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Dancehall Music Lack Substance

Dancehall music lack substance, in 2017 is all about money, house, car, gun, gang/crews, and sex.

I often wondered if dancehall music is dead. In recent times most artists who started out doing hardcore dancehall music are now adding at least one reggae album to their catalog, this is due to the fact that if they want to enter the European market where the big reggae festivals are held, then reggae music is the way to go.

Bounty Killer

So why is dancehall music not creating the same impact as reggae? Some would say the songs been released has no substance.  Another question which has been asked many times is why is corporate Jamaica not supportive of the dancehall genre.

When an artist boasts about the guns he and his crews have and if you diss him or any member of his team your body will be found headless, what's the message they are sending?. The music is now also been used as a platform for gangs to throw words at their rivals. On the western side of Jamaica, DJs and selectors are been bullied/intimidated by gangs members into playing music from their artiste. They are also been warned not to play music which is associated with their rivals.

So let's talk about a dancehall artist who is making millions. For the most part, he isn't doing gun songs or singing about money or hype, all that he does is real feel-good music. This artist is Sean Paul, although internationally he is very big, Jamaican still hasn't embraced him because he is not singing about money, house, car, gun, gang/crews, or sex.

The crime rate in Jamaica is very high and some politicians are saying that dancehall music/artists have helped to contribute to the rise in crime. Some will beg to differ but the fact is the youth live what they see and hear.

These new crop of artists aren't making timeless music.  I said that to say this, since the birth of dancehall music in the late 1980s, The 1990s are considered to be the best era for the genre. One of the reason is that most of the music which was released in that era are now considered to be classics.

One can't really blame these artists in 2017 for singing mainly about money, house, car, gun, gang/crews, and sex. Because this is what the lovers of dancehall music today now embrace.  I know for a fact that the most popular songs in the parties/clubs are the songs which are laced with violent lyrics, are very raunchy and gritty.

Back in the 1990s patrons used to enjoy parting a lot more because the music back then was nice. Nowadays its all about who spends the most money at the bar, who can pay the DJs/selectors the most money to play a song, which most time this song lack substance.

Dancehall artists you all need to start making timeless music, make songs that can make pass the airport, make music that you can live off when you've retired.

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