Shenseea Claims "Princess Of Dancehall" Critics Hits Back

Dancehall artiste Shenseea yesterday claimed her spot among the female dancehall royalty when she dubbed herself dancehall's 'princess' in a post to her Instagram page.

Shenseea Claims Shenseea Claims "Princess Of Dancehall" Critics Hits Back

The post took on a life of its own, sparking debate about which female dancehall artiste was deserving of the title princess, since Spice is the queen.

Many users were upset at Shenseea's comments, pointing out that although she may be commanding attention on the local and international music scene, she has not done nearly enough work.

In addition to being too young in the business, social media users accused Shenseea and her team of 'buying' social media followers and YouTube views to help propel her to the top.


"When we comment on Shenseea's lack of ability, she says she is fairly new and we can't judge her so hard. Years later, with no hit after Loodi, no stage presence, nothing special to make her a princess, she is already dubbing herself princess. Where are the hits without bought million views?" one user questioned.

Another user said Shenseea had to work hard to try to surpass Loodi.

"As Jamaicans, we have a 'reach' mentality that prevents us from working harder. Imagine you have one hit and crown u self princess instead a u work hard inna the lab n try churn out a next hit," the user commented.

Dancehall insider and selector Foota Hype said he does not see any harm in Shenseea laying claim to the dancehall throne.


"You can't knock a person fi have self-confidence and self belief, enuh so if she believe say she a di princess a dancehall right now based on the amount a gigs weh she a get or the amount a money weh she a make, me can't blame her fi say dat," he said." Let's just look at all the other females in dancehall. Right now she and Spice a get the most bookings and is not one part of the world, so supmn a gwaan right, and if she feel like she a di next thing in line to Spice, me can't knock her to feel da way deh."

He added though that the ultimate decision on who is dancehall royalty is up to the people. MC Nuffy agreed with Foota's assessment.

"Me nuh have no problem with her saying that but me believe she have more work to do. She nuh ready fi di title yet. If any female artiste fi get dat title, a D'Angel because D'Angel been a work over the years and she build herself from the ground up. She pay her dues and try give you a performance every time she book for a show," he said.

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Mar 26, 2019
dancehall king NEW
by: prosper mutangadura

vybz kartel is the king no doubt

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