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Chi Ching Ching proud to sing 'Breadfruit'... Full Story About the Breadfruit Song

It is said that behind every hit song is a great story, and it is no different for Ch Ching Ching's 'Breadfruit'.

The deejay's song Breadfruit is one of the hottest tracks on the local music circuit these days, and is a favourite among Jamaicans both locally and internationally.

In a recent interview, the STAR of the Month, Chi Ching Ching, revealed the genius behind his hit song, Breadfruit.

"A yute look pan mi and say, 'Chi Ching Ching di way yuh hot right now, if yuh pass a breadfruit tree everything roast'. Him just say it to me, and mi a say breadfruit. Mi go a di studio after that and mi a voice the intro fi Get There and mi say alright 'di way mi hot right now, if mi pass a breadfruit tree every breadfruit roast', and mi just release the song," he explained.

dem instant

"Den every weh mi go people just a say breadfruit, breadfruit, and mi say to Escobar, 'Bredda, a so di people dem love breadfruit,' and den mi just call mi dancer dem instant. We go Bounty Sunday and inna di car park and tun up di riddim loud and mi deh pan, 'Yuh want breadfruit, tell mi if yuh want breadfruit.' A just dat mi deh pan. Den inna mi mind mi a say roast or fry, and di next day mi go studio go voice it," he told THE STAR.

The song became an instant hit, but Chi Ching Ching explained that although he was having fun when recording the song, voicing about breadfruit carried a deeper, more personal meaning.

"Mi feel good fi sing bout breadfruit because when me was a child and my parents give me breadfruit, mi next door neighbour use to say we poor, but breadfruit a we culture, it's a Jamaican thing," he said. "When Breadfruit go out a nuh normal response we get from people all bout over the world weh love it."

The artiste, who has given Jamaicans several hits since he got his big break in the industry, revealed that it took some time for him to become the man he is today, but says he is now more focused than ever.

"I am more focused. I have more grip on life, and I'm more serious about what I'm doing now," he said. "It's not the same Ching, it's a new me. I'm not the same person you use to see walk up and down inna di dancehall. The Ching that you are seeing now takes the music as a business. I am a business, and I'm ready to take dancehall back to the top."

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