Reggae singer Stevie Face

Stevie Face was born (Anwar Owen Hanchard) on February 12, 1975 in Yallahs, St Thomas, Jamaica.

Face started singing from the tender age of nine (9) on his church choir.

His first recording "Teach The Children" became an overnight hit and every Jamaican child's anthem.

Reggae Singer Stevie Face

Stevie released his first studio album in 2002, titled "Coming At You". It was produced by Stevie's Vasco Carney Ejanis Records.

He said that he got his musical influences from the Crown Prince of Reggae Dennis Emmanuel Brown.

After linking up with Arrows Records in 2001, Steve started focusing on singing primarily for the ladies and crooned his way into their hearts with the mega hit “I’m In Love”.

This was Stevie’s first chart topper, it was rapidly followed up by two other Arrows produced top 20 hits “Oh Happy Day” and “For Your Love”.

After a short hiatus, He stepped back on the scene in 2006 with the street anthem “Poor Feel It” on the Purple Skunk label, followed by “Reasons” on the Arrows label, proving that he still had the goods, both songs firmly placed Stevie in the hearts of music lovers worldwide again.

However his career is about to explode with the release of two new singles, his latest hit the Computer Paul / Bootcamp Records produced “Tell It Like It Is” & “Coming Home” produced by Bobby “Digital” Dixon. Both songs are enjoying tremendous airplay both locally & abroad and are included on Stevie’s soon to be released second album simply titled “Tell it Like It Is”.

Stevie’s ability to sing sweet soothing love songs has earned him many fans both locally and internationally, especially in England where he has a rapidly growing fan base.

Stevie Face said “Right now my biggest fan base outside of Jamaica is in England they love me like crazy over there, they say I am the new lovers rock king.” I guess it’s because I have scored so many hits in England in the last year or so, but whatever it is the fans there love my music bad I appreciate their support a lot”.

Reggae Music Singer Stevie Face In 2016

He is ready to make a big impact on the reggae music scene once again.

For the past two years, the St Thomas-born singer has been on a musical hiatus while he focused on building his Advanced Service Station and Advanced Alignment businesses.

Now that both entities are on solid footing, the enterprising entertainer, who is known for hits such as Tell It Like It Is and Coming Home for Love, is ready to pick up where he left off.

"I've taken a fair amount of time to work on my entrepreneurial ventures and now it's time to resume my career. I'm ready to focus on my music full time again and give my fans the attention they deserve," He said.

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