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Jah Cure ‘Marijuana’ ft. Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley Hit 1 Mil Views!

Even if your not a smoker, you can still come with us to the farm (there’s so much for you to learn). If you haven’t heard the new single ‘Marijuana’ by Grammy-nominated reggae artist Jah Cure ft Grammy-winning reggae artist Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley, then you need to stop what you’re doing, light up a spliff (a Caribbean term for “blunt”) and let’s get zoned out together!

The song, ‘Marijuana’ produced and written by Jah Cure and Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley references the incredible euphoria of cannabis in a melodic metaphorical serenade. Some people may be drawn to the song for its chill reggae vibes, but for others, it’s just another smokers anthem. However, in the song, both Jah Cure and Damian embraces its conscious use of ‘Marijuana’ by delivering informative and intellectual lyrics that may go over many heads. Now if you already started smoking and your thinking (I’m high as shit right now to analyze lyrics, no fret my dear, the marijuana hero is here!)

I am going to analyze each verse and I promise you’ll never listen to the song the same way again! In fact, if you stick around I’m going to reveal a secret about Jah Cure that might blow your mind!

Disclaimer: This blog post is not made to promote the use of smoking marijuana. Use at your own discretion. 

[Jah Cure: Verse 1]

Feeling irie
Take a pull an’ fill my lungs
Every worries inside me
I turn them into little clouds
I’m so grateful to nature for this sweet euphoria
Feeling irie
Mmm I’m feeling good
Bob Marley know it all along
And Willie knew it all along
They even try to say it’s wrong
But I knew it all along

We all know that the majority of society deals with daily stress, so for most people smoking is an outlet to relieve their worries…temporarily. As Jah Cure states in the song, he turns all of his worries into little clouds and he’s grateful for this sweet euphoria. In other words, he uses marijuana to vape away his problems and in return feel euphoric.

Yeah, I know that was an obvious one for most people. Let’s proceed!

The next part that may go over many heads is when Jah Cure said:

Bob Marley know it all along
And Willie knew it all along

 If you don’t know who Bob Marley is, then I guess you’ve been living under a damn rock! Bob Marley, a reggae music legend and activist, is known not only for his influential music but also for being an iconic symbol in the cannabis community.

Many have misunderstood his reasons for using marijuana, thinking that he used to smoke for fun. However, according to, it is said that “Marley…viewed himself as a holy person that was able to be in touch with art and poetry through the medium of ganja because according to his religion, that was the purpose it gave to his people.” To many Rasta’s, the purpose of marijuana is not to simply “get high”, but to assist in meditation and open further doors to potentially understand the universe.

 Therefore it’s only right to put a Bob Marley reference in the song.  Let’s not overlook the next line where he said: “And Willie grew it all along”

Jah Cure was definitely talking about prominent activist Willie Nelson…FOR SURE! Willie Nelson is a legendary country artist who has supported both the consumption and legalization of marijuana for years. He has even started his own recreational cannabis company called Willie’s Reserve where he offers a number of different strains of cannabis. This is his self-proclaimed way of giving back to the world for all of the marijuana it has provided him with.

Jah Cure is phenomenal with his metaphors and we’re not even halfway through the entire song!

That the marijuana (frees the mind)
Yes the marijuana (gets me high)
So put your lighters in the sky
Tell the Government legalise
Marijuana, marijuana

Fun Fact: As of April 2019, Canada, The Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland have legalized marijuana. While the United States has not been ready to approve the sale and usage of cannabis, they have legalized the use of “recreational marijuana”.

Earlier this year, the Caribbean islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis, The U.S Virgin Islands and even Trinidad and Tobago have all considered making the use of recreational marijuana legal.

[Verse 2: Jr Gong]
Jah cured these herbs and they’re good for me
I’m floating on a hill so stony
I’m glad to know I’m not alone because
Rastafari’s my custodian
We represent the herbs on the podium
The Indicas are short like Napolean
Sativas don’t like too much sodium
The seeds can replace your petroleum
The leaves have a skunky aroma scent
THC make you feel like it’s heaven-sent
CBD is to me like a medicine
Do some research and you’ll be pleased by the evidence
Perhaps you cultivate some trees in your residence
And agree to disagree with the Presidents
Tell the Prime Ministers please don’t be hesitant
To let the herbs grow and be free!

Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley was the ideal artist to do this collaboration with. They were the perfect match like rum and coke…no even better RICE and PEAS!

The first line showed just how creative Damian is:
Jah cured these herbs and they’re good for me
I’m floating on a hill so stony

Fun Fact: Rastafari holds many Christian beliefs like the existence of a triune God which in their religion call Jah.

Damian said “Jah” cured these herbs meaning that God created the herbs so to him it’s good enough to use. He also owns a marijuana dispensary called ‘Stony Hill’ hence the line “I’m floating on a hill so stony”.

 It was brilliant that he found a humorful approach to use Jah Cure’s name creatively and promote his company in such a metaphorical way! Who needs Facebook Ads when you can just market your company in a song related to your brand! Talk about MARKETING GENIUS!  

