Gordon Andres Promotes “Lambada”

Guyanese recording artiste Gordon Andres is setting the tone with his newest track, a flavorsome delivery titled, “Lambada.”

Gordon Andres Promotes “Lambada”

Released on May 16, 2019, the track was produced by Guyana-based producers Paul Adams, Ridwaan Razak and Rashawn Wilkinson.

The artiste had a sound in mind – a fusion of Pop, Afrobeat, Spanish influence, EDM, Soca and of course dancehall. With an idea in mind, he worked closely with the producers to bring the concept to fruition and from there, something incredible was built.

“Lambada came to mind; I don’t know from where, but I had the melody and the word in my head. I looked up Lambada online and found out that it was a forbidden dance in the 1920’s in Brazil and considered dirty dancing,” he explained. From there, he composed lyrics that would praise the unique dance and shine it in a positive light. With zesty lyrics such as “that sweet Lambada, I’m loving your vibes, we can groove to mañana”, it’s safe to say that the mission was complete.

As an artiste, Gordon likes to keep his sound unique and with a twist and therefore does not class himself as a singer of just one genre. Consistently fusing sounds from multiple genres together, the singer has created signature tracks throughout his career such as “Free Up”, “Beautiful”, “SXFDX” and “Rock Away” which is a collaboration with BayC of TOK.

A music video for “Lambada” is currently in the works and will be filmed in Jamaica. With a slew of talents behind his name, the artiste also dabbles in artiste management and is the CMO of ElevenSixtySix, a Brooklyn-based media house that specializes in recording, mixing, mastering, videography and photography.  As an artiste, his main goal is to please his listeners through his music, creating feel good music with his own unique sound.

“Lambada” is available for purchase and streaming on major digital platforms such as Apple Music, Soundcloud, Spotify and Amazon Music.


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