Jah9 heats up Steamaz with ‘The Marijuana’

Jah9 heats up Steamaz with ‘The Marijuana’ - Ground breaking roots reggae singer Jah9 has announced the official release of her latest single for Emancipation Day, August 1, 2013.

Jah9 Releases 'Steamers A Bubble' on Original Channel One Riddim

'Steamers a Bubble' is done on the Apartment riddim, originally recorded in 1982 by the Roots Radics band for producer Franklyn 'Ben Up' Irvin (Shambala/Hit Bound Records).

In its 2013 incarnation, the riddim has been aptly renamed 'Inna Di Yard'. It pulls significance from the many groundings with legendary guitarist Chinna Smith at his world renowned St. Andrew Park compound. The numerous visits, reasonings and jam sessions on this compound also spawned the 'Inna Di Yard' music-documentary series a few years ago. Jah9 was one of the many
musicians that gathered in St. Andrew Park and even in their early encounters, the guitar Melchizedek took note of the lyrical prowess.

After the recent launch of her New Name album, Jah9 is set to embark on a European tour with a few other regions in between. The
collaboration with Irvin and Jah9 for this single has been a few years in the making but nonetheless, timely. The single has in effect heightened the momentum for all things Jah9 and will be even greater so after it's official airing.

After some forty years in the recording business, Channel One
celebrates its anniversary with a special commemorative release, which will of course include the latest from the artist Jah9, already much bespoke in music circles. For all intents and purposes, this riddim has been dusted off and introduced to an entirely new generation.

Still, ardent roots reggae fans will welcome the pairing of the Roots Radics's easy rockers flow with that of Jah9's 'jazz on dub'

Founded in 1973 by the legendary Hoo Kim brothers, the Maxfield Avenue based studio was the starting point for many greats like Sly and Robbie. In its formative years Channel One recorded some of the biggest tracks in reggae history, churning out hits from The Mighty Diamonds (I Need a Roof) and Delroy Wilson (It's a Shame) among others. This studio is largely considered one of Jamaica's most successful, in not only its overall longevity but the solid string of hits that it spawned in the period of 1973-1983 alone.

Even ahead of its official release, the single has been vetted by
industry stalwarts and has gained traction ahead of its August 1
release date. Undeniable for many, 'Steamers A Bubble' bears an
anthemic quality. As such, it will receive the classic treatment and will be released exclusively on vinyl with added dub versions.

Written By: Iset Sankofa

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