Life Beyond Reggae Music

Life Beyond Reggae Music (LBRM) is a book focused on the reggae industry internationally; written by Miss. Heather Dennis of Horsham, Pennsylvania.

Life Beyond Reggae MusicLife Beyond Reggae Music

The book is based on a host of reggae artists around the world, their lives beyond the music, struggles, love for the music, how they got to where they are and much more. LBRM will help the reader to learn more about reggae music and reggae artists.

The stories are in article forms and are based on factual written interviews which took place between the artists, producers, and the writer. Other information is obtained from the experiences of people who worked or is still working in the reggae industry and some help from researching the World Wide Web.

What you can expect from LBRM is a profound and thoroughly researched reading material which will help you to learn more about a musical culture and people the world has grown to love.

N.B: LBRM is a book written for charity gains and not profit. Any monetary compensation taken from this book will be for stipend and growth of the book the rest will be used for helping others through the LBRMUSIC Foundation.

Miss Dennis will be in Jamaica for one week starting from the 26th of February and an interview with you or coworkers would be a great step in the promotion of this book. Her biography and the cover of the book is attached. Thanks in advance for your speedy reply and acceptance.

Life Beyond Reggae Music Cont'd


Ms. Heather Dennis was born on the Island of Jamaica and spent her early years in Duhaney Park, a community in the capital city of Kingston. Not long after due to family opportunity she migrated to the United Kingdom where she spent another part of her life growing up and adapting to a new society which was not hard because of her young age.

This was not the last move because some years after her UK movement Heather relocated to the United States where she obtained citizenship and was able to start over in a new country.

It soon dawned on her that being a foreigner in a country that was not her birthplace was going to be difficult; unfortunately, this was because of the racial differences of which she experienced some negative blows in various areas.

When she arrived in America, her peers were not hospitable, which is something that came as a surprise to her, knowing how multi-cultural Jamaica is and she didn’t face anything compared to this in the UK either.

Though she experienced challenges with some being extreme, she resolved to persevere and success was her aim; no one was going to get in the way of her achieving her dreams. The challenges made her stronger and within no time, she had graduated from St.

John’s University with Associates in Education and a Bachelor’s of Science from Chestnut Hill College. She was ready to bring her dreams to reality.

Miss. Dennis is a mother of two beautiful girls, Nicolette and Natalia who are her main reasons for living and biggest motivation. She was home with baby Natalia when the idea to write a book came to mind. Life Beyond Reggae Music. This book she thought, would shed light on Reggae artists worldwide; on their lives, what they face beyond the music, struggles, love for the music, how they got to where they are and much more.

Her inspiration to write this book came after it dawned on her that no one had ever written a book about reggae artists collectively. She wanted to be the first to allow fans to get to know their reggae artists better outside of the normal magazine or newspaper interviews.

This way, you would be able to have all this enlightening information in a great package that would not only look good on your coffee table but unlike magazines and newspapers you wouldn’t throw it out once the date expired.

Apart from being the author of the book, Heather Dennis is the head of the charity organization LBRMUSIC Foundation ( This foundation is geared towards helping those in need together with supporting charities that focus on children, education, health and the elderly. It also focuses on assisting those countries that nurture and support reggae artists from all over the world.

Miss. Dennis believes that giving is more important than receiving; this is a virtue that she has extended to her children by telling them that the true reward is usually within the giving. Although many people do not really grasp the importance of this principle, she lives by it. Her belief in this principle is what actually led her to start a charity of her own and a book that highlights the Reggae artists’ cause. Embracing the giving principle has brought her to the realization that her way of life may be different from others yet, she believes in what she speaks. She is an ardent believer in God and the blessings that are rewarded to those who grasp the principle of giving without expecting anything in return.

There is a lot to come from this amazing lady so look out for her in the year 2015 and beyond as she makes a mark on the industry doing her part and fulfilling her purpose

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