To Parties Promoters Who Thinks That They are DJs/Selectors

I always wonder why some promoters always think that they know more than the DJ/Selector and Sound System operator.

It really hurts me as a selector when a promoter comes to me and say play this or that because the patrons or complaining. Promoters get this into your head, most of the time the person who complain to you is trying to ruin your party.

They have this dirty habit, they will come to you and say "yow the gal dem wah dash out or a dash you time dj some will even say a pure gal tune you fi play"..

You must understand this, and am not bashing the ladies but male patrons spend the most money at parties, so if we are not playing for them to enjoy, you won't make any money.

The fact is that anytime the so call "dagga moring, crotches morning" starts money stop spend.

I always wonder, why don't these promotes not just rent a sound system and play, since they know what the patrons wants.

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