Potential Kidd - Dancehall and Reggae music artiste

Potential Kidd - Dancehall and Reggae music artiste -  One of dancehall music fastest rising artiste is Potential Kidd.   Potential Kidd is from the community of Trench Town, Kingston, Jamaica.

Potential Kidd - Dancehall and Reggae music artistePotential Kidd - Dancehall and Reggae music artiste

His latest single "Yah Suh Nice" released in December 2011, is getting a lot of love on local radio and internet radio stations.

The single was released by Natral Enterprise Recording label. Other singles from Potential Kidd are Urgency, Mama Stop Crying and Jump Pan Mi Cocky".


Some dancehall and reggae music insiders are saying that Potential Kid is the Leading Dancehall Artist On The Rise In Jamaica Watch Out For His Hits.

More information about Potential Kidd - Dancehall and Reggae music artiste

Trench Town resident Dwayne 'Potential Kidd' Taylor forced his way into the consciousness of Jamaicans some five years ago when he served up the hit single 'Yah Suh Nice'.

The artiste, who was linked to the Gaza family years before the spotlight, admitted that "it was the studio freestyle that became public from an unexpected cellular phone broadcast that helped me gain recognition". The official version of the freestyle was released in December 2011. By the following January, Potential Kidd burned up the dancehall scene because of his animated performance style and the likeness of Yah Suh Nice to a one-drop track. "Mi do di tune and within three weeks, people start request mi fi perform outside of Jamaica, so mi know it did a go big," said Potential Kidd.   Ended prematurely  

The opportunities came virtually overnight. Potential Kidd landed a one-year contract with VP Records, among other promotional contracts with corporate companies. A few of the engagements ended prematurely due to the lewd lyrics of singles released following Yah Suh Nice but the dancehall artiste managed to fulfill the expectations of his contract with VP Records to release other singles, Urgency, Jump Pon, and Look Good Girl.

However, music took a back seat to the drama in his life in 2015. That year, the artiste was designated a person of interest by the police following an upsurge of violence in his community. "All I could do was stay locked up in my house, especially because of the constant war in the community at the time. Mi all see people get killed in front a mi 'til people all a seh a guard mi guard," said Potential Kidd.

Potential Kidd was questioned and released and his name cleared, but the criminal implications had a negative impact emotionally and on his career. "It took me a week to turn myself in, not because I was guilty of anything, but people reckon mi, as an area don, because of personal interactions I had. Is just the fear of being held in police custody mek mi di tek so long," he said. The experience left the artiste in a state of reflection, and he took a hiatus from the music in 2016.

And although he sings 'me a di best babyfather inna Jamaica' in the clean version of Yah Suh Nice, Potential Kidd said that it was not until he became a father in October 2016 that he truly understood what that meant. "Fatherhood made me realise the man I need to be, someone of strength, so I just continued to push," he said.   One-hit-wonder   Musically, Potential Kidd is working overtime to ensure that he is not labelled a one-hit-wonder.

He told THE WEEKEND STAR that he has released more than 10 singles since January, among them Standing Fan. "In my community, in Jamaica overall, everybody loves dance tunes and mi a seh mi never do a real dance song yet, so that's how Standing Fan come about," said Potential Kidd.

"This new song may not have the same effect as Yah Suh Nice but I believe it has the potential. Sometimes a music buss fast and sometimes it tek time creep up. Many tunes circulate through our community first before everybody hear it," he continued.

Mar 12, 2012
by: neil

youth your style is good remember you have to balance. yes sex sells but remember you need your music to reach to everyone,so tone down,keep focus.Also remember the media can break you and make you.

lastly try an get a link with killa him will make you progress he may be cross and angry but he knows potential.

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