Reggae Embassy - The Official Embassy for the Reggae and Dancehall Industry has been Established.

by Nicole Bell

Reggae Embassy offers life changing opportunities for advancement to everyone in order to progress personally, professionally and financially.

Kingston, Jamaica, December 31, 2012: Reggae Embassy is an innovative entity that was designed to assist individuals, businesses and organizations that are involved in Reggae music to further promote, educate and achieve sustainable development and growth.

Reggae Embassy offers life changing opportunities for advancement to everyone in order to progress personally, professionally and financially. People in the Reggae Industry can elect to utilize the Reggae Embassy when they are in need of assistance, services or representation for their career or businesses. Reggae Embassy provides a safe environment for genuine assistance, where their ethos and business ethics are based on fairness, transparency and an overall desire for success through hard work and dedication, to their clients.

The Embassy provides a multitude of services for every musical project. It is recognized by the Recording Industry Association of America and is ISRC Managers. For those who seek representation or partnership with the Reggae Embassy, they can utilize the numerous divisions including; career and business consulting, bookings for talent and services, publishing, digital distribution, music production, promotions and global exposure.

Reggae Embassy embraces and promotes harmony with other entities within the Reggae Industry, while creating an environment for economic growth by providing referrals to other individuals and companies whose services might be needed by clients and affiliates of Reggae Embassy.

Advocacy and lobbying on behalf of the Reggae/Dancehall Industry is one of the main components of the Reggae Embassy. On March 28, 2012, Reggae Embassy’s advocacy division achieved a monumental feat in getting Broadcast Music Inc (BMI), a global leader in music rights management to add Soca, Reggae and Dancehall music to their list of recognized genres. No longer are artistes forced to register Reggae, Dancehall or Soca as “world music” or “other” categories. The Reggae Embassy is an advocate for the betterment of the Reggae Industry on a global level.

“This is a great example of how Reggae Embassy integrates multiple disciplines to provide the best solutions for those in the Reggae Industry, whether you are an artiste, composer, record label etc.” said Christina Grand, Director of Operations and Senior Executive at Reggae Embassy. “Education in regards to all the aspects of the music industry and how it works is our key focus.

Anyone in the Industry especially recording artistes, composers, producers, record label owners, managers and music investors may attend the Intensive Music Industry Training, which is a one day training that provides clarity and a great understanding of the Industry. Those who elect to become clients will continue with educational training provided by the Embassy. There are no obligations to become a client of Reggae Embassy upon attending our Music Industry Training. The Reggae Embassy is your Embassy to utilize it as the tool for advancement that it was developed to be."

Reggae Embassy supports recording artistes, composers, songwriters, producers, record labels and all other related business entities, seeking to advance their interests on a global scale. Reggae Embassy’s aim is to; assist, support, guide, develop, educate, protect, and invest in talented individuals and businesses.

The Embassy multifaceted structure has supported and endorsed renowned producer Lanz876, who produced the 2012 chart topping single “ Yah So Nice” by Potential Kidd, Cameal Davis “Digicel Rising Stars 2008 winner”, emerging producer Kiodour, recording artistes I-Noble and Eldie Anthony. Reggae Embassy encourages unity in the industry as they address the needs, wants and concerns within the Reggae Industry.

The Reggae Embassy has also launched a global initiative to unite Reggae and Dancehall communities worldwide by establishing the official registry for the Reggae Industry. Fans of Reggae and
Dancehall can visit: to register and unite, as there is power in numbers and strength in unity.

Interested persons who seek assistance with their career or business may visit:

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