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Ninja Crown has been riding high for over a decade as a key member of world famous Mighty Crown sound system.

The dapper New York-based sound man is heralded as one of the industry's most consistent selectors, mastering a knack for both juggling and clashing. Ninja Crown, aka Rohan Henry, is the only U.S. residing member of the Mighty Crown sound system, who hail from Yokohama, Japan.

Over the years, the popular selector has played a critical role on Mighty Crown's tours and high level juggling and clash performances. Members of the International sound refer to him as the glue that bonds the 4-member team. Because of his love of music, high level of expertise and flexibility, Ninja Crown is present on 90% of Mighty Crown's tour dates and was instrumental on "The Far East Rulaz" 60 city, 3 continent "Driving Force Tour" that spanned from 2013-2014.

In late 2014, Ninja Crown rocked the historic "Welcome to Jamrock" Reggae Cruise, dropping just the right tunes and dub plates for MCs Simon and Sami T to "level" the massive main deck audience. Much to his credit, Ninja Crown's regard on the sound has secured him many notable solo performances.

When recently asked about his greatest strengths as a selector, Ninja Crown replied
earnestly, "Bringing the juggling experience to a war sound and my ability of mixing all genres of music without losing crowd attention and momentum have to be by strongest attributes."

Adding to a growing list of accomplishments, Ninja Crown has successfully donned the hat of radio personality for over 3 years. The energetic selector doubles in the role of co-host and DJ on the top rated Sound Chat Radio talk show, which is syndicated in 20 markets (streaming from Along with co-host Chin, Ninja dishes the dirt on hot topics centered on Reggae Dancehall and Sound System culture and news impacting the greater Caribbean diaspora. Ninja frequently interviews the who's who of Caribbean entertainment on Sound Chat Radio. Through it all, the skilled DJ provides the ultimate music for the program.

In late 2014, through his 'Loaded' brand, Ninja Crown took his knack for radio a step further. The hard working personality launched his weekly program aptly titled 'Loaded Thursdays' each week from 4-6 PM. On this show, which is now syndicated on many stations (,, soundchatradio/, Jammins radio in Springfield Mass and Unique radio (UK) and, Ninja Crown offers his audience a thrilling, primarily Caribbean-inspired music experience. The show’s audience grows weekly, further solidifying Ninja Crown's presence on radio.

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