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List Of Vybz Kartel Songs Part #1

We have put together a list of SOME of Vybz Kartel songs. We knew that some song are missing, But you are welcome to post then in the comment fields below.


Kartel Songs

album: "More Up 2 Di Time" (2004)
Picture This
Tekk Buddy Gal
Breast Specialist
Real Bad Man
Sweet To The Belly
Badda Dan Dem
Badman Party
Good Inna Clothes
Kartel & Kardinal
Sen On
Di Way We Roll
Badman Nah
New Millennium
Why You Doing It
Start Well
Pussy Jaw
Who Knows
Why Again
Buss It Off

album: "J.M.T." (2006)
U Nuh Have A Phone (Hello Moto)
So Me A Say
Vybsy Versa Love
Car Man
Gun Session
Higher Altitude
Dutty Landlord
Realest Thing
I Neva
Little Miss
Rough Sex

album: "The Teacher's Back" (2008)
Addi Addi Addi
Buss My Gun
Sexy Seductive Wine
Solomonic Chronic
Life Story
Broad DaylightJP Bonus Track
Tightest PunaniJP Bonus Track
Work OutJP Bonus Track
Money Fi SpendJP Bonus Track
album: "Pon Di Gaza" (2009)
Yeah Though I Walk
Ghetto Youth
Bail For Me
Best Baby Daddy
Broken Cry
Can't Frame Me
For Love
Get Wild
Love At First Sight
Like A Movie
The World Turns
Gaza Love
You A My Baby
Romping Shop
Life We Living
Video Recorder
Tear Drops
Want My Weed

album: "Pon Di Gaza 2.0" (2010)
You A Me Baby
Love Dem / Gallis Anthem
Gal A Weh Me Do You
Nah Let GoLove Dem Pt. 2
Can't Get Over Me
Dollar Sign / Hustle The Money
Mr. Officer
Like A Movie
Go Go Club

Story Of My LifeLike A Movie Pt. 2
Get Wild
Gwaan So
Gaza Ting A Ling
Romping Shop
Come Breed Me
Mother In Law
Nuh Fraid A Nobody / Neva Scared
Without My Own
Last Man Standing
Life We Living
MarieWeed Love Song
Life Sweet
Wah Some Grades
Tear Drops
You Can't Say
Come Back Home
Love At First Sight
Super Star
Million Dollar By A Morning
Video Recorder
The World Turns
EP: "The Gaza Don" (2011)
Tun Up Di Scheme
Jump In The Benz
You And Him Deh
Colouring Book
Look Pon We
Sickhead Sickhead
The Lyricist
Summer Time

album: "Kingston Story" (2011)
Beautiful Girl
Half On A Baby
Go Go Wine
Yuh Love
My Crew
Mi Remember
Push It In (Take It Out)
Wine Pon Me
Ghetto Youth
EP: "Mentally Free" (2012)
Dem Bwoy
Back To Life
Party Me Say (Me Nice)
The Cure (Fi Bad Mind)
Betray Di Gaza Boss
Real Friend

album: "Kartel Forever: Trilogy" (2013)
Married And Done
So Much Gal
Punani A Mi Best Friend
Wine Fi Money
Mr. Bleach Chin
Drop Top
Bubble Hard
Weed Smoker
Hold Me
Ever Bless
Freaky Gal, Pt. 3Me Love You
Right Wine
Freaky Gal Pt. 2
Benz Punani
No Bed
Why Pree (World Boss)
Me A Pree
Love Yuh Enuh
Party Me Sey
Summer Time
Turn & Wine
Bike Back
Stuck / Better Can Wuk
Dumpa Truck / That Sweet Yuh
Stronger We Get
Dancehall Hero
Look Pon We
Cake Soap
Colouring Book / Tattoo Time Come
Straight Jeans & Fitted
You And Him Deh
Dandy Shandy
So Much Woman
Come Yah Nuh Me Gal
Stop Gwaan Like Yuh Tuff
The Cure (Fi Bad Mind)
Peanut Shell
Dead Already
Back To Life
Ghetto Life
Thank Yuh Jah
Jah Jah Watch Over Me
Slew Them Like David
Sweet Victory
Mother's Love
Children Are Our Future
Real Friends
Touch A ButtonCome Touch Mi Nuh

