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Learning Reggae Chords

Learning Reggae ChordsLearning Reggae Chords

Popular Reggae Chords an in-depth look in the making and playing of some of Reggae Music's soulful rhythms.

The standard tuning for Reggae Style Chords is "EADGBE". Most tutorial online will not mention that some Reggae Chords are played downwards, while ska and Rocksteady are played upwards.

When playing Reggae music's Chords on a piano, remember your right-hand plays on the offbeat. When playing a regular song, the notes are 1 & 3, reggae notes are played on 2 & 4.

Three of the most popular Reggae Chords on a Guitar are Key "A Major & A Minor and "Frets 5 & 7 Respectively".

  • Chord progression 1: A Major - B Minor: 1-2
  • Chord progression 2: A mj - DMJ - E mj - Dmj: 1 - 4 -5 - 4
  • Chord Progression 3: D Minor - E Minor: 1-4-5 you will need to hold the D Chord for 2 measures

We have located some very helpful videos online which we have embedded here to assist you with learning Reggae Style Chords.

First, we have Bob Marley Style Jammin Electric Reggae Guitar Chord Form Tutorial.

How to Play Reggae Major Chords - Using major chords to play reggae music in the key of c major.

Using the Piano to play Reggae Major Chords

What are Major Chords? A major chord is three or more notes played together.

Did you know that you can use Major Chords to play a song? Yes, we can. The C Major Scale consists of eight notes, all of which are white. The "C" major scale starts on "C" and ends on "C".

Hope that we have answered most of your question regarding the playing of Reggae music Chords.

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