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Learn about Jamaica Reggae Music

Learn about Jamaica Reggae Music - Dancehall Reggae Music Culture as per "Kingsley Stewart".

  • 1. It involves the dynamic interweaving of God and Halie Selassie
  • 2. It acts as a form of stress release or psycho-physiological relief
  • 3. It acts as a medium for economic advancement
  • 4. The quickest way to an object is the preferred way (i.e., the speed imperative)
  • 5. The end is more important than the means
  • 6. It strives to make the unseen visible
Reggae Singer Late Dennis Brown
  • 7. Objects and events that are external to the body are more important than internal processes; what is seen is more important than what is thought.
  • 8. The importance of the external self; the self is consciously publicly constructed and validated
  • 9. The ideal self is shifting, fluid, adaptive, and malleable, and
  • 10.It involves the socioexistential imperative to transcend the normal.

More information on Jamaica Reggae Music Culture

The History Dancehall and Jamaica Reggae Music Culture

Dancehall Jamaican is a popular type of music originated in the late 70s in Jamaica it is also known as bashment.

Dancehall is the mother of hip hop and owes its name to the spaces in which popular Jamaican recordings were aired by local sound systems characterized by a deejay singing and toasting (or rapping) over danceable music riddims.

The rhythm in dancehall is much faster than in traditional reggae, sometimes with drum machines replacing acoustic sets.Some persons are of the views that dancehall lyrics are crude or “slack”, because of its sexual tones.

Like its reggae predecessor, dancehall eventually made inroads onto the world music scene.

There is no denying the power and attraction of Dancehall-Reggae culture,its raw energy and force has reached several corners of the globe, and have attracted growing corporate support for its tremendous earning potential.

Dancehall and Jamaica reggae culture now are not like in the the 70's when you had artists mostly singing songs about what is happening in the world and social commentary. In dancehall, you can now find a lot of music describing the ladies, guns and material things.

After artiste like Bob Marley , Peter Tosh and Jimmy Riley in the early years of reggae, we now have a younger group of artists who have change the style and tone of the music Call reggae and dancehall, early dancehall artist such as shabba Ranks and ninja-man pave the way for these young dancehall artist like, Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Mavado, Vybz Kartel and Busy Signal.

Going to a session otherwise call Parties you will hear all genre of music but the patrons will wait until late hours in the morning to hear the hottest reggae and dancehall tunes before leaving.

Dances/parties sometimes goes on until late night or early morning. Most party goers waits for what is call dagga morning before leaving for home.

The dancehall and Jamaica reggae music culture has change a lot in the 80's dances and parties would not last all night and you could find males and females dancing together all night very close doing the dance call rubba dub. Thus is the Dancehall-Reggae culture in Jamaica now and back then.

For More information on Jamaica's Reggae Music Culture please visit these sites


Our Jamaica Guide provides information on Jamaica's history, culture and economy, also information about accommodations, activities, attractions, cuisine, weather and numerous other topics. http://jamaica-guide.info/arts.and.entertainment/music/

Street Dance in Jamaica

"Street Dance" is Partying on the corner you also get to enjoy some of the best Dancehall and Jamaica Reggae music culture and also your favorite food, learn the latest dances and hear the hottest music.

Germany's Dancehall and Reggae Music Industry.

Germany is mostly known for its football but the dancehall and reggae music culture is also a major player in this European country. This country also boasted a lot of artists and Top sound system. Most dancehall and reggae fans worldwide are familiar with an artiste who goes by the stage name "Gentleman".

Rastafarian Culture and "Reggae Music"

"Rastafarian". is a religion which we must give a lot of credit for the huge success of dancehall and reggae music worldwide.

If you should converse with a Jamaican about this religion the first thing or person they would mention is...Read More..

The Broadcasting Commission

The Broadcasting Commission is a statutory body which was established in 1986 to monitor the electronic media in Jamaica. It was first called the Broadcasting Authority.

They have recently came down hard on dancehall and reggae music which was being played on..Read More..

Jamaica's Steel Drum Music

Jamaica steel drum music has improve immensely since the first beat in the 1970's.

The steel drum or steel pan as it's called in the West Indies was invented in the late 1930’s.. Read more..

Jamaica's Dancehall Gospel Music

Dancehall and Jamaica Reggae music culture and gospel music. This is the same gospel music that you love and enjoy today, only that it's recorded on dancehall riddims/beats.

This genre of music was started in the early 1990's. Some churches under the christian religion still don't accept ..Read more..

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