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2012 Riddims Dancehall and Reggae Music

Dancehall and Reggae 2012 Riddims - The year 2012 saw a number of chart-topping dancehall and reggae music's singles and riddims also known as juggling.

We have delved into our archives and have posted the name all of the riddims and singles which we collected for the year 2012. 

All riddims and songs posted on our site are in our database. If you are interested in getting any of these songs/riddims please contact us at info@dancehallreggaeworld.com and we can talk business.

2012 Riddims Dancehall and Reggae Music2012 Riddims Dancehall and Reggae Music
  • 1st Quarters Riddim
  • 5 Bills Bag
  • 5th Gear Riddim
  • 9.58 Riddim
  • 10,000 Volts Riddim
  • 236 Riverside Riddim
  • 1990 Riddim
  • Addiction 2 Riddim
  • Affairs Riddim
  • Affection Riddim
  • After Emergency Riddim
  • Aftershock Riddim
  • Aktion Pak Riddim
  • Antibiotic Riddim
  • Antz Ness Riddim
  • Apple Vodka Riddim
  • Arabian Nite Riddim
  • Area 51 Riddim
  • Atari Riddim
  • Aurora Skies Riddim
  • Bad Behavior Riddim
  • Bad Mood Riddim
  • Bad Stench
  • Balance Riddim
  • Bamboo Riddim
  • Bass Riddim
  • Bassline Riddim
  • Battleship Riddim
  • Beach Bunx Riddim
  • Bed Knocking Riddim
  • Belize Rum Riddim
  • Bing Riddim
  • Bitter Sweet Riddim
  • Black Bottle Riddim
  • Black Jack Riddim
  • Bliss Riddim
  • Bong Diggy Bang Riddim
  • Boomie Riddim
  • Borrow Clothes Riddim
  • Boss Riddim
  • Bounce Around Riddim
  • Breakaway Riddim
  • Brick Wall Riddim
  • Brit Jam Reload
  • Brit Jam Reloaded
  • Bull Buck Riddim
  • Bun It Riddim
  • Buss Off Riddim
  • Caa Hold Me Riddim
  • Campfire Riddim
  • Celscius Riddim
  • Chemical Reaction Riddim
  • Chiffon Butter Riddim
  • Chill Spot Riddim
  • Chillax Riddim
  • Chupacabra Riddim
  • City Beat Riddim
  • Clean Cut Riddim
  • Climaxx Riddim
  • Clip Riddim
  • Club Dance Riddim
  • Coalition Riddim
  • Conquering Lion Riddim
  • Cool Out Riddim
  • Cool Shade Riddim
  • Coolie Gal Riddim
  • Corner Shop Riddim
  • Counterfeit Riddim
  • Country Run Riddim
  • Couple Dem Riddim
  • Cranberry Riddim
  • Crossfire (dj frass)
  • Crowd Response Riddim
  • Crystal Sky Riddim

2012 Riddims - Dancehall and Reggae continues below...

  • Daily Dose Riddim
  • Dallacoin Riddim
  • Dance Spa Riddim
  • Dancefloor Riddim
  • Dancehall Plague Riddim
  • Dark Cloud Riddim
  • Daily Bread Riddim
  • Dead End Riddim
  • Death Maarch Riddim
  • Di Monster Riddim
  • Di Struggles Riddim
  • Dial Out Riddim
  • Digital Love Riddim
  • Disorda Riddim
  • Dog Bite Riddim
  • Dreamworld Riddim
  • Drip Riddim
  • Driver Riddim
  • Drop Off Riddim
  • Drum Corps Riddim
  • Drummy Riddim
  • Duffle Bag Riddim
  • Duplicity Riddim
  • Dusty Road Riddim
  • Dutch Pot Riddim
  • Dutty Cartoon Riddim
  • Dutty Town Riddim
  • Dynamite Riddim
  • Element Riddim
  • English League Riddim
  • Entertainer Riddim
  • Eva Ready Riddim
  • Evil Stick Riddim
  • Exercist Riddim
  • Extra Credit Riddim

  • Face Off Riddim
  • Fade Away Riddim
  • Feel Good Riddim pt.2
  • Final Destination Riddim
  • Finger Print 2 Riddim
  • First Dem Riddim
  • Flawless Victory Riddim
  • Flirt Riddm
  • Focus Riddim
  • Formula Riddim
  • Freedom Shines Riddim
  • Freezing Point Riddim
  • French Kiss Riddim
  • Fresh Riddim
  • Friday Night Riddim
  • Fros Dem Riddim
  • Full Charge Riddim 
  • Full Swing Riddim
  • Fusion Riddim

As you can will see, we've place these 2012 Riddims in Alphabetical order to help you locate that riddim you've searching for easier.

