Too Many artists are been produced on same riddim

How many artists should a producer release on the same riddim?

That's a question I have been asking for sometime now without getting a suitable answer.

In my opinion 3-4 is enough, I once received a compilation with 18 songs, I knew most of the artists on that riddim will never ever get any airplay or even make it onto a mixtape/cd, especially the upcoming ones.

Most young and upcoming artiste would like to be on the hype riddim and be voicing for the top producers but is it worth it when your music is not been heard?.

In this music business some people are just in it for the money, people will tell you that your music is great just to collect your money.

Message to all upcoming young recording artists, to make it in this music business you have to stay focus, do good music that people can relate to and work with people who you are comfortable with.

Two artists who did not make it on to any hype riddim or voice for any big producer, but got their break are Shalom and Jah Bouks

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