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In the quiet suburban neighborhood of Cooreville Gardens one would hardly expect to find a growing music empire and some of the most talented and promising young musicians. CashFlow Recording Studio.

CashflowRecords which soared to popularity for its Orange Hill rhythm in 2010, is now pushing the barriers as they have been involved in music production, mixing, editing, music video shooting and directing.

DJ Neil, a member of Cashflow Records, says the label's founder, Father P, advised his sons to learn every aspect of the music.

"Growing up, Father P always told us that we can do it all by our-selves and we listened - right now we are blessed with the talent and we have the equipment so we put them to work and World Star Hip recognise the results," he said.

DJ Neil disclosed that Father P is now proud of the progress of the label.

"The video tun up, and Fada P is happy with the way things turned out. The juggling is going to drop soon and we have established artistes as well as young artistes on it," he said.

DJ X of Xxtreme Arts, the video and production arm of Cashflow Records, says seeing his work bear fruit is a good feeling.

"It feels good and overwhelming, all over the world people see it and love it, plus the views are scattered, so the actual views may be way over the 100,000 that was received from World Star Hip," he said.

According to the producer and video director, local productions should be of international quality.

"It is important to make videos of international quality because they get the music out more. We just try to ensure that we still have the authentic element of hard-core dancehall culture," he said.

Despite possessing advanced directing and editing skills, the Cashflow producer/director, maintains that he was self taught.

"I started doing this since I was 14 years old. I watched a lot of music videos and learnt based on what I saw, so all of this is natural talent because I went to school to pursue business," he said.

According to DJ X, the international success of the video has only just begun, because it has since been submitted to MTV Africa as well as stations in Canada and the US.

"Dancehall is what works for us, we tried that Hip Hop thing and it did not work, dancehall is our culture and foreigners want to hear authentic dancehall and reggae music so that is what we make," he said.

DJ X also said it was a privilege to work with Cham, who he describes as being one of the heavyweights in dancehall music.

Cham also had high praises for the video which he described as being perfect.

"I love the video its perfect, you get to give the international market an insight of what dancehall is like. I don't think they have seen females dance like that before, so that is why they are so crazy about it," he said.

The artiste disclosed that his team is going all out with the video. "We are distributing it to all international stations, you name it, we just want to ensure that people have the best quality because we strive for professionalism," he said.

Cham is also getting ready to drop another music video for another single called Drop It Like You Doing It, produced by Coppershot.

The juggling for the School Bag Rhythm will be released this week and will feature the likes of Khago, Lady Saw, Masicka, Teflon among other artistes.

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