Introducing The Full Fx team dance crew

by DRW

Today you are here to learn more about The Full Fx Team dance crew.

They are manage by Signature Stars Ent. which is headed by Princess Charmz.

Below are two videos of Full FX Team in action.. Enjoy!

FULL FX TEAM-|Introduce..New Dance " ROUND D WORL


The Full Fx Dancerz Biography

The Full Fx Dancerz (Team) was once known as (Full Effect Dancers). It all started at St. Jago High in 2008, where the FX dancerz were created. On our way to stardom we recruited more members to create a more organized group. But it was since 2009 that we took the dancing career more seriously. We stepped up the pace and caught fans with a “Wow!” This was indeed the turning point of our group. We then started making videos and started to endorse our group to the fullest. This has put us in the spotlight to gain more fans and interest in our group. The group consist of 6 members: Chezzy (Chester-Fx) Stennett ,Ramone (Monie-FX) Campbell ,Shawn (Shane-lee-FX)Brown ,Theodore (Theo-FX) Archer, GioVanni (Vaughn-FX) Amos and Huwayne (wayne-FX) Breakenridge .We are one of the best dance crews in jamaica so keep both eyes and ears open...FULL FX!!.

Full Fx Team have picked up many awards throughout the years they were nominated for 2009 as the Best Dance Team and came first place.

Early 2012 Theo Fx, created a new dance called Round D' Worl that has been very successful for the group. It has created more exposure in many countries, Jamaica, England and the United States.

2012 Princess Charmz joined the Full Fx Team as he CEO of Full Fx Team organising many interviews, bookings and musical contacts for us.

For bookings
Blackberry contact: 2320E07A

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