Meet Congo .......Musician Arranger/Producer on the Rise

by Gailmental

Damion Rose, A K A Congo ,born on July 27 1982 in St.James:later moved to Kingston with his mother to attend the Salvation Army School for the Blind. It was while he was at the institution that he discovered his musical talent. In 1989 Damion met the school’s music teacher Miss Sheila James who told him that he could become a great drummer after she heard him playing drums on the desk in her class.

From that day Damion was encouraged to take his drumming talent seriously and Miss Sheila James played a great role in Damion’s musical development as she also trained him to sing and play the recorder.

In 1989, Damion performed at his first concert. This was the School’s annual Christmas concert. The reviews were very good and from that time Damion was asked to perform for the School.

A few years later in 1994, The School entered the annual JCDC School’s festival and Damion was also included in the group. They came away with the silver medal behind Calabar who won the gold .
The School entered again in 1995 and this time they also got a silver medal. Damion also received a trophy for outstanding drumming.

Later that same year, the School band was formed. At first Damion was not included until the band was searching for a percussionist. After he was included in about a year Damion was elevated to main drummer.

The band lasted for about 3 years performing at concerts, parties, church functions and other events. In 1998 when the band dissolved, Damion decided to play the drum in church.

Later that same year, a few friends formed a group and ask Damion if he wanted to be a member he didn’t refuse. The group named TOF meaning Touch of Favorites was a success from that first performance. They went on to perform at barbecues, stage shows and other events.

The group also did background vocals for several artists such as Twins of Twins, Jacka Diamond Etc. The group performed together for about 4 years and broke up because of graduation. After School Damion didn’t stop doing music. He joined two of his other friends and formed another group. They entered the Jamaican popular song contest in 2002 and dropped out at the regional finals.

In 2004, Damion formed a duo with Michael. Both Michael Fairman and Damion Rose began working at Free Willy’s Records, where they practiced and perfected their craft as studio musicians., Over the years, Damion has worked in collaboration with some popular artistes some of them being: Beanie Man, Vybz Kartel, Turbulence etc. On November 27 2008 Damion and Michael came together and formed their own label. So far they have worked with, JIS, TJ Records, BNS for there teller programme etc.

In 2011, the duo under the name Vision House released their first rhythm album called Dutty Sneekaz. View for Dutty Sneekaz and other projects of vision house. In 2012, Damion Rose and Michael Fairman and other friends took part in a project called JHAM meaning Jamaica, Haiti and America Music for charity. The DVD for this charity will be released this summer DVD trailers are already on youtube.

In 2013 Vision House played on a single for Troytan music, featuring Movado and Kerry Ann song that went to the billboard chart. Vision house in collaboration with other labels are working together to release a lot of singles, which include QQ “Another Madda Bawl”.

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