Dancehall Reggae  Singer Tarrus Riley

Tarrus Riley (sing singy) born in 1979 as Omar Riley in Bronx New York. Tarrus is the son of veteran Jamaican singer Jimmy Riley. Formerly of the vocal trio "The Uniques" and his mother, a nurse name Lavern Tatham.

He recorded his first single at the age of thirteen for his father's Love and Promotion Label.

Reggae Singer Tarrus Riley

His stage name was influenced by his mother, who suggested that he used his birth sign Taurus.

In 2004, he released his first album of his"Challenges" and it was around this time that he changed the spelling of hisstage name.

The album Challenges boasted some great hits such as "Barber Chair" and "Take me higher" which put his career into high gear. Two years later, he released his second album "Parables" another tremendous production.

The album had it's share of chart toppers, "Can't Sleep", a rendition of John Legend's "Stay With You" and lets never forget "She's Royal".

He quickly became a household name across the Caribbean.

This icon is one of the most conscious reggae artiste. He has consistently been awarded for his contribution to the industry.

Tarrus received Best Singer of the year and Best of the year award both locally and internationally.

He is also the holder of the 15th Anniversary Award (2009) for the most Admired Song for the hit "She's Royal".

The next album was called "Contagious" and is receiving tremendous airplay and ratings in the street.

The Album features songs such as "Start Anew" and "Good Girl Gone Bad" (feat. Konshens).

As The title indicates, the album has 18 highlyinfectious songs. The words are inspiring and captivating.

"The reason why I called it "Contagious" is because I would love everyone to catch it. I don't want my music to have boundaries of race, nationality, religion or age.

I represent reggae, live music and I want everyone to catch on to its positive good vibes", are the words of this gifted artist.

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Ah, to how you hot is like you cool me down Down, baby yeaah, oh yeaah Listen to me now Every since we met baby No need for running around Looks …

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Tarrus Riley - Nuh Need To Worry Lyrics Not rated yet
No no no, nah fret No, nah fret No no no no Nuff a dem caah sleep a night Dem a worry and fret One bag a drinking A bag a cigerette But me nah …

Tarrus Riley - Life Of A Gun Lyrics Not rated yet
Wow yeah Ragga muffin yeah Ragga muffin yeah A me name Tarrus a me fi tell you Living the life as a gun man Me strike …

World Premier Tarrus Riley - Cool Me Down Video Not rated yet
Brand New Release TARRUS RILEY COOL ME DOWN VIDEO - Featured on the Country Bus Riddim SEE LYRICS FOR COOL ME DOWN HERE

Duane Stephenson and Taurus Riley gets introspective for Ghetto Religion Not rated yet
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Tarrus Riley - Good Family, Good Friends Lyrics Not rated yet
We focus, we nah look dem way Nah switch nah turn or stray Nah worry when we can pray Chimney We focus, we nah look dem way Nah switch nah turn or …

Tarrus Riley"Free Up" (feat. Zagga) Lyrics Not rated yet
Intro: We don’t give trouble We give tax Tun up the music caw we no response Music a play from cross the distance Chorus: Free up, …

Tarrus Riley "Far Away" Lyrics Not rated yet
Intro: Ha ha I love you I love you yeah for all that you are I love you I love you yeah my star And you never gave my love away always hold on …

Tarrus Riley "Burning Desire" Lyrics Not rated yet
Loving you is sweeter than ice-cream on a honeycomb Loving you is sweeter than ice-cream on a honeycomb I'm waking up to your love You fill me up, …

Tarrus Riley ""123 I Love You" Lyrics Not rated yet
1-2-3 I'm loving you 4-5-6 I'm missing you 7-8-9 I want you back 1-2-3 I love you 4-5-6 I Miss you 7-8-9 I want you back Here within my arms again …

Tarrus Riley "Other Half" Lyrics Not rated yet
If I have to share you Baby you know that I don't mind As long as I be your.. Other half To have a little bit of something beats having nothing at …

Tarrus Riley "Eye Sight" Lyrics Not rated yet
Oh Jah Me give thanks Oh Jah Jah Man without his faith is like a tree without the roots Got to be true, got to be true Strength and protection, …

Tarrus Riley "Marcus Garvey" Lyrics Not rated yet
Give us the teaching of Marcus Garvey Kebra Negast means Glory of Kings Give I and I Selassie I and keep the images of lies for yourself People without …

Tarrus Riley "Devil's Appetite" Lyrics Not rated yet
Devil's appetite open wider Belly of the beast getting larger So many things to distract you from Jah How many soldiers will fall short Shots all …

Tarrus Riley "Larger Than Life" Lyrics Not rated yet
The man who thinks he's larger than life He doesn't even knows how he came in existance The man who thinks he's larger than life He doesn't even know …

Tarrus Riley "My Baby" Lyrics Not rated yet
My little baby don't follow the rules She likes to do things her own way She's gonna need a baby brother soon To share the attention with a pow'r mate …

Tarrus Riley "Pick Up The Pieces" Lyrics Not rated yet
Dada daa-da da-daa Dada daa-da da-da-daa She says her hearts been broken, Too many times So now she keeps her guard up She's got to play tough …

Tarrus Riley "Africa Awaits" Lyrics Not rated yet
Ad libs: Ay ay ay ay Ay ay ay ay Ay ay ay ay Intro: Oh let us lift our eyes to the hills From whence cometh our help yes I And give …

Tarrus Riley "Parables" Lyrics Not rated yet
Read between the lines Open up your third eye Read between the lines Open up your eyes! Mister Babylon, yeah! Has got the people's eyes blind folded. …

Tarrus Riley "Lion Paw" Lyrics Not rated yet
Can't touch di lion He's so humble. Neva touch di lion. Roarin'... I'm walking through this valley of test, and I've never been a weak heart in …