  • G.S.U.M Riddim
  • Gappy RANKS Cookies Riddim
  • Gaza Federation Riddim
  • German Trumpet Riddim
  • Get Wet Riddim
  • Ghetto Riddim
  • Ghetto Lifestyle Riddim
  • Gone A Lead Riddim
  • Good Formula Riddim
  • Good Gyal Riddim
  • Good Memories Riddim
  • Grab A Cup Riddim
  • Green Leaf Riddm
  • Groove Riddim
  • Grung Shake Riddim
  • Gully Swag Riddim
  • Gyal Fest Riddim
  • Gypsy Time Riddim
  • Happy Daze Riddim
  • Happy Time 2 Riddim
  • Happy Trod Riddim
  • Havana Sunset Riddim
  • Hazardous Riddim
  • Heart Lion Riddim
  • Hell & Powda House Riddim
  • High Motivation Riddim
  • High Times Riddim
  • Holiday Riddim
  • Horizon Riddim
  • Hot Chocolate Riddim
  • Hot Water Riddim
  • House Party Riddim
  • Huff Riddim
  • Hype Vibez Riddim

  • Illusion Riddim
  • In Memories Riddim
  • In The Clouds Riddim
  • Incursion Riddim
  • Inglish Pound Riddim
  • Inna Di Rain Riddim
  • Iron Dog Riddim
  • Jahmiel - Never give Up
  • Journeys Riddim
  • Jouvert Riddim
  • Juicy Riddim
  • Jungle Skunk Riddim
  • Jupiter Riddim

  • Karnival Konnek Riddim
  • Karukera Riddim
  • Kayak Vybz Riddim
  • Kick Out Teeth Riddim
  • Killa Riddim
  • Kings Army Riddim
  • Kingston Riddim
  • Kingston 13 Riddim
  • Kling Klang Riddim
  • Konshens Gyal A Bubble
  • Kreol Kados Riddim
  • Kush Morning Riddim
  • LBF Riddim
  • Leggo Riddim
  • Lemon Drops Riddim
  • Life After Lifetime Riddim
  • Live In Love Riddim
  • Live and love Riddim
  • Load Off Riddim
  • Looking Glass Riddim
  • Loony Toonz Riddim
  • Lotus Flower RIDDIM
  • Loud Riddim
  • Loudspeaker Riddim
  • Love Book Riddim
  • Love Bug Riddim
  • Loveache Riddim
  • Lucid Fx Riddim
  • Luv Mood Riddim
  • Mad Panamera Riddim
  • Make It Gwan Riddim
  • Marco Polo Riddim
  • Margarita Riddim
  • Master's Blend Riddim
  • Mattrass Riddim
  • MBC Riddim
  • Melishya Riddim
  • Mellow Mystic Riddim
  • Mello Vibes Riddim
  • Memo Riddim
  • Mercury Riddim
  • Mesiba  Riddim
  • Mesopotamia Riddim
  • Microwave Riddim
  • Mind Change Riddim
  • Missionary Riddim
  • Money Riddim
  • Money Box Riddim
  • Money Up Riddim
  • More Than Life Riddim
  • More Work Riddim
  • Morning Ride Riddim
  • Movin Feva Riddim
  • Moving Riddim
  • Mr Brown
  • MT 41 Riddim
  • Multiple Hits Singles
  • Muss Buss Riddim
  • Mysterious Cordz Riddim
  • Nae Nae Riddim
  • Neglience Riddim
  • New Folder SINGLES 
  • Nite Life Riddim

