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Jamaican Gospel Music,
"Jamaica Gospel Reggae"

Jamaican Gospel Music - This music has taken a turn to more dancehall and reggae beats since the late 1990s.

This transformation has some christian worshipers saying that Gospel music in Jamaic a is going down the wrong path.

Dancehall and reggae music is considered to be slack and rude by some Christians.

Jamaican Gospel Music - Carlene Davis

We here at Dancehall Reggae World have two (2) questions.

1. Do you think it's wrong for gospel artist to perform or record their songs on dancehall/reggae riddims?

2. At a stage shows or festivals , do you have a problem with dancehall/reggae artiste sharing the same stage with gospel artists?.

You can submit your answers below by simple filling out the form provided.

Some of Jamaica's top gospel artists are, Judy Mowatt, Carlene Davis, Goddy Goody, Dj Nicholas, Papa San, Lt Stichie, Sister Scully, Grace Thrillers, Omari, Sanchez, Chevelle Franklin, Glacia Robinson and cuc-koo-doo.

I remember growing up in the late 1990s, on Sundays in Jamaica local radio stations would play a lot of Jamaica's gospel music. Presently you might only get 2-3 hours of gospel music in the morning.

Thanks to the Jamaica Culture Development Commission (JCDC), young upcoming gospel artists are given the opportunity through their "Gospel Song Contest".

This contest was started back in 1987.

The fastest growing sub-genre of reggae music is "Gospel Reggae".

P.S - Remember to submit your views on the two questions previously asked.

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Sister Scully is Dead, She Died on Thursday November 12th, 2015 
JAMAICA STAR - Since news of her death spread across the island yesterday, many tributes have been pouring in for gospel singer Sister Scully. The …

Kevin Downswell You Make Me Stronger Lyrics 
You make me Stronger Verse 1 You are my creator, Lord You know my times Seasons of breakthrough, my seasons of trials So I will seek you, and you …

gospel dj 
i think its great as it will relate to to younger people and the can be apart of the gospel movement

My General view about dancehall gospel music - In general 
We know that this is not the right way to lift up Christ. Since you ask I will tell you that right now it is the Devil getting the praise, because I …

Gospel Music Vs Dancehall and Reggae Gospel music 
Dancehall and Reggae music should not be apart of gospel music it is worldly. You can't put holy with unholy and whoever is doing this should stop. …

New sound  Not rated yet
I believe dancehall is just a style of music. Changing the words to glory God is what makes it Gospel cause you begin to speak the word and glorify God. …

What Inspires Reggae Music Not rated yet
a person's inspiration gives birth to a genre of music; a genre of music most times inspires character. it is a question of what inspires what.

Best Solution. Not rated yet
I do not think the above questions pose a threat to the move of God on our Island. He is really raising up our young men especially nowadays and I truly …

Gospel Artist Carlene Davis Tribute to Nelson Mandela Day July 18th Not rated yet
Dr.Min Carlene Davis is one of the most renown International female artist from Jamaica .Her Message in song continues to bless souls world wide. She …

Dancehall vs. Gospel Music Not rated yet
From what I am hearing,Dancehall should not be integrated with Gospel music because in my opinion it is too vulgar. It sound to much like secular music. …

J.Cee has been nominated in [3] Categories in The 2013 ACGMA (Atlanta Caribbean Gospel Music Award)  Not rated yet
Gospel Minister J.Cee has been nominated in three categories in The 2013 ACGMA(Atlanta Caribbean Gospel Music Awards). To Vote for J.Cee Campbell visit …

a no one prayer mi pray mi pray in a night and day Not rated yet
a no one prayer mi pray mi pray in a night and mi pray in day and every time mi go on mi knee devil have fi run weh ;

Kamal Emanuel think reggae gospel is a Great fusion of music genres! I Love It! Not rated yet
I love the message and the music. I listen to it and produce it! Kamal Imani Emanuel "I'm a Child of the Most High" is one of my songs" http://kamalimani.bandc …

Leon Not rated yet
Jamaican gospel music has evolved over the years, we most times tend to forget that this music came out of our religious experiences whether Christian, …

We are free to serve God Not rated yet
so weither its dancehall or reggae GOD DESERVES THE BEST lets use it all to praise him with focus.maryflora(TANZANIA).

Christians are in the world but not OF the world. we are different! Not rated yet
I used to sing dancehall and roots reggae before my deliverance and they are both different from Biblical Gospel music that sing specifically About Jesus …

Dancehall Rhythm attracks more than lyrics Not rated yet
I do not believe there is anything wrong with gospel singers using dancehall rhythms. A lot of people listen to a song because of the rhythm without …

Dancehall Gospel Music.. Not rated yet
If I was to share the gospel with anyone, there needs to be communication in the natural and for that to happen, there has to be a language both understand. …

Who Is Our Creator? Not rated yet
As far as I'm concerned God created music and the devil filtered and diluted it into his own self absorbed self praising market place. Who are we to …

Atlanta, GA -- He is without a doubt the trailblazer in Gospel Reggae, and is known as Jamaica’s fastest lyrical speaking DJ. His astounding international …

Dancehall reggae Gospel music is Cool Not rated yet
I think that it is cool. I was against it at first but then I saw it as a way young people can enjoy themselves without the slow music. The slow, drawn …

Mr. Farai Godo gospel and dancehall reggae music Not rated yet
I think there is no problem to do dancehall gospel or reggae gospel, but I don't think it's good share stage with non-Christians.

type of music Not rated yet
Jesus said in the psalms worship me with harps and sybals he is a God who loves music .. who are we to say what kind. SS

Question 1: No I don't think it's wrong Not rated yet
I dont think there's a problem using dancehall/reggae beats to record gospel music. When listening to a song the words are way more important than the …

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Reggae is not Gospel Not rated yet
Ms B. Christ died so we can have redemption from and separation from worldly habits anbd behaviors. Reggae is not Gospel. The rhtyhm is not glorifying …

Jamaican-Gospel-Music Not rated yet
If they will not go to church, bring the church to them. Jesus will meet you where ever you are. He will bring you out of the darkness of the dancehall, …

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