Dancehall Gospel Music..

by Uche Bruno
(Lagos, Nigeria)

If I was to share the gospel with anyone, there needs to be communication in the natural and for that to happen, there has to be a language both understand.

That's the way I see the gospel of Jesus being shared with people who are into dancehall, love the dancehall flavor. Whether it is or has been effective is a different thing altogether. However, if any is led to fuse dancehall into his delivery, he remains validated by his or her calling in God, and answerable to God.

In a great house, there are many vessels..some would be vessels unto honour while some others, sadly, would be vessels unto dishonour. Kirk Franklin once said Gospel Music is the only music that is backed by gospel life and testimony. My prayer is that God's grace will help every believer remain stedfast, faithful & committed steward! Amen.

Personally, Jason Mighty, Papa San, Prodigal Son, Chevelle Franklyn, Goddy Goddy, Stitchie, DJ Nicholas, Carlene Davis and a host of other artiste with known testimonies of faith in Jesus...have had tremendous impact on me. And where I come from in Nigeria, there's the one and only BUCHI..Respect.

Uche Bruno

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