Cruz Rock "Mr. Temperature Rise"

by Jahlisa Maragh
(St. Croix, V.I.)

Cruz Rock, singer, songwriter and producer, is quickly becoming the ladies’ choice while the fellas can’t help but to relate to his ‘swag’ with singles including, ‘Temperature Rise’, ‘Voyage’, and ‘Body Bang’ from his latest cd “Temperature Rise”.

Cruz Rock was born on the island of St. Croix and is the perfect mixture of island culture with his parents coming from Trinidad and Tobago and Puerto Rico. This mix of cultures can be clearly heard in this reggae/dancehall artist’s music.

He was exposed to music at a young age with his father being a member of a local salsa band while his mother was constantly singing him the gospel. But it was Cruz Rock’s brother’s unconditional love for reggae that caused Cruz to start the journey that he remains on today.

“My brother began listening to reggae music in the early 90’s and introduced me at an early age; being that I looked up to him, I drew closer to the reggae music. I listened to Bob Marley, Shabba Ranks, Sizzla, Red Rat, Buju Banton and so many more legends in the reggae industry.”

While away to college in Columbus, Ohio, Cruz Rock, then known as “Cruz Bwoy” began gracing the stage with local groups and in 2002, he recorded his first track and his first performance was in 2003.

After his performance, he caught the attention of T-Rock Sounds which quickly renamed the artist, Cruz Rock. After that, Cruz Rock performed in over 100 shows for over 3,000 fans at a time during his college career.

Since then, Cruz Rock has been featured on TEMPO, has been involved in many local projects, and has done several interviews locally and abroad. Cruz Rock’s latest cd, “Temperature Rise” is proving to be his claim to fame.

But despite the bright lights, he remains the level-headed, professional artist with an extreme love for reggae that he has always been.

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