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Not Yet, Am Not Retiring Says Ricky Trooper

Selector Ricky Tooper

Selector Ricky Tooper

Veteran selector Ricky Trooper cleared the air in a length posted via his official Instagram page about rumours circulating that he is retiring from the clashing game.

See official post from Ricky Trooper below.

Blessed day my fans, Some man a ride with me saying I am retiring from the sound system and clash scene.

Well now nothing more to prove to no one and I was bored with the direction I saw the business going.

But I see I am the only person in this sound business who can stand up to a certain tyrant and dictator who feel like he is the originator of this sound business and who feel to himself that he is god gift to this culture that they born to come to see going on for years.

This post is to let that person and his organization know to today that I will not be going anywhere soon and they can do all they can to try to belittle me but I will be here advocating for this culture that was originated in Jamaica. This is not a hobby or a part-time job for me cause I have never done a 9-5 job before in all my life and no disrespect to all the hard-working people who hold down a job and own a sound system or your a dub collector but is to let you know that playing music has been my lifelong job for over 40 years. I have been there from one turntable to this new computer age and still contributing to the development of this culture and the bringing of new talent to the forefront of our reggae music.NOBODY owns the sound system culture some or no other man should feel that they can dictate how this should be or who should run it.

Our music was never ever governed by no rules, It is a freedom of speech movement and a cry of the poor. I am no saint because I have done certain clashes with rules etc but it was just to help preserve the culture of the sound clash.

As an icon, you have to clash with the younger sounds to help mould them in the right way to fully understand that screaming and cussing on a mic is not the only way to express this sound clash craft love by millions of people worldwide.

If you talk the truth about some people and their agenda to control and run this sound clash scene you are targeted as the enemy whose days have passed and your washed up and done etc. My gift was given to me by God and no man can stop or limit the gift of God. The clash scene maybe is not what it used to be but it's not dead and all my fellow sound system lovers all we need to do is take it back to the roots to one on one clashes without all the rules and mc etc but most of all make sure all the dances are recorded so it can be promoted all over the world to the people who love and respect this culture.
The clash destiny is in the hands of us all so stop tear it down and the people who love it on social media etc. Why are the same sound men fighting against each other and still a voice dubs etc for what to have them and not playing out or making any money? Love or hate me I know everyone in the sound culture today has taken something from me and I have also taken from people who were before me to keep this culture moving.

As an icon I call on all sound system owners, Dub collectors, Dj's put the music first and all the ego etc aside cause I know we all love the sound system culture. One man agenda is to dictate this culture but I will not let any powers over me in this culture they come and see me doing years before they ever knew they could venture into this business. Music is free for anyone but there are certain principles and lines that never should be crossed.

As long as life is in my body I will never let those people control this culture. I will fight them with the last breath in my body because it is like me alone see what they are up to with there selfish greed. That man is not looking out for anybody else sound only the sound he manages and he has burned his bridges with some of the greatest sounds who made him who he his today. That man is not important to me so people he is a wrap.

They have stopped my radio show on their site also just because I have spoken the truth about him being a culture vulture. I am saying to all of you sound men today open your eyes because this man greed is to kill our culture for his benefit only. He has pirated the World Clash name, He wormed his way on Jam Rock Cruise, Sumfest and watch and see if his next move is not the Red Bull clash. When he reached there with his sound he manages he his done with the original clash culture. I am not blind to all there motives over the years and because I talk they always fight and try to undermine me.

If you read this post hope you see where all this is going if your not conceited and ignorant against the truth. Is any sound getting famous nowadays? Are they getting worldwide recognition after all there clashing and playing? No, but no one is saying why has the business become stagnant. The reason is the not coming together as sound men and stop feeling your better than a next man that's why I always clash with the young sound to give them an avenue to get famous. Do that Chin guy give any sound a clash with the sound he manages if he is not the promoter of the clash? So bash me and say I am talking crap about talking the truth.

Longest liver sees most my granny use to say. Just run this post thru your head and look into the facts, my people.

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