Before we continue, I promised to tell you a secret about Jah Cure that might blow your mind…If you aren’t high already haha!

So we spoke to Jah Cure and he revealed that his FAVORITE marijuana strand is Sherbert! It is an American strain of marijuana that he gets from a friend in Amsterdam.

Fun Fact: Sherbert also known as Sunset Sherbert is a sweet and intoxicating marijuana strain, has uplifting effects and tasty flavor profile. According to, it was stated: “Any self-proclaimed stoner will love Sunset Sherbet marijuana for its ability to turn sour moments into something beautiful…”

Have you ever tried Sunset Sherbet? Let us know in the comments below what is your favorite strain of marijuana. For the non-smokers well…just let us know what’s your favorite verse in the song.

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And wereeeee back!

Not only did Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley marketed his business to us, but he also gave us a history lesson AND a medicine 101 crash course!

The Indicas are short like Napolean
Sativas don’t like too much sodium
The seeds can replace your petroleum
The leaves have a skunky aroma scent
THC make you feel like it’s heaven-sent
CBD is to me like a medicine

Napoleon Bonaparte is considered to be one of history’s greatest military leaders. He is remembered today for his role in the Napoleonic Wars (1803–15), and his defeat at the battle of Waterloo on 18 June 1815.

However, the myth about Napoleon being short started because the British used to portray their French enemy as “Little Boney”. Since he was often surrounded by soldiers from his Imperial Guard, who were above average height (5’6”-5’7”), it made him appeared short in comparison. As for the marijuana strain, Indica, it is the short, full-bodied plant which is why Damian made such a magnificent comparison.

Fun Fact: The two major marijuana strains are Sativa and Indica.
With global warming, this earth has become a shit show and finding environment-friendly sources will help with the longevity of this planet. Nonetheless, in the song Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley says “The seeds can replace your petroleum”.

The seed of the marijuana plant can be used as an alternative biofuel to petroleum. According to, “Using hemp as the main source of ethanol, instead of food crops like wheat & corn has clear advantages. Not using food crops as a fuel source allows more efficiency in food production, and hemp can be grown in lower quality conditions, unlike corn or wheat.” Due to the media’s misrepresentation of marijuana, Damian has done a stupendous job shedding light on the positive benefits that the herb provides.

Not only does the use of marijuana support the Green Energy movement, but it has also changed the medicine industry. In the song, Damian says “THC makes you feel like heaven sent”. A natural chemical in the plant called Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, often abbreviated as ‘THC’, is a chemical secreted by the glands of the marijuana plant. It mimics cannabinoid chemicals that occur naturally in your body and attaches itself to your cannabinoid receptors.

This stimulates the brain cells to release more dopamine causing a “heaven sent” or “high” sensation. According to, “When THC is released in the brain, the psychoactive compound can relief from pain, nausea, and vomiting. It can also act as a muscle relaxant, a mood enhancer, an appetite stimulator, etc.”

Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley also makes a point to say “..CBD is my medicine” which is another chemical found in the plant. It is used in alternative medicines because it syncs well with our bodies’ natural processes. CBD can also provide relief for chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, depression as well as many other conditions.

It’s fantastic to see how two artists came together to not only make amazing music but to be advocates for educating the mass on the power marijuana holds.

That the marijuana (frees the mind)
Yes the marijuana (gets me high)
So put your lighters in the sky
Tell the Government legalise
Marijuana, marijuana
Frees the mind

So many legal drugs are killing us
Illness they’re giving us
Yet still they criticise the marijuana, yeah

 During the bridge, Jah Cure sings, “So many legal drugs are killing us..Illness they’re giving us..Yet still they criticize the marijuana…” This verse is one of the most powerful points made in this song.

Substances like alcohol, cigarettes, and prescription pills are proven to have negative effects on the body, such as organ dysfunctions, failure, and death. According to, “We know that any exposure to opioid drugs can lead to future addiction.

It’s become clear that the use of prescription, opioid-containing medicines to treat cough and cold in children comes with serious risks that don’t justify their use in this vulnerable population…In addition to addiction, codeine and hydrocodone have been linked to difficulty breathing, overdose, and death”.

Nonetheless, the numbers of deaths caused by these substances dwarfs the number of deaths contributed to marijuana. According to, marijuana had the least amount of deaths between 1999-2014. The majority of those documented deaths that involved marijuana were mixed with some other substances like alcohol, an opioid, cocaine, etc.

Although marijuana has many positive benefits, the media continues to ridicule and misrepresent it, as Jah Cure would say  “Yet they still criticize marijuana..”. Rightfully so, Jah Cure and Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley mission for their song was to present innumerable facts, bring awareness to the herb and its many uses. Amazingly, these virtuoso artists were able to educate their listeners on the benefits of marijuana and have taken control of the narrative. Bravo to them and to the masterpiece song they created called ‘Marijuana’!

But, before you go off into the clouds remember that “too much of anything is not good for nothing” in the words of Bob Marley.

Happy smoking! Let us know how you feel about this song in the comments!

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