New Dance Song Choreographed by Orville Expressions.

New Dance Song Choreographed by Orville Expressions - UK base dancehall artiste aims at Jamaica mainstream with New Dance Song Choreographed by Orville Expressions. 

After several years of crooning his craft, Fast rising dancehall artiste Macini is now attracting favorable responses with his new single titled "si me ya". The dance song which features choreographs by  Orville Expression with easy fun instructions, has been in heavy rotatation on major airwaves in America,  UK, Sweden, Germany, Japan, Columbia,  Chile, Jamaica and other countries.

dancehall artiste Macinidancehall artiste Macini

In a press release via Ultra Modern Digital Media, Macini expressed his feelings towards this recent attention. "I feel joyful to see people all over the world sharing their versions of the dance " si me ya" on social media, shows that my work and energy is well received." 

Macini has performed in Gambia, Germany, Irie Jam Anniversary and now look forward to a growing itinerary of shows scheduled for London and promotional campaign in Jamaica starting in June. The Manchester Jamaica born artiste is elated to return to his native land since his last visit in 2016. "I am excited to share my talent with my Jamaican people where I was born and raised, I feel proud." Said the artiste who is also known for other singles such as; " bad gal," "man a general," and "so we do it."

dancehall artiste Macini - See Me Yah

Despite Macini's success on the UK mainstream he however explains that his journey wasn't a walk in the park, "because I  have links with djs in that market I get my music played many places, so I have to big up to the UK djs and selectors, other than that It can be very difficult. You have to make moves if you can, however, for me I was able to do so thanks be  to God I  am able to build a good  relationship with people every where I go." Stated the independently signed artiste.

With high optimism, Macini is focused on climbing his success ladder with his "yuh si me" single. "I am hoping that this song will do great things for me,  as it is a universal song, relating to young, old, local and international because as an artiste my mission is to inspire through my music in which I have been consistent since 2012 and I believe this is my time to shine." Macini Ended

An official music video is soon to be release for the dance single.

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