album: "Reggae Love Songs & Other Things" (2014)
Can't Call This A Love Song
Miami Vice Episode
Crashing Head On
Downtown Kingston
Love Mummy
Pretty Little Bunny
Guest House
My Love My Love
Money Can't Buy Fren
Don't Lie
Without Money
Addi Truth
Louie V (Dont Worry 'Bout Dem)
Make Up Break Up
album: "Duet" (2014)
(with GAZA SLIM)
Wickedest Ride
Hold Me
Starting Over
Mama Said
Love Yuh Enuh
Everything Fi Hold Him
No Games
So Much Woman
Pon One Hand
Peanut Shell
Stop Gwaan Like Yuh Tuff
Children Are Our Future
album: "Exclusivity" (2014)
Champagne Bubble
Dark Shades
Pretty Little Bunny
Without Money

EP: "Viking (Vybz Is King)" (2015)
Intro Skit
Gon' Get Better Skit
Gon Get Better
Facebook Like

album: "King Of The Dancehall" (2016)
Colouring This Life
Every Girl
Can't Say No
Don't Know Someone
Hey Addi
Open Up Di Door
Most Wanted
Enemy Zone
Like Google
Sorry Babe
Western Union
Which Friend
album: "Black & White" (2017)
Hello Motto
Live Your Life
Mother In Law
album: "Remember Me" (2017)
Dancehall Hero
Stop Follow
Remember Me
Pound Of Rice
Rambo Kanambo
Sex & The City
Work It
Good Man
other songs:
12 Gauge
4 Star
6 Missed Calls
A Bay
A Dat A Gwan
A Like That
After The Club
All I Wanna Do
All Of A Sudden (Harmony)
Anything A Anything
Anything Love Can Do
Baby Father
Baby Let's Go
Baby Mother
Babylon City
Back Up Back Up
Bad Reputation
Ball Fi Bun
Barbie Doll
Bare Vybz
Bay Bay
Beg You A Fuck
Believe It Or Not
Best Of Me
Best Place Pon Earth
Bet Mi Money
Better Can Wuk
Better Life
Bicycle Ride
Birthday Fuck
Blood Bath
Bob Marley & The High Trees
Born & Raised
Born Again Virgin
Boss Lady
Box Lunch
Brace Of Mi Life
Bring It To Me
British Love
Calabria Remix
Change Mi
Clarks Again
Climb Di Mountain
Closed Casket
Come Tek Cocky
Conjugal Visit
Cool And Deadly
Credit Alone Done
Currency (Want More Money)
Customer Care
Cya Defeat We
Cya Test We
Death Row
Dem A No GangsterMavado Diss
Dem Bwoy Ah Baby
Dem Mind Dutty
Dem Nuh Like Wi
Devine Love
Dirty Diana (Dutty Angela Remix)
Do Di Maths (Wah Do You)
Do It (Dweet We A Dweet)
Do Weh Yuh Wah Fi Do
Domestic Affair 2nd Chapter
Don't Move
Don't Run (Last Man Standing)Mavado Diss
Don't Tek It Out
Drink Up
Duggu Duggu
Duh Weh U Wah Fi Duh
Dumpa Truck
Dutty Angela
Dutty Wine
Early Morning
Empire Forever
Everyday Is Christmas
Everything You Need
Faggot CorrectionSpragga Diss
Fall Ina Love
Fast Life
Feel Good
Fi Di Gal Dem
Fire Ball
Fire Nation
Fling It Pon Di Left
Foot Pan Shoulder
Four Seasons
Friends Turn Enemies
From Me Born (Me Don't Know)
Gal A Get More
Gal A Weh Mi Duh Yuh
Gates Of Heaven
Gaza Christmas
Gaza Commandments
Gaza Nuh Bore Tongue
Genie Wine
Get Gal Anywhere
Get Gun Shot
Get Gyal Easy
Get You Owner Lighter
Ghetto Gospel
Gimme Little Room
Give Thanks
Glock Spit
Go Fi Dem Anyweh
Good Father
Good Night
Good Pussy
Grab Up Yuh Crotches
Gun Clown
Gyal Wine To Di Top
