Will Tommy Lee Sparta Flop in Europe 2013?

by Necoflex

Tommy Lee Sparta

Tommy Lee Sparta

Tommy Lee Flop In Trinidad and now we are hearing that they planing for him in Europe.

Its not looking good for the Gaza Man and his demons.

It seems as if the dancehall general Bounty Kill is finally getting is wish.

Dancehall artiste Tommy Lee Sparta Gets No Love From Trinidad

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Apr 04, 2013
tommy lee a donkey
by: Anonymous

tommy lee sparta a b*tty man an a mi name sassy sparta. mi a di original ting. wi nuh worship devil an dem fuckry deh. dis batty bwoy flop before him even start. a pure shit come outa im mout. a god wi seh fi life no uncle demon bullshit round here.

Apr 01, 2013
all artits worsip same devil
by: anonymous

all artist worship the devil n his demons somehow n how the man name bounty god no support killing i no support the man neither but all artist who are popular today are popular cause the devil rule this world fools

Mar 25, 2013
We don't want him here in England
by: Michelle

Here in England they don't like what he stand for nuthin to do with the Bounty Killer thing, and won't even have his music played in the dancehall, some people still God people no matter what, think tumble weeds will be blowin through his next dancehall too.

I think he needs two bullet in his temple or bow down before the almighty, peoples eyes wide open over here with the nastiness in some of the music, there has been created a big divide, those who will listen to anything, and them that have a discerning ear, the best tunes to come out of JA are some which tell a story of knowing Jah and how he sees them through, why are people going to let go of that, and support someone who goes by the name Uncle Demon, the demon mite be his nephew but God is our father the bwoy is a damn fool and if he thinks that being radical and going against the grain is good publicity, well he only have to look at his nine fans dem in t&t to see that can't work

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