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Taliba Morgan Releases Children's Book "Lizzy and the Magic Coat", Combines Entertaining Story with Important Lessons

Esteemed author Taliba Morgan, daughter of Jamaica’s legendary Reggae pioneer Denroy Morgan and sister to Morgan Heritage, world-renowned Reggae band has released the whimsical children's book "Lizzy and the Magic Coat: Sweet Sweet Dreams".

The book series tells of the adventures of a curious young girl who is a wizard in training. While Lizzy dreams, she goes on magical journeys to far-away places where she encounters all kinds of delightful characters to convey important life's lessons. In this story "Sweet Sweet Dreams", Lizzy will learn her first life lesson that will change her perception on the importance of listening.

"I created this story sometime after my mother died. She died when i was 9 years old and she was gifted a fur coat for me and i hated to wear it...However when she died i would wish that the coat would take me to her. I never thought i would make it through without her. So when i was 13 i wrote my first short book "Me and my Fur Coat" and Now that i am a mom and have my own daughter and have experienced a mothers love, I have now evolved the title to "Lizzy and the Magic Coat". The character is named after my daughter Elizabeth."

The American Academy of Pediatrics acknowledge the importance of reading to children from birth, as it enhances vocabulary and other important communication skills. Reading books aloud to children stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding of the world. It helps them develop language and listening skills and prepares them to understand the written word. “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” ― Dr. Seuss

"Lizzy and the Magic Coat: Sweet Sweet Dreams" is available at Barnes and Nobles, Amazon and will be released on Kindle.

Taliba Morgan is the daughter of Jamaica’s legendary Reggae pioneer Denroy Morgan and sister to Morgan Heritage, world-renowned Reggae band. The Morgan family migrated to the United States from Jamaica where their legacy remains deeply rooted. Taliba’s interest in entertainment and her natural talent was nurtured at a young age through extensive training in tap dance, ballet, and drama while acting in school plays. Her father believed in her talent and ability and
enrolled her in the TADA Theater School in New York City where she excelled beyond expectation. Later, she enrolled in St. John’s University in New York and majored in Communications, Film and Television and is currently studying Dental Hygiene at New York University. Taliba’s hands on experienced began while working as a Production Assistant with Director Jesse Smith on the set for Morgan Heritage and the Dark Side’s music videos. In addition, Taliba co-created and produced a reality television show pilot with Ron DeVoe of the world-renowned R&B group New Edition.

Taliba Morgan continues to write captivating works that explore exciting new stories in classic genres. She’s already penned her first thriller, action packed suspense-fantasy films, and children’s book series that’s more than magical. The action-packed thriller titled Rock-A-Dundee Road is a seat-gripping thriller that follows four young people on an adventurous journey that goes terribly wrong. The suspense-fantasy film, Night Castle Kingdom, is a delightful film filled with mystery and magical journeys destined to fill the soul.

Taliba is very proud of her first children’s book series titled Lizzy and the Magic Coat. Lizzy and The Magic Coat is a charming story about a curious young girl who is a wizard in training. While Lizzy dreams she goes on magical journeys to far-away places where she encounters all kinds of enchanted encounters with delightful characters who help her learn important life lessons.

Education and literacy is a major concern for Taliba as she recognizes that there is a gap in literacy awareness; especially within under-developed communities. To help increase literacy awareness she not only penned the fun filled stories of Lizzy and the Magic Coat, she plans to donate numerous copies of the book to organizations, charities, and schools. To help fund this donation effort Taliba has organized the Dream 1,000 Campaign. The Dream 1,000 campaign builds awareness in literacy through partnerships with education centered charities and schools in under-developed communities. The first endeavor is a donation of 1,000 copies of Lizzy and the Magic Coat to schools, community based organizations, and charities based in Taliba Morgan’s hometown of New York City. Taliba aims to enlist major corporations to raise funds to get children back packs with tools to be a success in school like pencils, pens, note books and scientific calculators.

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