Learning reggae dance

"Learn how to dance reggae and dancehall music"

Learning reggae dance Moves! Or should we say, Learn HOW to dance reggae and dancehall music!

Most dancehall and reggae music lovers might say dancing to reggae and dancehall music is very hard. I've always wonder.

Because most Jamaicans find it very easy to create a new dance.

Dancing to reggae music lyrics is very easy, Most of the dance moves actually have a song which gives you instruction on how the dance should be done.

For the young at heart who loves dancehall and reggae music, guess what? we have some videos to help you.

When we were doing the research for this topic we came across a lot of videos promoting how to dance to this unique music,but the videos below are the ones that came the closet.

For you Jamaicans I know that you might find this funny because dancing is natural for you folks.

We've also added a comment box below for you to post your comments and any advice that you might have.

Now just turn the volume up on your computer, close your room door and start learning how to dance to Jamaica's finest music.

Jamaican Girl Doing her Thing..

What do you think about the dance moves?

Let the world know what you think about the dance moves being demonstrated in the videos. If you have a video with better dance moves send us the link and we'll post them.

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