Dynasty the Prince of Dancehall Official Interview

by Helen Ramos (Clubben.com)
(Los Angeles, CA)



Ted Smooth
Dynasty's Website: http://www.theprinceofdancehall.com

Dynasty "The Prince of Dancehall" is yet another talented dancehall artist in the industry.

However, the difference and what makes him a unique individual is that unlike many in his genre, he is not from Jamaica! He is Italian & Dominican due to his parents and born in Puerto Rico but raised in Brooklyn, New York.

His love for dancehall runs through his veins and the intensity of his performances shows the passion within. Being a multi-cultural artist has opened up many doors throughout his music career and voiced him as the top dancehall artists in the east coast.

Although his heart belongs to DANCEHALL, this artist can master and perform any type of musical genre, whether its merengue, hip-hop, reggae, salsa, bachata, soca, calypso, and many others. His music is based and inspired on the realities of life, relationships, love, and circumstances individuals encounter on a daily basis. Clubben.com has conducted an interview for his fans and followers around the world! Enjoy and learn more about him!


What is your nationality and what languages do you speak?

" I was born in Puerto Rico. My dad is Dominican, my mother is Italian. I was raised in Brooklyn/Queen's area in New York by the west indian community where dancehall was heard in every household. I speak English, Spanish, and Jamaican Patois.

What type of music genres do you represent or sing?

"Dancehall is my love. I breathe and walk dancehall. It runs through my veins and something that can not be replaced with anything. I can do just about any other type of music genre as well whether its soca, calypso, merengue, salsa, etc but my love and heart lies in the dancehall and reggae genre.

Why did you choose dancehall compared to other genres?

Because that's what i fell in love with. I grew up with dancehall and that's it. I learned to love it at an early age and I understand it a lot more than many. I did collaborations younger and merged to other genres because that's what was in then. They used to call me the "reggae kid" back then. Artists would request for me, the "reggae kid", to do collaborations in my dancehall beat and so on. However my main focus is always dancehall.

Have you found obstacles or culture barriers in your career because you are not from Jamaica?
Not at all. I feel like I can do it all and make anyone fall in love with my music. There was this dancehall artist called "Snow" from Canada and the first white boy that did dancehall at an international level with great success. Everyone one accepted him and even the country of Jamaica. It's not an obstacle not to be from Jamaica because music is universal and knocks down barriers. I can sing to any crowd and make them fall in love with my music in (30) thirty seconds right there and then.

All I need is for them to listen to one of my songs. New York is a multi-cultural state and everyone shows me love some might get intimidated and others my not like me, but its normal. I keep it real I am not a fake individual because I sing from the heart.

Your lyrics and songs are inspired and motivated by what?

My pass relationships because I went through a lot with women. My lyrics target and relate to everyone in general because I sing for the people. If they can relate to it then I am doing a great job and reason why my songs are so successful.

What places have you performed at that have made a great impact in your life?
Madison Square Garden was my biggest, also nightclubs in NYC, and countries such as Argentina, Canada, and South America. I opened up for big artists as well throughout my career.

What artists in the industry would you like to work with?

My favorite is dancehall legend Super Cat. I would like to work with artists such as Collie Budz, Sean Paul, Rick Ross, Justin Bieber, Vybz Kartel, Pop Caan, and Mavado. There are a number of them that are too many to name.

You are signed to a record label or company?
I am signed to an independent label called "Straight Face Records" and in the future hopefully to a bigger label like Universal, Interscope, etc.

Who does your production at the studio?
I get my rhythms from Jamaica. When I do hip hop there are a few producers from New York who give me a lot of beats. New York has a lot of talent.

Who is Ted Smooth?
Ted Smooth is a very known DJ in New York and from "Straight Face Records". He makes official remixes for main stream artists and plays them on New York's Hot 97.1. He was the first to sign Lumidee when she first got started.

When he heard my music and style he contacted me. From then on, I became his artist and signed. We are working on many projects as we speak. One of them includes a tour with Toby Love in the next few months. Thanks to him my new song "Meek Mills House Party" is playing almost daily on Hot 97.1.

What would you like to tell your followers and fans?

I would tell them to never give up and follow your dreams. If you have a skill use it to your advantage whether its singing, writing, producing, dancing or whatever.

In 5 (five) words, what makes a successful artist?
Dedication, Drive, Passion, Focused and to be humble.

What 3 songs can you actually say have made Dynasty?

Three songs would be "Hasta Abajo" remix with Don Omar, "Need You" that reached over 1millon views on youtube without radio, or a record label. Also the song "Come Over" has been one of my greatest hits.

Who is your manager or person to contact for bookings?
My manager is DA. He is a great person and business man. I have known him for many years now.

Anything else you would like to add?
My album is on Itunes distributed by Interscope Records under "Dynasty the Prince of Dancehall". I would also like to give thanks to everyone who has been supporting me and my music from day one. I have worked really hard throughout my years in the music industry and I am now my time has come. My fans and followers make me who I am.

Dynasty The Prince of Dancehall Contact Info:
FB: PrinceOfDancehall
Twitter: @DynastySoNasty
E-mail: edward_vrs@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.theprinceofdancehall.com

"Calling Me"

"Come Over"

"Si No Le Contesto Remix" Plan B ft Dynasty & Lumidee

"Bailando Yo La Vi"

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Jan 03, 2013
let him go
by: selena wunner

can you give me the lyrics to let him go ?

Jan 03, 2013
let him go
by: selena wunner

can you give me the lyrics to let him go ?

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