Serani invades Yush Stage with Raunchy Material

Not being billed for the event or even invited on the stage to perform at last Thursday’s staging of the semi-annual retro event ‘Yush’, didn’t stop recording artiste Serani from doing just that.

The internationally recognized artiste and producer took to the stage while the artistes billed for the event, Bounty Killer and Sizzla Kolonji, were performing on the Showtime riddim.

In an almost one minute video that has been making its rounds on social media, Serani is seen performing his mega hit ‘Doh’ before launching into his raunchy new single ‘Buss A Blank’, which lead to the premature end to all performances.

“The vibe was right as other acts were also being called onstage to touch the mic so I took the opportunity to perform songs that my fans know and love. Dropping the new single ‘Buss A Blank’ really left a mark on the Yush audience’ Serani explained

Serani says he was fully aware that Yush is a throwback event and that performing a brand new song would have been frowned upon, not to mention that the new track was rifled with profanity.

“The raw version of the song has been getting the most forward in the streets, this is the version the crowd has been responding to more than the clean version and I’m here to connect to the streets as well”
Serani continued.

The Buss A Blank single seeks to elevate those men who do not engage in certain sexual practices which are still taboo at some level in Serani’s native island of Jamaica.

The promoter of Yush, PP, also shared his thoughts on Serani’s raunchy display,

“His performance was rather surprising and shocking. Serani has a mostly decent catalog but at Yush the content was unexpected. That kind of artiste that we know him to be is more melodious, verses the coarse words that people expect from a Sizzla and even Bounty. So for me it was rather a ‘WTF’ moment” PP admonished.

Serani, who is now back on the island and in studio working on a few projects to be released under his Rockstone Media Label, says the ‘Buss A Blank’ single is merely the tip of the iceberg.

“I have quite a bit of raunchy material in the works, sexy singles like ‘Wait Til I touch You’ have been making its way on a few major playlists worldwide so 2016 is looking quite positive’ Serani added

The singer is also in the process of completing a video for his new single ‘Wait Til I Touch You’ produced by Serani himself for his RockStone Media Record Label.

Janice Young
Radio Announcer (FAME 95 FM)
Event Planner/PR Director/ Media Consultant

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