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Tarrus Riley "Something Strong"Lyrics Not rated yet
Hey!!! We got it going on Hey-ey-ey!!! We got it going on.. No separating, me and my ladi. We firm as the rock of Gibraltar, and mountains around …

Tarrus Riley "She's Royal" Lyrics Not rated yet
Ooo Ooo, Natural Beauty, You know, She is No I never been someone shy Until I seen your eyes Still I had to try, yeah Oh yes, let me get my words …

Tarrus Riley "Stay With You" Lyrics Not rated yet
Intro Yeah heeey Verse 1 We've been together for a while now Growing stronger everyday now Feel so good and there is no doubt I will …

Tarrus Riley "One Two Order" Lyrics Not rated yet
Creation a rebel yeah, highly over devil, yeah Creation, I and I rise like the moon in the night, Child of African soil, sun burnt face, I and I seat …

Tarrus Riley "Micro Chip" Lyrics Not rated yet

Tarrus Riley "Beware" Lyrics Not rated yet
INTRO: Beware for the Shottas dem strap rastaman ah tell di youths dem fill low di Glock Beware now dat cause heart attach and dem nuh care (no …

Tarrus Riley "System Set" Lyrics Not rated yet
Ah so dem system set, to keep the family out there fighting While the slave masters rejoicing, yet we all are one skin Dem system set, to keep the family …

Tarrus Riley - Honesty Lyrics Not rated yet
If you search for tenderness its not hard to find You can have the love you need to live But if you search for truthfulness You might as well be blind …

Tarrus Riley-Burning Desire (Official HD Video)  Not rated yet
Check out the official music video for reggae singer Tarrus Riley's Burning Desire off his recently released album Love Situation. Watch and leave your …

Tarrus Riley-Dem A Watch Lyrics Not rated yet
If some things wrong, please tell me Some thing feels so strange baby You don't answer yuh phone You don't call me Some thing feels so wrong baby …

Tarrus Riley-Dem A Watch (Official HD Video)  Not rated yet

Tarrus Riley - NEW Love Situation Trailer Not rated yet
Directed & Produced by Mike Abela for Mike Abela Films & Cannon/Jukeboxx/BSMG Productions/Zojak World Wide.

Tarrus Riley - Liv Up lyrics and Audio Not rated yet
Don't judge me, me full a quality And integrity, watch how you chat to me Give respect to me An oppertunity and you'll remember me Come mek we live …

Tarrus Riley Goes Rocksteady: Love Situation (2014) Not rated yet
The new album titled Love Situation by Tarrus Riley aka Singy Singy hits the stores next month! You can listen to the first single DEM A WATCH below. What …

Song produced by Juke Boxx Productions/BSMG/JamHouse Records Video produced by Mykal Cushnie Directed by Nisha Rebel/Kush Asher Song produced by Juke …

Reggae music concert turned chaotic after Tarrus Riley and Demarco failed to turn up on stage Not rated yet
At least 10 youths were arrested, several people robbed and property destroyed as angry fans fought to get back money they had paid for the show. Jamaica’s …

Tarrus Riley’s ‘Gimme Likkle One Drop’ added to BBC playlist Not rated yet
Accomplished Reggae singer, Tarrus Riley is celebrating another career achievement as his single, Gimme Likkle One Drop has been added to BBC 1Xtra’s official …

Tarrus Riley Gimme Likkle One Drop official video Not rated yet
This is the official video for "Gimme Likkle One Drop" by Tarrus Riley. Directed by Nisha Rebel. Produced by Chimney Records.

Tarrus Riley "Sorry Is A Sorry Word" official music video Not rated yet
New music video from Tarrus Riley for his hit single "Sorry Is A Sorry Word". The single is produced by TJ Records and the video directed by Nisha Rebel. …

Tarrus Riley Dream Woman Lyrics Chill Spot riddim 2012 Not rated yet
Woman of my dreams Mi wonder if mi ago meet you in reality Baby, baby Woman of my dreams Mi wonder if mi ago meet you in reality Tired fi si you …

Reggae singer Tarrus Riley to release Mecoustic his fourth album Not rated yet
Singer Tarrus Riley will on April 17 release his most personal project to date. The 15-track acoustic album titled 'Mecoustic' is being released in conjunction …

Tarrus Riley's Shaka Zulu Pickney Video won Carivibez male video award Not rated yet
Reggae superstar Tarrus Riley's has won CariVibez Video Web Awards male video of the year for his "Shak Zulu Pickney" music video. When voiting closed …

Tarrus Riley come ova Lyrics Not rated yet
Intro: Tick tock, I'm waiting, for raindrops falling, there's a fire burning Chorus: Every minute, every second, I'm thinking bout you girl. …

TARRUS RILEY COME OVA Official Not rated yet
Dancehall reggae artiste Tarrus Riley has released the video for this hit single "Come Ova". The single was release on Seanizzle Records "Sex On Di …

Tarrus Riley GOOD THING GOING lyrics Not rated yet
Verse 1 Hey my girl, she does something to my chemistry Oh, and when am close am sure, I raise her tempreture, about three degrees Oh, Everyday …

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Scammers pretending to be Tarrus Riley booking agent Not rated yet
Scam artistes pretending to be authorized booking agents for reggae singer Tarrus Riley, have been making life miserable for some promoters. Reports …

Tarrus Riley She's Royal Official video Not rated yet
Tarrus Riley She's Royal one of the best reggae song for 2009/2010. See the official video below. After watching you can post your comments below.. …

Tarrus Riley Shaka Zulu Pickney Official Video Not rated yet
As promise Tarrus Riley has released the video for his latest single "SHAKA ZULU PICKNEY". The Video was shot in Sections of Kingston, Jamaica including …

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