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As dancehall and reggae music evolves over the years, most artists can also make the changes which comes along with these genres.

I have created this page to post anything which I see is going on in the industry whether its good or bad.

The views express here are for entertainment purposes only. Hope that you enjoy them.

I also welcome your comments as they will help to make this little forum grows into a mega one.

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Top Dancehall/Reggae Artiste and Performer for 2016? 
The year 2016 is almost a memory and one of the biggest question is which artiste rules this year. There were artists whose album made on to the billboard …

Jamaican Dancehall/Reggae artists Are Not Delivering on Stag 
Why would an artiste spend time to write a song with two or sometimes three verses and only perform one verse when doing a live performance. I have …

Are You A Loyal Vybz Kartel Fans? Answer These Questions. 
So you are a Vybz Kartel fan, yes? or you are just like some people I know. If you are a real Kartel Fan, give five (5) of your favorite songs. Used …

Shawn Storm Call Popcaan an Informa? Not rated yet
So even as the world literally stood still to watch Usain Bolt ran his final race in the land of wood and water Jamaica, the dancehall and reggae music …

Konshens Said it Was A Rasta Who Scratch his SUV (Video) Not rated yet
Konshens vs I Octane Over Scratch SUV. Dancehall artiste Konshens said that he was told that it was a Rasta Man with big belly that scratch his SUV. …

Foota Hype vs Khago Over Sidung Inna Place Song Not rated yet
Dancehall artiste Khago have been getting heavy backlash since the release of his single 'Sidung Inna Me Place'. Some dancehall music's insiders are …

Earn Some Extra Income - Articles Writer Wanted! Not rated yet
Do you have a passion for Dancehall and Reggae music and writing?, we want to hear from you. Join the staff of as a writer, …

Shensesa Throwing Shades At Spice In Happy Juk Not rated yet
Romeich Entertainment artiste Shenseea might be barking up the wrong tree as it related to her latest single 'Happy Juk'. The single which was released …

Court Orders Police To Charge Alkaline Or Else! Not rated yet
The court today February 13th, order the detectives to either charge dancehall entertainer Alkaline by 6:00PM Est or release him. ..................................... …

Is Vybz Kartel's 'Closed Casket' a diss track aimed at Alkaline?. Not rated yet
The track which was uploaded to Kartel's Youtube radio channel was viewed over 80,000 times in just under 24hrs. Some music insiders are saying that …

Are Dancehall Artiste Forced To Perform Under Their Birth Name On Reggae Festivals In Jamaica? Not rated yet
Are Reggae festivals in Jamaica forcing Dancehall artiste to start doing reggae music in order to get book. Recently i've noticed a trend in that most …

Should Alkaline had Involved Popcaan Daughter In the Lyrical War? Not rated yet
Did Alkaline take his lyrical war with Popcaan too far when he said that he was going to Kunk Popcaan's daughter?. Social media is a buzz since the …

Alkaline Vs Tommy Lee Sparta Who Is Lyrically Badder? Not rated yet
Dancehall artiste Tommy Lee Sparta aka Uncle Demon continues to fire lyrical shots at fellow dancehall artiste Alkaline but will Alkaline ever answer. …

Mr Mc gives the Selector More Respect Please (Must Read) Not rated yet
Selectors should be getting more respect from the Mic Man aka Mr Mc. The fact is that the selector is always in the back ground working. He can be …

Vybz Kartel Moved, Cell Raid, Is Flexx Fromerly of TOK To Be Blamed? Not rated yet
The raid on Vybz Kartel cell came just days after T.O.K. singer Flexx complained in an interview with Anthony Miller that Vybz Kartel is getting more airplay …

Alkaline leading Vybz Kartel In to the 2016 Christmas Season. Not rated yet
The fact is Vybz Kartel is regarded as one of, if not the greatest dancehall artiste/lyricist. But in recent times Alkaline have been the man with the …

DJ Neco Old Goodaz Mix 2016 Not rated yet
1. Vybz Kartel feat. Kim - Ball Fi Bun 2. Buccaneer - Bruk Out/Bruk Out 3. Bounty Killer - Tear and Boar 4. Mad Cobra - Tek Dat 5. Spragga …

DJ Neco Dancehall Meets Reggae Mixtape vol.1 Not rated yet
1. ROMAIN Virgo - Taking Your Place 2. Natel - Inhal and Exhale 3. Mr Vegas - Summer Love 4. Keznamdi - Straight Royalty 5. Jahvinci - …

Is Akaline afraiid of his Jamaican Audience? Not rated yet
Alkaline missing in action in Jamaica. Since his dismal performance at reggae sumfest he has been absence from the stag in Jamaica. So the question …

1. Buju Banton - Not an Easy Road 2. I Octane - L.o.v.e. (I Love You) 3. Buju Banton - Hills and Valley 4. Sanchez - Halelujah 5. Terro Fabulos - Gangsta …

Dancehall Reggae Music Been Blamed for High Crime Rate In Jamaica Not rated yet
The police high command in the western side of the island Jamaica have placed a hold on the issuing of permits for dances and parties. They are saying …

To Parties Promoters Who Thinks That They are DJs/Selectors Not rated yet
I always wonder why some promoters always think that they know more than the DJ/Selector and Sound System operator. It really hurts me as a selector …

Radio DJs Found Creative Ways of Collecting Money For Airplay Not rated yet
Turning to Producing.... This is just another creative way for radio DJs to collect from artists to have their songs played on their shows. In Jamaica …

Dancehall/Reggae Artists Need to Do More Promotions On Their Music Not rated yet
So the artists them do all the hard work and the easiest part of the work they failed to do. You go to the studio, pay studio time, get your song recorded, …

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Money Pull Up Mashing Up Dancehall Music Not rated yet
Have you ever been to a party/club and leaving feeling cheated due to how the DJ/selector was playing?, Well guess what?, If your answer is yes, you are …

DJs and Selectors Now Playing Names Instead of Substance Not rated yet
So selectors and DJs are playing names and not substance. A lot of good good music are getting shelves because the artist/producers are not yet known/bust. …

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