Haffi BleedMavado Diss
Haffi Come Back
Happy Pum Pum
Have Little More (Take Yuh Time)
High Altitude
Highest Level
Hold It
Hold Me (Hurt It Up)
Hop Off
Horny And ProudWhite Liver Riddim
Hot Grabba
House A Bun Dung
How Can You
How Me Grow
How Yu Pussy Tight
How Yuh Proud
Hustle Hard
Hustlers Anthem
I Don't Give A
I Promise You
I'll Take You There
I'm Missing You Alot
I've Been In Love With You
Ice Queen
Ignite The World
In Love With You
In My Life
In My Life (Love You More)
Inna Sky
It Hot
It Tight Eeh
Jah Jah Neva Fail I Yet
Jamaica Land We Love
Jeans & Fitted
Just Wine
Kartel Reveal It
Keep It A Secret
Key Stone
Kill Bill
Kill Dem All & DoneMavado Diss
Kill Or Die
Killing StreetRevolution Riddim
Know Bout Me
Kuff Kaff Kweff
Laugh & Shot Dem
Leadeth Me
Let It Be
Life Goes On
Life Me Say (Blessings)
Life Sweet Remix
Lightning Bolt
Like A Jockey
Like ChristmasLike Xmas
Lolli Pop Riddim Nuh Lick
Looking Glass
Love Dem
Love Don't Lie
Love How You Wine
Love It
Love So
Love Yuh To Mi Heart
Luxury Doll
Mad Dawg
Magic School Bus
Make Di Star Shine
Make Some Money
Making A Baby
Mama (Court Case)
Man Str888
Marihuana Gone To Bed
Me Bible Deh Near Me
Me Dem Want Fi Dead
Me In Love
Me Nah
Me Say
Mek Mi Tape It
Mek Noise
Mek Yuh Feel Sure
Mhm Hm
Mi A Get Some Later
Mi Like That
Mi Loving It
Mi Nah
Mi Nuh Trust People
Mi Talk With Gun Shot
Mile High Club
Million By A Morning
Miss Kitty
Miss Number One
Money Isn't All
Money Me A Look
Money On Scale
Money Over War
Money Pon Mi Brain
Money Pon Mi Mind
Money Talk
Money Tree
More Pussy Fi Di Money
More Than Neo
Mother Nature
Move Ya Body
Move Yuh Hand
Murder Informer
My Everything
My Girl
My Heaven My Hell
My Life Belongs
My Love (Try Love)
My Mama
My Rainbow
My SchemeDarker Shadow Riddim
My Senorita
My Shoes
Nah Climb
Nah Hold We Down
Nah Lef
Nah Mek Dem Fren Mi
Need Her In My Life
Neva Drop My Guard
Never Love Another
Never See A Gyal Weh Mi Love So Much
Never Stay Around (Money Love Song)
Never Turn A Raper
New Jordans
No Dutty Panty
No I Love You (Can't Trick Badman)
No Lie
No Man
No Milkshake
No Nine Night
No One (Feels Like Christmas)
No One Time
No Robbery
No Wild Grain
Not A Love Song
Nothing Else
Nuh Badda Try
Nuh Batty TingMavado Diss
Nuh Dash It Weh
Nuh FraidMavado Diss
Nuh Manny Manny
Nuh More Dan Mi
Nuh Permission
Nuh Play Roun Wid Fyah
Nuh War Wid Knife
Oh Deh Gyal
On And On
One Man
One Phone Call
One Woman
Open Up
Ordinary Servant
Pale Blue Dot (Rihanna Wine)
Party Till We Die
Party Vybz
Pass Mi Gun
Picture Me And You
Poor People Land
Pop It Off
Portmore City To Uptown
Pretty Face
Pretty Position
Proper English
Protect Me
Pure Love Mi Give Gyal
Pussy Jaw (Put It On Hard)
Pussy Me Say
Put It In Deh
Real BadMan
Real Youth
Realize Refix
Represent Portmore
Reverb No Delay
Rifle Shot
Road To Paradise
Roll Out
Run Him


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