Dancehall Reggae artiste Daddy1

Meet Dancehall Reggae music recording artiste Adrian Bailey aka Daddy1. Daddy1 hails from the gritty community of Salt Spring in the Montego Bay, St James.

Dancehall Reggae artiste Daddy1Dancehall Reggae artiste Daddy1

Daddy1 who turns 20 in 2019 is the youngest member of The 6ixx dancehall group which is headed by dancehall artiste Squash.

The artiste who got his stage name from his mother Shelly only started during music in 2016 after he was introduced to the genre by Squash.

The newcomer has already released numbers of tracks, some of his more popular tracks are:

  • Anthem
  • Out Here
  • Women's Empowerment
  • Custom
  • 220
  • Next Level
  • 6ixx Braff
  • Raving
  • Salt and Acid
  • Underrated
  • 6ixx Badness feat. Chronic Law
  • Suh We Roll feat. Mad Daa6
  • Murder Game feat. Travalaunch
  • 1-Gcity Run Out feat. Squash
  • Get The Gift
  • Time Now
  • Dirtless

He is scheduled to perform at this year's 2019 staging of Reggae Sumfest alongside fellow 6ixx members Squash, Chronic Law, Javillani and Shane E.

Daddy 1 gives respect to his own mother Shelly, while in the same breath 'bigs up' artists and disc jockeys like Shenseea, DJ Sunshine, Koffee, and Jada Kingdom, for being independent.

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