dancehall reggae artiste Hefla Nyah

by DRW

Hefla Nyah

Hefla Nyah

With the world clamouring for more Jamaican artistes who are original but adhering to the classic standard of reggae, enters a young lion by the name Hefla Nyah.

Christened Tristan Duncan, the light-skinned rastafarian youth was born in the district of Content in St Mary, where the seeds of reggae music were sown in his formative consciousness. He, however, migrated to the United States at age 13, but remained plugged into 'yard' by a loving mother who constantly played her native music in her household.

By his own accounts the artiste said his emerging desires for a career in the art was first expressed through writing poems which he would mime. As the years went by, he recorded sparingly, in his new home city of Philadelphia. This took a more than average effort, as in the field of reggae there was not much opportunity. After hooking up with Just Sounds studio, he documented his material with more regularity, but these efforts came to a halt after the owner moved out of the state.

In the meantime, as his confidence grew, and with encouragement from his brother and songwriting partner Kevin, he started to test the proverbial waters by appearing at open mic and talent shows in and around the city. As his previous body of works remained unreleased, his hunger to put something on the market went unfulfilled.

This search led him to the 619 Recording Studio owned and operated by four Jamaicans. Two of the four partners, Patrick Guitsie Dunn formerly of pioneering reggae band Riddim Nation and Roger Grant, ex-manager of reggae star Natural Black, have taken more than a keen interest in working with the budding artiste.

This association has blossomed into a mutually beneficial relationship where the natural resources of the artiste were merged with the experience and assets of the 619 Entertainment Group. This combination is also one where the artist feels comfortable to embark on a serious and urgent quests to come into the public eye. The results are already evident with the single Jamaica (I'll Take You There) about to drop, a promotional mix tape already released, and a soon completed album with the working title Ghetto Fyah slated to come to market by years end.

Hefla Nyah, now more secure with a team in place and plans being executed, has also made his presence felt on stage recently opening for Richie Spice and making an appearance on the annual Peoples Festival in Wilmington, Delaware, alongside Bushman and Junior X.

Through his partnership with 619 Entertainment, Hefla also collaborated with French band Ondubground on a song called Ethiopian Child,which is already getting love from radio all over the world especially in France, Holland and Australia.

The rising aspirant, who cites conscious dancehall dj Capleton as one of his influences and who has a similar fiery delivery, albeit one tempered by catchy melodies, states that his goal is to bring something positive to the table. In addition to his stage name, he has also adopted the moniker of 'di Ghetto Fyah', which is in keeping with his social awareness and continuous effort of addressing injustices being meted out to the poorer class.

From the looks of things, he is well on his way with the aforementioned upcoming single aiming to promote his native island in an optimistic but realistic light. He says he hopes to entertain, while at the same time enlightening his soon to be won over fans in waiting.

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