Dancehall artiste Rygin King – Portal Lyrics

This Henny Got me stoned
So many places i gotta be right now
Yo juss pour some more
Henny inna me cup yah mon
Changes you know?
Daily struggles you know?
This Henny got me stoned im pouring out my heart now

I wanna be in four places right now
I gotta get a portal
I wanna be at home but music is important

Too much has been done and said right now
Trying to ignore them
Me never coming this morning
Ah true me out
Inna the streets
Ah try fi please me audience
Me know yuh vex regardless
Cuz out of respect me shoulda even
Leave a small text

But all ah that and yuh nah lef
Juss kiss mi daughter
And mi son and know seh
Yow me heart blessed
We out here ah do greatness
and its clear
Me sing better when me heart vex

Mommy mi feel a way cause me nuh
Answer yuh call since lately
The world juss ah stress me
Inna mi heart ah feel pain
have’nt heard from me daddy from wah day
Big man wah you a deal wid
Yuh son out here
Ah fulfill the dream
Ayye! Me pour a bottle ah the henny
Just to face mi fears

 Feel fi cry two ah we do the same
nuh mek dem use yuh mek dem
Leave yuh page
Two twenty fifth to fort lauderdale
Me sing dah one yah
Juss fi mek dem hear
Mi king dem wah take yuh crown
Yes i am aware

Me keep on fisting them gone
Me inna me owna lane
Ask dem ah who change the game
I am the man to blame
So many places to be at once

Ant i juss feel to call
Because this pain aint much
How have you been?
Could we just have lunch?
She say king things change
I’m engaged and i have
A baby on the way

Ah good news that
me glad fi hear
Juss take some pics
Down ah timesquare
Me looking up
And watch the building dem
I’m thinking bout the things
That brought me hear
Me reach Atlanta
And nuh tek no plane
Yo bashi the whole
Ah boston know mi name
Tell Q say nun
Nuh change and tell me thugs
Be careful pon the white plates

Yow this ah fi me friends dem
Me grow with from flanker out
Salt spring

Jimmy say fi do yuh thing youth
The whole Jim team say one king
Yow…me done know yuh smiling
Done press so the whole
World stalking
Me out here
Ah do the right thing
Yow bro me swear Fi link often

I wanna be in four places RN
I gotta get a portal
I wanna be at home
But music is important
Too much has been done and said right now
I’m Trying to ignore them

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