I want to be with you, honestlyyyy, I promise to love you, I do..."

Reggae version of Hold Me by Whitney & Teddy Pendergrass Not rated yet
i would like to know who did the reggae version of hold me by Whitney Houston and Teddy Pendergrass. If you have the answer please let me know so i can …

what name and artist please Not rated yet
I head this dancehall track in the early 90s the lyrics go something like. Stop fooling around, stop messing around, stop playing with my heart, you got …

what is the name of the song? Not rated yet
after yuh mama send yuh go a school go get yuh education yuh boyfriend first mix up wid di devil get yuself inna trouble.

whos sings this song  Not rated yet
I would like to no who sings this song and the title of this version that can be found here the song …

What's the name of the song with these lyrics and artiste? Not rated yet
And I need you (oh yeah) And I don't want to mislead you The only thing fi do is (Chorus) Come out of meh life Girl come out of meh life Come …

who sings the song reggae song about Rastaman's grocery list? Not rated yet
who sings the Dancehall song about a rastaman's grocery list? I thought it was Busy Signal or Assassin, but I'm not sure. Many thanks Blacsox …

I need help with 2 reggae songs Not rated yet
1. Waaaaaa why do ya get mad fe ya get on da mic n den u rock it some more Waaaaaaaa why do ya get mad for sounds bit like zebra why di ya run fa ...... …

old school reggse Not rated yet
Mr.hard to please give me back my keys you're not welcome anymore. ..who digs that song..female

I need to know the name of this reggae song and riddim Not rated yet
I have this song which i want to know the artist and the riddim, I cant remember all the lyrics but it goes: "...Somebody please tell me her name,coz …

Hiya.. Ive been trying to find this old skool reggae tune. Its done by a female singer who had woman backing singers. the main singer had a really high …

Help!! want to record Not rated yet
I don't know how this will go. But my name is Lloyd Stewart, I'm from westomreland and I'm currently attending sixth form, im 17 years old and I have created …

I want to know the name of this song please Not rated yet
I heard this song today but not sure who sing it or the name of the song someone please help! mi love how you look mi love how you stay mi love …

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Can we make love tonight song Not rated yet
Hi, there's a song were the male artist speaks, then it's followed by a woman singing 'can we make love tonight' so the guy meets this woman who says can …

I would love to know the singer of "No love at all" reggae version  Not rated yet
I used to hear the reggae version of "No love at all" all over the radio in the U.K. in about '70 - '71. The lyrics of the chorus were: "A little bit …

What are the lyrics to I love my Jamaican man NOT grace jones  Not rated yet
I heard this song on the radio months ago, it sounded like an old classic. It was A woman singing about how she lived her Jamaican man, and how he …

Help finding name of a song I heard? Not rated yet
I heard this song on a CD, that didn't have a list of the song titles. Instead, they were called "Track 1, Track 2" and so on. I've been trying to find …

just because i'm a woman Not rated yet
Who sang the dancehall or reggae version of "just because i'm a woman."

old reagge song Not rated yet
It's a song about a girl leaving in the golden light sounds like a prostitute and its not iwayne. Kind of like a love song n its a guy waiting on her. …

Bob Marley Punky Reggae Party Lyrics Not rated yet
What is the name of the song that goes something like; Chorus: "We do party and we do party and reggae" I think it was a big hit in the 70s/80s …

want to know what reggae song these lyrics are from please: Not rated yet
it starts with yeh she is a wicked lover, and it goes were my very first girl...

What is the name of this reggae song? Not rated yet
Need the name of a tune only now 2 lines "get yourself in order before you cross the border", think its on the stalag riddim? Bless

capleton song with words 'fire pon dem' Not rated yet
what is the title of this song with word like 'fire pon dem' in its chorus?

Help with this reggae song lyrics Not rated yet
does anyone know a song by a male reggae artist with the lyrics: "hello, how do you do,your face glistens in the morning dew" and then he says something …

who sang this song Not rated yet
since you've been gone i have been losing my way been living my life in dreams of yesterday my nights are long, my days they are so dark girl i miss …

song title & name of artist Not rated yet
i dont know the name of the song, nor the artist but in know the song goes something like this "cause a u a di one, d first lady, nuh matter wha gwaan …

song  Not rated yet
reggae singer who sings a song with the lyrics ring ring ring my bell and il ring your bell

Dillinger - Buckingham Palace recorded at Channel One Not rated yet
Dillinger Buckingham Palace CB200 was released in 1976 for Channel One Records. The tracks was Engineered by Ernest Hoo & Ossie Hibbert backed by: …

Song title - party like in the 70s. Whats it called?? Not rated yet
Theres a song that starts of. Yo we are gona party like in the 70s. You know what im saying. Listen up. The chorus goes. Party like in the 70s party …

cant figure out the artist of this song, Not rated yet
"everywhere mi go is a problem, everyting mi do is ah problem, nuh mix mi wid yuh otha gal dem" same female artist sings another one i like, sekkel …

what song has these lyrics"tell me baby have you ever been in love" Not rated yet
this one goes out to my lady, even when di times get tough she na shake me, I'm making changes I'm learning patience THATS ALL I KNOW

