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Unanswered Question About Dancehall & Reggae Music


Here are a few Questions I would like some answers to:

1. Why Jamaica's Dancehall and Reggae Music artists are not making it big on the international stage?

2. Why is it that the American artists want to do reggae so bad, but our music is now sounding more like Hip hop and R&B?

3. Why is France now the mecca of reggae music, yet the don't speak English or Patios?

4. Why is it that Jamaican artists are now opening for European reggae artists, it was always the other way around?

5. Why is it that all the top selling reggae albums the artists are either from America or Europe?

6. Why everyone who can now used a computer and a software to make a beat think they are a producer?

7. Why most radio station in Jamaica don't play roots rock Reggae music?

8. How can Barbados suspend the playing of reggae/dancehall music for almost three months. Right, but we have station playing 4 hours of Hip Hop?

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Jul 18, 2013
Reason why most of us are not making it big in Reggae
by: Ras Ajai MusicalConqueror!!

Reason why most of us are not making it big in Reggae or Dancehall on the international stage is that there is not financial backing for our local artiste that can stand up to the spending power of the foreign acts.

They r eager to do it bcuz we don't have the highlight have so they capitalize in the business side of it...most of the media we follow is US based and I'm certain they are not going to push our artistes more than theirs.

Ques. 3) how many festivals jamaica host...how many artiste are played on radio daily u can count bcuz its the same ones u hear everyday...artiste n musicians locally hav to b seeking work internationally bcuz we get a fight at home.

Gone are the days wen a radio dj listened to a artistes story n try to bring tht to the ppl...playin wit a purpose is no longer the in ting...d purpose now is which artiste yu represent n how much money u can get per month for playin his songs in ur slots...plus everybody want money b4 money start mek from some of our younger artiste so we get no exposure bcuz of our short comings...media is no longer interested in the story or the message but d money tht can b made, not sayin tht one sets up a biz to not make money but there has to b space for those who r jus coming in the game

Jul 18, 2013
Europe as become the place for reggae music

Europe as become the place for reggae music, because they appreciate the real authentic roots, rock, one drop vibez.. Jamaica has become so Americanize that it now has a major influence on our sound (music).. With the media flooding with the other Genres.

American artist have seen the value of reggae muzik via the Bob marley experience, as jamaicans we've become so detached from our culture, while we are running from it ppl are taking it on more, Reggae is and will be the only Genre Of muzik that will forever have a profound effect on the generations yet to come.

And with the age of technonlogy and computer made sounds, withother genres it tends to loose its Authenticity whilst with roots, it stage of evolution tend to be a cycle, which is, goin back to old skool.

Europeans, spend money on music, via sales of albums and also live shows, when a thing is always around it looses its value unfortunately.

Every one with computer and a music software think they are producers because that's what muzik has now become, its no longer a gift for musical geniuses, we are now a generationof quick fix and hurry come ups, but it will take real lovers and ambassadors of muzik to start stepping up the game and making them see quality and not availability..

Its good that everyone can now get the opportunity to life out a dream or fantasy, but unfortunately it takes away the value of the real musicians. Everyone with a muzik making software think they are producers, ppl with mikes think they are artist, ppl with bb think they are promoters.

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