Dancehall Reggae Recording  artiste Khago

Khago or should I say "Chicago". Birth name Ricardo Gayle, is a reggae artiste from the parish of St. Ann Jamaica.

He came to prominence in 2006 when he entered the Jamaican Culture Development Commissions popular song contest with his entry "Only If You Know". For this song he won best video.

Dancehall artiste Khago

His song are very well loved by the ladies, especially his 2007 single "Been There". This was also an entry into the same competition mentioned before. With this song he came in second, it was produced by him and Dillon Reid.

For his Catchy slang "Sehso'' he is now a household name, everywhere that you go in Jamaica you are sure to hear bothyoung and old using this dancehall terms "Sehso".

Since 2009-2010 he has released monster hits such as " Caan Cool, Daddy From You Gone, Love Stomach and Addicted", all of which are getting heavy rotation on local radio stations.

Khago has since 2007 hit the number one spot on the local charts twice with "Caan Cool" 2009 and "Fresh and Clean" 2010.

As I sit here writing his article 06/26/10, the hottest song on the island is "Nah Sell Out". This track addresses issues of betrayal and envy. Produce by Seanizzle and its on the One Day Riddim.

Producers such as Marlon Young, Sly and Robbie, Snow Cone, Clifton Dillion and Flava are some of the big names that has done work with this young talented reggae artiste.

Cargo as he is also called has done collaborations with artiste such as Paul Elliot and Little Hero. Reports are that plans are in the pipeline for him to do some work with European Reggae super star Alborosie.

Through his hard work he has been booked to perform on Dancehall Night 2010 reggae sumfest. This will be held at it regular venue in Catherine Hall, Montego Bay , Jamaica.

Chicago said that Mr Vegas and Spragga Benz are two of his biggest influences in the music industry.

Get lyrics to Nah sell out here

You can purchase his music by clicking on the link below.

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Kemar “Flava” McGregor Sues Khago and His Wife - It has been confirmed that dancehall entertainer Khago and his wife are being sued by his former manager and producer.

Producer Kemar “Flava” McGregor has filed court documents in the Florida Southern District Court against the two.

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