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ZJ DJ Liquid Wifey Walk Out Lyrics

by DRW

Wifey walk out

A Liquid Yuh know, oh
Inna di gal dem izzle.
hey Goffy watch dem gal deh.

Verse 1
Dem gal stan up,
dem gal stan up
every gal inna di dance
do di dem stan up
bawl it out mi gal
yuh nuh wrong out
lawd gal.

Wifey walk out
an matey stan up
good clothes yuh nuh wear old bruk
nuh man cyaan left yuh
an yuh mah up.
if a girl a talk
tell her talk up (oh)
(repeat 2 times)

Verse 2
Gal a you rule you,
and a you come first.
when yuh go a dance
money stash inna yuh purse.
Visit di bar yuh nuh dead from thirst
when you see some gal
yuh sey call di hearse.
tell dem fi talk if dem have summen fi sey
caw none of you kids dem
you neva dash it weh.
yuh man nah left yuh, ova hear sey
walk up inna di middle and pose
an tell dem go weh.


Verse 3
Every gal inna di video
inna di video
inna di video
walk out caw yuh man live wid yuh.
inna di video
inna di video
yuh nuh haffi dress naked
fi mek nuh man see yuh, mi gal
pose fi mi
pose fi mi, you know yuh sexy like a barbie
pose fi mi
pose fi mi
dat fat sitten deh yuh know mi want it.


Rept verse 2

Rept chorus

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