Mr.Versatile dancehall reggae artiste

by job munnings

I am a reggae artiste not by choice but by a divine calling.

I started singing reggae music when I was 8 years old my mother is Jamaican my father a Bahamian my place of birth is the Bahamas reggae music is life it is the heart and soul of the Caribbean and am glad to be a artist of such a prestigious sound.

I believe when any reggae artist sing Jah him self cant sit down I have a video on tempo network call (things are gonna change).

My first hit song that made me a star nationally is (when i die) if people in my country don't know me they know the song know one in my country the Bahamas use to support artist from here until 2003 when the radio bust the when i die every body though it was and artist from Jamaica until the video was aired on national TV

My own people just couldn't believe a Bahamian artist could bring out a sound so powerful and because of the seem song it open the doors for many artist when i brought the album out to sell it i had to sing the song for thousands of people because they still didn't believe it was me but once i mention the song was on the album it got sold quickly to the young and the old every funeral service after the funeral cars would blast the tune when i die but as you know the Bahamas doesn't have a big population 300,000 people if i was in Jamaica or Germany i would have been a millionaire, they say a prophet is not houndered in his home well i proved the good book wrong because i could have sold my album in places where the Bahamian police was afraid to patrol once I told them who i was and what i sing i had clearance to move about in any hood and it still the seem now.

I had and have clowns want to eat of my talent but i never give them a chance to i made it happen myself and still making it happen like i said earlier I have another hit sound rotating on Tempo network and nationally they show my video on cable 12 some times before the news or after the national report.

My site is (youtube/job Munnings aka versatile)i also like shoot music videos for other artist free of charge because some cant afford it so if they take there music serious I shoot the video and because of who I am I use my pull to get there video aired on national TV also because for some reason alot of artist look up to me no matter what island i travel to in the Bahamas i get respect from all.

Mr.Versatile is my stage name
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