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The Origin Of Reggae Music

The origin of reggae music should be interesting even to people who are not strong fans of the genre.

This is a genre that is strongly associated with Jamaica, and that is because it did start there in the 1960's. Toots and the Maytals did a 1968 single called "Do the Reggay."

Many people agree that this is where the reggae name came from, and it has become completely standard within the genre ever since. This single managed to show the entire world the reggae genre as well, which made all the difference for the development of this popular type of music.

Toots Hibbert

It should be noted that popular Jamaican dance music and reggae music are different, even though they have a tendency to be lumped together. What is now called reggae music itself was strongly influenced by Jamaican folk music, particularly in the mento style. Modern reggae was also influenced by rhythm and blues and jazz, which has given it a truly unique sound.

A lot of people now say that ska music sounds a lot like reggae music, and that is not a coincidence. Both reggae and ska music were actually influenced by mento music originally. Mento music has a very distinct sound that a lot of people will be able to recognize right away but will not necessarily be able to characterize.

The first thing that people should know is that mento music strongly emphasizes acoustic instruments of all kinds. Today, people will typically see reggae musicians playing the acoustic guitar. Hand drums and the banjo also tend to be emphasized. People will often tend to hear a lot of bass and drums when they listen to reggae music today.

Most people will say now that reggae has a very positive tone. It is known as being the sort of genre that isn't as bleak as some of the other popular music genres that people still like today. This is partly due to the fact that mento music is very much a celebratory style. Mento music was dance music as well, which is going to have more of an upbeat tone as a matter of course.

Reggae music has a tendency to be fairly secular, even though it is a genre of music that was influenced by genres of music that had a more religious bent. Mento was actually an alternative to the various hymns and more religious songs that people listened to in its original culture. Some of these aspects of mento have made it into modern reggae music.

People can win all sorts of prizes at the vegas palms casino. Some of them might be interested in being able to get the opportunity to see live reggae shows in Jamaica, which are certainly available today. There are lots of different ways to enjoy reggae music now. It's easier for people to gain access to almost all music styles now. This is the sort of thing that is going to make a lot of people interested in where this unique style of music originated.

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