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Potential Kid

Potential Kid

It has been brought to the attention of this Journalist that Potential Kid and his team, which consists of his manager and booking agent, have been scamming promoters from the United States for large sums of money.

The unlikely victims of this dilemma are the promoters who have issued proof that contracts have been signed and there are receipts to show that deposits were sent to a member of Potential Kid’s team when, in reality the artist has no travel documents to allow him entry into the US and never once making it known during all communications that he could not fly.

Dwayne Grant, more popularly known as Garry Dreamaz, is a well-established promoter in the New Jersey area. He has been in correspondence with Dwayne Taylor aka Potential Kid, as well as manager Angeletta McKenzie and booking agent Theresa Small since April 2012, where Grant commissioned the services of Potential Kid for dates July 13th and 14th in New York and New Jersey, respectively. The total sum agreed upon was US$6,300 for both dates and a deposit of US$3,150 was sent via Western Union to Small on April 27th, 2012.

“Back in April, I was introduced to Theresa Small of Terri Booking Agency by a friend. As to what I was told, she is the booking agency for Dwayne Taylor aka Potential Kid. I spoke to Theresa back in April and she told me nothing is guarantee until a deposit was made,” said a dubious Grant. “After I sent the money, Theresa introduced me to Angeletta who is Dwayne Taylor’s manager.

I spoke to her and she asked me about the deposit, so I told her I sent the money to Theresa… Two months later Jason and I sent another US$600 to put towards airfare. My date for the show was July 14, 2012 but five days before I was told he did not have a visa for the USA. I was told he will be going to immigration but to my understanding he did not go. Even up to the day before the events on Friday and Saturday, Potential Kid had not yet made an appearance at immigration to obtain a visa and work permit.”

Unfortunately, there are two other promoters who were deceived in the same way. Grant believes there are more victims of this scam and insists that everyone should come forward and expose the thieves. He is relentless in his search for answers as to why he wasn’t informed beforehand that Potential Kid did not have a US work permit, let alone a US visa, so that arrangements could have been made to ensure his appearance at the events.

Based on information received, Potential Kid was supposed to arrive in the US from July 6th for a performance in Mount Vernon, New York on July 7th and to do promotional stuff for his shows, including interviews and commercials. However, the promoters were told then that Potential Kid has no work permit but he will get it in time for the July 13 and 14 bookings.

According to Jason aka Ageable, who is the promoter of the July 13th event, he said basically what happened to Grant is exactly what happened to him. “Well basically we send the money for Potential Kid for a date on July 13 to perform at a venue in the Bronx named Best Party Place aka Social Gathering Palace.

After we sent all the money I was supposed to then wait for a while for a commercial when the artist supposed to be in New York July 6, because he supposed to perform on the 7th in Mount Vernon. So after I found out he wasn't coming for the 6th, I was informed that he didn't get his work permit as yet but I was guaranteed by his manager that he will get it for the show on the 13th in New York and the 14th in New Jersey. So as days go by, we keep getting put off, “Tomorrow, tomorrow” we will get the latest news.

So finally Wednesday into Thursday, after we spend up all our money to go on the road, to promote on radio stations, paying people to promote, rent club, etc. we found out that he wasn't coming because he don't have a visa and etc.,” Jason explained.

Due to these circumstances, Grant intends on taking legal action against Potential Kid and his entire team. “Today is Tuesday, July 17th and we just hearing back from Angeletta after numerous efforts to contact her,” said Grant. Based on email, Blackberry Messenger and phone conversations, Grant says that Angeletta claims she’s going to refund their money but that it will take some time because Potential Kid is broke. She said she quit as manager of Potential Kid.

She also stated that Potential Kid did receive the money but when Grant spoke to the artist himself, he claims nothing like that happened and even went as far as to say that his “manager gyal” is lying and she took all the money. Grant also provided a voice note of Potential Kid apologizing for what had happened.

Grant explains that it’s not just about the money he lost and is suing for, but it’s about the principle of the thing. He says it’s not fair for them to keep doing this to people and getting away with it. To sift through all the lies told, it’s hard to find the truth in all of this. That’s why he hired Lesley Hayles, a PR agent in Jamaica, to help tell his story and an Entertainment Lawyer, who knows the music industry laws in Jamaica and the US, to help get what is rightfully his returned.


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