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I have to find this song  
I heard a song last night, dancehall, she said something about she has money in her pocket and she's feeling good.

We're is reggae singer wicker worker  
I'm looking for my big brother wicker worker a.k.a germs please help

what is the dancehall song that plays in the back of 1 of 1 by tyga ? 
what is the dancehall song that plays in the background of tyga's new song 1 of 1 ?

who sang wish you were here 
who sang wish you were here

Heard it in Basic Training... 
Hook:every tick of the clock, my girl wineing nonstop. she is wineing up here, and she's wineing down there. like a wineing machine, she wines up, she …

I am trying to find this song that i hear on radio. Can you help me please i only know a few of the words but i dont knw the artist nor the riddim 
The song goes like this 12 a.m pon di dot mi get a message a naked girl a snap chat. Social media mash up mi life facebook a mash up mi relationship

looking for a song by elephant man  
Same riddim the r kelly fiesta Song but a lil mixed lyrics go pull up in my big black Cadillac???? Can anyone help me

what song is this 
peeping from behind the curtain i wanted to know if you love me for certain, verenty sweet sweet verenty, what you got what you say, get on my knees and …

What is the name of this song sung by a female reggae artist? Not rated yet
What is the name of this song sung by a female reggae artist with the lyrics "Your man don't want you and now your crying him take you one night but you …

whats the name of the song at the end of jah cure's longing for video Not rated yet
Lyrics, She say she can't wait to love, The first time she saw me, She say she knew I was the one, Can't wait to love, I can't wait to love Ooh …

Looking for a song from years ago Not rated yet
I think the lyrics are "Miss Goody Goody everywhere that she go" and then it has "mi nuh no, mi nuh no, mi nuh no o" and the words "shock dem"

I heard this song nd I don't know d title, can u pls help me out? Not rated yet
girl i want to be your friend not your lover and i'm asking your friends for your number girl we go make your body bend bend bend bend bend and we go …

Trying to find a song with only lyrics but cannot find the song, can you help?  Not rated yet
Hi i cannot find a reggae song from old and the lyrics go ' my girl likes to buy me flowers and buy me chocolates too she likes to do the things that i …

Which female sang these lyrics and what was song called  Not rated yet
Here are the words I remember...... I've made up my mind for the very first time, I'll keep on loving you till the end of time cus you are the 1 yes we …

Help me find song please Not rated yet
Lyrics/words "Cause you make me feel like I'm on top the world, there's just one question, would you be my girl!?... Ya the only one for me, (only one …

Reggae Song Blooded Not rated yet
on youtube i heard a song released a few days ago, it was called "blooded" sung by a female artist but it was shortly deleted. The lyrics were 'you say …

Need The Name of The Song with the Following Lyrics Not rated yet
So I'm in Saint Lucia right now and there's a song iv heard a few times but don't really know the lyrics a lot. It's got a happy dance vibe with a dance …

looking for song, If you don't love me when I am dirty don't bother love me when I am clean Not rated yet
don't love me when I am dirty don't bother love me when I am clean

Justin Bieber's Sorry (DJ Rob Dinero Remix) - Riddim? Not rated yet
What is the riddim in this song? Thinking of song that goes something like "hold tight, hold tight, make everything alright." Maybe additional pieces …

I heard this song at night on the reggae station on the radio and cant find the name Not rated yet
it goes: cant spend another lonely night like this.. i cant take it.. gotta find some love tonight

Who sings, and what is the title of the song with the lyrics "I'm not a beliver, I like to know things..." I think it may be Chezidek, just can't remember. Not rated yet
Who sings, and what is the title of the song with the lyrics "I'm not a beliver, I like to know things..." I think it may be Chezidek, just can't remember. …

Old school reggae song I can't find  Not rated yet
Hey I heard this old Reggae song when I was a child I'm now 21 but the only word I remember of the song is the ending and the ending went like " to you …

Trying to find the first song in this mix: Not rated yet Lyrics: i want to get on out and carry on, i want to dance, i wanna wind and rock it slow, i want to shake …

find song Not rated yet
I need help to find a song that goes something like girl can't turn and twist me....hug me up and kiss meh yuh must be think seh me mad .

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I know some lyrics to a basement song I dance to at dance school, need to find the name please Not rated yet
It's goes something like all mi ladies carry guns and all mi niggas stay MUTE, don't say nuthin, can't say nuthin if you won't say nuthin. Thanks

i tak e a cigarette i light it up Not rated yet
please help me find the title of a song with this lyric been looking all over the internet unsuccessfully till i ran in to your useful site thank you …

want to find the song badly...... Not rated yet
please can you help me look for the song with the lyrics.....FROM JAMAICA TO AMERICA.... it has the same rhythm over and over..with strong base kicks... …

I've been looking for a song title for a while....I'm not sure if it's dancehall, but it's definitely Caribbean HELP Not rated yet
Some of the lyrics are; Hey baby I wanna see you work your body, flex your body on me.......That's all I can remember really either late 90s or early 2ks …

Help me please 🙌🏽 Not rated yet
Looking for a song starts something like" see everyday I've been working hard" and "but i will never let the wicked get me down and I refuse to ever wear …

Need help finding old reggae song Not rated yet

dancehall//bashment song Not rated yet
heard this whilst I was in Jamaica lyrics I could pick up was "mek money waste, I know we alone can make money nah rich but money.." …

looking for dancehall song that begins with " all my ladies Not rated yet
Looking for dancehall song that begins with lyrics "all my ladies, all my ladies"

are you able to find the title or artist for an old reggage song with the following lyrics: Been a loser all my life got two kids and a wife it's just the blues  Not rated yet
CAN YOU FIND THE NAME OF THE REGGAE ARTIST WHO SANG A SONG WITH THE FOLLOWING LYRICS: Been a loser all my life had two kids and a's just the …

Recognise these lyrics? Not rated yet
There's a fire in my soul, burning long without control, That's the feeling that I get when I'm with you. Oh Baby keep driving me crazy, tell me are you …

Song title/artist of this certain song, please? Not rated yet
I am trying desperately to find out a song/artist name in this video ( from 0:18-1:06. Someone help? LOL

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