Spice hot patty wine Lyrics

by DRW


Unnu ready???
Dem no bad like me

Verse 1:
None a dem Gal yah wine like me
Not even Shakera no bad like me
Dancehall queen nave nuthn pan me
Mi a di best winer inna di whole country
Watch me a wine like mi a go-go
Stand up ben me back meck mi hand touch mi toe
Wine an stop den me go
A me a di baddest gal dem fi know

Aeeyyyy yuh tink yuh bad come test me,
None a dem gal dare fi confront me
hot patty hot patty tell them fi bounce mi.
(Sang a di kitteiry)

Verse 2:
No gal can't beat me Inna winning contest
every way me go dem say me a di world best
tell a gal walk out if. She tink she can test
me ago dun di whola dem a my button she fi press
from yuh see how me a gwan yuh know say me badda
can't ketch me style muchless fi go falla
Mi a beat dem bad ana dun dem wid di swagga
mi waisteline a move an a spin like a pupella


Aeeyyyy yuh tink u bad come test me,
None a dem gal dare fi confront me
hot patty hot patty tell them fi bounce mi.
(Sang a di kitteiry) Wha?



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