Don Carlos A Brief Look In His Musical Journey

Don Carlos is a classic well loved reggae artist with his Dub Vision band featuring a horn section and a female vocalist named Lakina King. Don Carlos’s music is healthy and clean for the young and old.

It appeals to people from all walks of life. His CD’s were spread out all over the world before the CD market fell down. There is great demand for him worldwide. He regularly tours Africa, Europe, North America and South America. Don also works as a special guest with Slightly Stupid. From 1989 to 1994 Don spent six years as the lead vocalist for Black Uhuru during which he toured and put out four albums – Now, Mystical Truths, Iron Storm and Strong. Don is very popular in Africa. His show at the Kasarani Sports Grounds in Nairobi Kenya in 2010 made history drawing an estimated 150,000 people.
Don’s music is universal. He sings about peace and love, generosity and righteousness. He doesn’t leave out thanking Jah for everything. “I love you but Jah loves you more”, he says. “Love Jah, and you will have everything – all wisdom.” Don has a big heart and a kind loving spirit. He is greatly loved by the people. Don should be a contender for the Guinness book of world records for the number of photographs taken of him. Everywhere he goes, people want to take his picture. Don always gives them a genuine smile.

Co-billing the Ashkenaz show in Berkeley are the Reggae Angels. The Reggae Angels performed on the Sly & Robbie tour in North America and Hawaii last Sept / Oct 2016. They have a new album recorded soon to be released and they have performed on many of the festivals including Reggae in the Hills, the Oroville Rock Reggae Jamfest, Reggae on the River, the Trinity River Jamboree, the Bay Vibes Festival, the One Love One Heart Reggae festival, the World One festival, the Northwest World Reggae Fest, the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, the Seattle International Reggae Festival, Reggae in the Desert in Las Vegas, the Wild Mountain Fair and the Pitzer Reggae Festival. The Reggae Angels also toured North America in 2015 backed by Sly and Robbie and the Taxi Gang. That was their second US tour backed by the Rhythm Twins.
The Reggae Angels music consists of lyrical guidance for themselves and others towards righteous living – proverbial words and music. The Reggae Angels have toured North America, Hawaii, Canada, South America, Europe and Africa. They have co-billed tours with Andrew Tosh, Everton Blender, Michael Rose, Don Carlos, Anthony B, Junior Reid, The Abyssinians, Sugar Minott, Warrior King, Frankie Paul and Sly & Robbie and the Taxi Gang as well as touring on their own.
The Reggae Angels latest release was The Way. This is serious message music in collaboration with the multi-Grammy award winning legends Sly and Robbie on bass and drums with the Taxi Gang, featuring Franklyn ‘Bubbler’ Waul on keyboards, Nambo Robinson on trombone and Stepper on saxophone. Also featured are Dwight Pinkney on guitar and Laurie Lewis on violin.
The Way brings the Reggae Angels 13 CD catalogue from strength to strength. It fires up the listener with spiritual messages of wisdom and encouragement. Over the past two decades the Reggae Angels have been consistently bringing the world sincere message music. Their live show is well groomed after years of spot dates, touring and recording.

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