Dancehall and reggae music gospel artiste Ram 1

by DRW

Ram 1

Ram 1

In 2011 Ram1 released his long awaited debut albumentitled "1 WAY 1 TRUTH 1 LIFE" and is looking forward to working with more soldiers in the faith to further the Good News of Yeshua.

Ram1 has performed live and shared the stage with the likes of lt. Stitchie, Junior Tucker, Luciano, Christafari, Gyamma, Dennis Mclean, Edward Holland, King Arthur and has also featured on tracks and riddim compilation albums with the likes of St. Matthew, Spanna, Stephen Murphy, Remla Productions and Keneva!

Ram1 was raised in the church where he was taught about God and His love for us in sending His Son Jesus into this world, however, around the ages of 11-16 things went down hill, as he would profess to be a Christian yet not really believe wholly in the teaching of the Bible. In addition to this Ram1 got involved in a lot of smoking, violence, in-appropriate things with girls and would also experience times of depression and anger.

But GOD! ... After hearing the Good news of Yeshua, as God worked in Ram1's heart miraculously making him aware of his sin and it's offense to Him, as God blessing him with a new heart to turn to Him and trust in Him and repent, Ram1 yielded his life unto Jesus as his Lord and as his Saviour!

It was at the point of Ram1's baptism and onwards that Ram1 began to seriously sing and song write, when he had an opportunity to jump on the classic "love bump reggae riddim" and it brought the house down! lol not only for his listeners but also for himself as he had finally discovered his niche.... REGGAE MUSIC ... it was as though it was in his veins, being raised with this genre has definitely has an effect on Ram1 and so, as it was 2 years ago up until now he enjoys singing and song writing reggae dancehall music using it as a means to share the Good News of Yeshua, which is this; that Jesus who is Righteous, became sin (by dying in our place), so that we who are sinners, might become righteous (through faith in Him)

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