Single Girl (Dancehall version) Not rated yet
Who sings the dancehall version of Sandra Posey's 'Single Girl'? I'm not talking about TT Ross or Salma Gold or Barbara Jones or Silkie Davis. The …

who sings the song with the lyrics just cant get you out of mind no matter how hard i try Not rated yet
its been 6 months an girl im still reminicing of all the things we used to do together always hugs and kisses girl you touch me and you have me longing …

Jah Cure song??? Not rated yet
Have this song on a culture rid dims cd from 2006..someone burnt it for me but I am not sure the song title or rid dim title.. lyrics: Came home to …

gregory issacs tune finder Not rated yet
im looking for a gregory issacs tune well i think it was gregory, i listened to whilst in jail in 1996.the lyrics had init. i wanna dance with dance with …

trying to find the name of a song for yearsss! Not rated yet
i heard this song on the radio a few years back...and to this day i can't find it anywhere. some of the lyrics go like this: baby don't go...i love …

Where is Captain Midnight? Not rated yet
I used to visit Toronto every year for about 7 years. He was so nice to me and my friends--we would link up with Captain Midnight and attend parties. …

looking 4 reggae song wit these lyrics in it Not rated yet
when your heart is on fire/ when politicians/politics get you down

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who sings Not rated yet
me nuh love how dem a live up straight arms house dem a keep up

How to submit a new band? Not rated yet
How do you submit a new band? Answer by Neco: To submit your Dancehall or Reggae Band information please click here

tyasha love reggae /dancehall Not rated yet
I'm American Jamaican mi mom side of family come from maypen and porus..I'm like the only one who can't speak patois good everybody say I'm the odd ball...I …

Marline needs help with locating the singer of this reggae song Not rated yet
Who sings the reggae song with lyrics I want you I need you loving you is all that's on my mind

baby mi love yuh Not rated yet
Baby mi love yuh, mi say yuh are mi everything ? ..What is the name of this songggggggggggg please its killing me

what is this song Not rated yet
the chorus goes "oh yes i like it. Oh no" and i think in part of it goes "i like it, i love it"

stage names for young artiste Not rated yet
I want to know a most suitable name for a young upcoming artiste/DJ

whats the song with this lyric? Not rated yet
its similar to gimme gimme by beenie man...but it goes like this: "gotta go now, gotta go now, about to go now, about to go now."

who sings this song, i love it Not rated yet
picture you and me lying in a room, making the most of that body baby eager to get inside of you, fire burns within.... this is my fantasy but do you …

Who is the artist Not rated yet
who sang this song "dread out deh it red out deh...and I know a better day will come" ?

who sing this song and what is the name of the riddim Not rated yet
me nuh love how dem a live up live up straight arms house dem a keep up reggae

Lyrics to this song Not rated yet
Hi there is a reggae song I heard on the radio and some lyrics were, "you can be free".. "live for eternity".. "party party".. "you can get high if you …

80's dancehall tune Not rated yet
Nardo ranks sang Burrupp & on the same riddim the song went "follow we go dancehall so we go watch how de girls dem dance" do you know who the Artist/name …

Reggae song unknown Not rated yet
You can get it if you really love it, you just have to get it It's not deond dekker or jimmy cliff from I understand- it has a harder reggae neat behind …

looking for a song plz Not rated yet
it goes like that, "we argue but u never listen"

need to know this song please!!!! Not rated yet
I need to know the name or singer of this song please!!!!!? I heard this reggae song on the radio the other day, its a oldschool dancehall track and …

MR VALENTINO need a producer. Not rated yet
am a reggae artist who is just seeking some one in the business to listen to my work and give me the opportunity that i seek. respect, give thanks. YOUTUBE: …

Questions from Eric in USA Not rated yet
I have 3 songs from the 90s I've been looking for for years. I have searched everywhere. I hope you can help. First song went...."who run do dance a who …

Susanne Austria Not rated yet
Unanswered...Question I´m looking for a song, heard on friday, march, 4th in KENYA´s disco Shakatak. I just know only one sentense in this song, whitch …

Sam in United Kingdom Not rated yet
Unanswered Sam said-I am not sure of the song title, but it was a reggae song that had a bit of synth in it. There was a frequently repeated line …

Diana United Kingdom Not rated yet
Protect mi from mi friend while mi protect mi self from mi enemy Answer by Neco: The name of the song is "Please" by dancehall artiste "Bugle" …

Nicholas in United Kingdom  Not rated yet
Please help us answer Nicholas question. church bells ringing far and wide, sending out there message every Christmas time, if the peace and joy and …

Question from Shaka in the United States.. Not rated yet
Question from Shaka in the United States.. I am trying to find the song: "No Good Girl". There is a Raggae dub remix of this song which was very popular …

Arthur in South Africa  Not rated yet
Hello Arthur, This song was done by a young singer name MARLON ASHER. Marlon Asher is a Trinidadian reggae singer from Enterprise, Chaguanas. His …

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New! Comments

Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below.

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