DJ Kenny aka Big Smile "Eva Hype" Jamaica's Mixtape King

Dj Kenny - DJ “Eva Hype” Kenny emerge as one of Jamaica’s Number one Disk Jockey playing the hype tunes all over Jamaica, the Caribbean , USA, Japan and across the world.

Kenny thinks Music is life and life is Music. I have been playing music from I was at High school endorsing the crazy class parties making the girls dance and behave extreme.

The name Kenny came about from my First name which is Kenroy and growing up I was nicked named Kenny so I took on the addition of “DJ Kenny” but the “Eva Hype” portion came after hitting stardom (lol).

My father is my greatest motivation for music from an early age, I can still remember the days of playing music from a record and even mixing from one cassette to another. After playing and creating a craze at high school parties I musically graduated to street dances in the community.

The first significant sound system that I played was Love Rock Sound System that came from the immediate community. Music playing never ended at Love Rock so I went on to play Sugar Minot Sound System called Youth Promotion. Even then I didn’t think this was it and went on to play another sound system called Jam One.

Things didn’t went as expected because I always thought that there is better out there waiting to be yielded. I subsequently went to work with Cassette Ninja creating a number of Mix CDs within all category of music that one could think of to date.

There is never an end in sight for me and music I am a very determine discipline and dedicated individual and playing music is my everyday life so I am always going at greater endeavours. I was later introduced to Firelinks and became a member of the Fire Sound playing at as many dates as was possible gaining valuable exposure and experience.

Currently I am now working within the banner of Coppershot Sound System a real pioneer and force to be recon in the music industry local and internationally “Big up to the Coppershot Crew” More Music More Life…

I am also still making mix CD and supplying the local and international market with quality music adults and children can listen to at home, in their cars or at work “Big Up to all the Friends and Fans that continue to support me throughout the years.

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