  • No Hailingz Riddim
  • No Money Riddim
  • Nothern Lights Riddim

  • Obsessive Happiness Riddim
  • Off The Bench Riddim
  • Overcast Riddim
  • Overtime Riddim
  • Own Class Riddim

  • Paparazzi Riddim
  • Paypa Chaser Riddim
  • Pearl Riddim
  • Perfect Key Riddm
  • Peenie Wallie Riddim
  • Pepper Skull Riddim
  • Pirates Riddim
  • Placencia Love Riddim
  • Play The Guitar Riddim
  • Poolside Riddim
  • Possessed Riddim
  • Pre-Release Riddim
  • Pressure Riddim
  • Pretty Gal Riddim
  • Priceless Signature Riddim
  • Private Caller Riddim
  • Push Fi Star Riddim
  • Put Out Riddim

  • Qmia Riddim
  • Quickie Riddim

  • Radioactive Riddim
  • Raining Bass Riddim
  • Ravin Hangova Riddim
  • Raw Time Riddim
  • Real Life Riddim
  • Real Reggae Riddim
  • Red Paint Riddim
  • Red Wine Riddim
  • Redboom Riddim
  • Reinvention Riddim
  • Rema Riddim
  • Repja Riddim
  • Reservoir Riddim
  • Reset Riddim
  • Right Time Riddim
  • Riva Stone Riddim
  • Rock & Come Een Riddim
  • Rock & Stop Riddim
  • Rockin Riddim
  • Rocksteady Mashups and Remixes and Covers
  • Rockfort Rock Riddim
  • Rosemary Riddim
  • Round This World RIDDIM
  • Royal Flush Riddim
  • Royal Flush 2 Riddim
  • Ruff Street Riddim
  • Ruff Time Riddim
  • Rum Bokkle Riddim
  • Rumfire Riddim
  • Santana Riddim
  • Saucey Head Riddim
  • School Bad Riddim
  • School Break Riddim
  • Scrap Metal Riddim
  • Sent For Me Riddim
  • Sex Jive Riddim
  • Sexxx Tape Riddim
  • Shamballa Riddim
  • Shank I Tun Up
  • Shaolin Riddim
  • Shiloh Rock Riddim
  • Sickness Riddim
  • Simple Trick Riddim
  • Single Pack 1
  • Single pack 2
  • Sky Altitude Riddim
  • Slo Grind Riddim
  • So Bad Riddim
  • So Rich Riddim
  • So Special Riddim
  • Soak Riddim
  • Soul Acoustic Riddim
  • Sounique Riddim
  • Soy Sawce Riddim
  • Spanish Fly Riddim
  • Sparta Riddim
  • Special Delivery
  • Stain Lawd Riddim
  • Stinking Link Riddim
  • Stop Sign Riddim
  • Street Bomb Riddim
  • Street Smart Riddim
  • Street Soul Riddim
  • Stylee Riddim
  • Substance X Riddim
  • Suh Sick Riddim
  • Summa Charp Riddim
  • Summer In Paris Riddim
  • Summer Soltice Riddim
  • Summer Wave Riddim
  • Summer Whistle Riddim
  • Sun A Blaze Riddim
  • Sun Hot Riddim
  • Sunscreen Riddim
  • Swagg Buck Riddim
  • Sweet Sounds Riddim
  • Sweetness Riddim

As stated before all of these 2012 Riddims are available from us. If interested in getting any of these riddims contact us at the above mention email address.

  • Talk Bout Dat Riddim
  • Talk Di Tingz Riddim
  • Tekk on Riddim - Europe
  • Tekk On Riddim - Jamaica
  • The Baddest Riddim
  • The Business Riddim
  • The Journey Riddim
  • The King Riddim
  • The Movie Riddim
  • Three Star Riddim
  • Throw Me Herb Riddim
  • Throw Wud Riddim
  • Thug Passion Riddim
  • Time Code Riddim
  • TNS Riddim
  • TNS PT.2 Riddim
  • Tokyo Drift Riddim
  • Tomatoe Riddim
  • Tropical Escape Riddim
  • True Frenz Riddim
  • Tuff Head Riddim
  • Tuff Love Riddim
  • Turnpike Riddim
  • Tweet Tweet Riddim

