Big Musicians Making Big Bets

Being a famous musician comes with a plethora of perks. Of course, the most obvious benefit is having a seemingly endless supply of money.

Even after buying their dream mansions, luxury cars, expensive jewelry, and massive yachts, many musicians still have heaps of disposable cash at their fingertips. It’s no wonder so many superstars love to gamble.

When famous musicians gamble, they tend to do it in style. They don’t need to scour the internet to scrounge up a few bucks in betting bonuses at sites like Match Center Canada

They usually aren’t satisfied with betting $10 or $100 at a time. Many of them are known to risk six and seven figures without batting an eye.

A lot of them then go on to write songs about their experiences. Let’s take a look at three famous musicians who clearly love betting big.

2 Chainz

Countin is the first song on 2 Chainz’s Hibachi for Lunch EP which was released in October of 2016. Keep that date in mind. In that opening track, 2 Chainz sings about a variety of things ranging from smoking
out his brain cells to shopping sprees and driving without a license. He also tells listeners about how he lost 100K betting on the Atlanta Falcons and how he will win it back because he’s a natural.

Now, a lot of people will think that this losing bet refers to Super Bowl LI. That infamous game saw the aforementioned Falcons blow a 28-3 lead and eventually lose to the New England Patriots. However,
that historic game was played on February 5, 2017, which was several months after 2 Chainz released his album.

So, if we read into things, we can assume that 2 Chainz lost his big bet much earlier in the season. Let’s just hope that he didn’t try to win his 100K back by wagering on the Falcons in the Super Bowl although that could have easily inspired a whole new song.

Lady Gaga

Poker Face is one of Lady Gaga’s most successful songs. It opens by telling listeners that she wants to hold ‘em like they do in Texas. She then goes on to regale us with loads of other poker lingo and
references. While this song does indeed sound like a poker story, it is really a simple metaphor for love and relationships.

The thing is, Lady Gaga isn’t just a poser trying to convince us that she’s a big-time gambler. In fact, the songstress truly does enjoy visiting casinos. However, she prefers to play slots rather than take he chances at the poker table. She is such a fan of slot games that she entered into a partnership with a Japanese company to build a Lady Gaga pachinko game. Yet another gamble pays off.

50 Cent

One cannot discuss the topic of famous musicians who bet big without mentioning Grammy-winner 50 Cent. There doesn’t seem to be an end to what our man Curtis Jackson will wager on. He is known for
making a ton of cash from betting on boxing legend Floyd Mayweather.

He went big when Floyd fought Oscar De La Hoya in 2007. He went even bigger when he wagered a staggering $1.6 million on his
favorite cash cow in 2015 against Manny Pacquiao.

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