  • V.I.P Riddim
  • Venom Riddim
  • Vodka Redbull Riddim
  • Vybz Kartel - Back To Life - Single

  • Wakefield Riddim
  • Wappings Riddim
  • War Zone Riddim
  • Warfare Riddim
  • Warn Dem Riddim
  • Water Crackers Riddim
  • Water Storm Riddm
  • Weekend Riddim
  • Wet Up Riddim
  • Wild Bubble Riddim
  • Wine Mania Riddim
  • Wire Fence Riddim
  • World Clock Riddim
  • World View Riddim
  • Worldwide Riddim
  • Y-3 Riddim

2012 Dancehall/reggae artiste and Song of the year

The year 2012 has seen a number of chart topping songs albums, music videos and new break through artiste as well as some of the veterans artiste in the business making their presence felt.

We would love to get your vote as to who you think should be voted as the artiste of this year.

For this year some of the artistes who readily comes to mind as being the main contender for artiste of the year are:


1. Mr Vegas
2. Konshens
3. Popcaan
4. Tommy Lee Sparta
5. Bounty Killer
6. Beenie Man
7. Sean Paul
8. Junior "Gong" Marley
9. Vybz Kartel
11.Romain Virgo
12.Tarrus Riley
15.Lady Saw
17.Busy Signal
18.Sizzla Kalonji
19.Baby Cham

These names are just the ones that we think really did well over the year so far. When posting your artiste or song, it doesn't have to be any of the artiste or songs listed here.

We could go on and list the top songs which we think are contenders for song of the year but we are leaving that to you our valid visitor/visitors.

To send in who and which song should be voted as being the best for this year, please use the form below.

Dancehall Reggae artist 2012 Riddims and song of the year

Dancehall artist MavadoDancehall artist Mavado

mavado - caribbean girls 
This song is really tremendous and outstanding. Its not to raw and slack and hardcore as most dancehall songs but it also have a beat that will let …

Konshens-stop sign 
because he is my role model and my son love this song

baby cham: tun up 
Baby Cham. Hands down. Is it even a question? He is coming hard with these songs. Wine, Backway & Tun Up. I love his style , voice, skills, & energy. …

Ronnie Bops - Chatty Chatty 
Ronnie Bops is an energetic and enthusiastic performer whose song can't help but make you want to get up and dance. His music is original and well produced. …

Tommy Lee - Buss A Blanka
The video is directed well proper, the lyrics, melody, the harmony, the vibes of the song, its just cool, and catchy.

Christopher martin - Mama
True deep feelings from deep heart

khalilah rose HAIL HIM
we love this song in South Africa

Konshens-Gyal a bubble
To me obviously the song of the year. Its a hit

This is the song that came out before summer that is still hot for xmas. def the biggest at parties still.

konshens - push fi start
he's been consistent from the start

Busy Signal-Come over_Missing you)
This particular song has dominated the charts all over.

Baby Cham-Tun Up
baby cham deserves this. this song ya good.

spice hot patty
This song show you can be competitive and be strong and have confidents

Ronnie Bops - Chatty Chatty
Great song, funny and all ages like this song from old to young. His energy on stage is 100% entertaining. He puts on a great show every time.

Khalilah Rose 
jah dat we pon this likkle island need a good artiste inna di roots movements...so we now have one and her name is khalilah Rose...

Konshens, stop sign
He has heat the industry with lots of hot stuff hence having ma support

Khalilah Rose Hail H.I.M

Its a good song and i first heard her from your site

Romain Virgo - The system
This young man is destined for Mega stardom, take a listen to 'The System' guarantee you'll end up with it on repeat!!

Romain Virgo Rich in Love
His latest album The System released in May is jam packed with hits. The lyrics are as real as he is.... Super talented young man who has a long and …

Konshens - Stop Sign
Konshens IS the hottest singer on the market right now.

Reggae artiste Mad Bwoy
I've heard his music in Europe, Africka and the US He has a classic cultural music vibe with a modern twist. Everywhere I go I see both the old and …

All riddims and songs posted on our site are in our database.

If you are interested in getting any of these songs/riddims please contact us at info@dancehallreggaeworld.com and we can talk business.

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