Sean Paul & Alexis Jordan Got 2 Luv U Lyrics

by DRW

Sean Paul & Alexis

Sean Paul & Alexis

Hook: (Sean Paul & Alexis)

Got to luv you
Got to luv you
Got to luv you
Got to luv you


Verse One: (Sean Paul)
Gal me nah stay like dem boy deh wey put yuh down
Me rather lift yuh way up high up off di groun'
Nuff a dem fake dem a nuh king a clown,
only thinkin bout' dem self alone
Listen me keen now baby tell me how me sound
Run away dem likkle boys deh weh loser prone
Me alone ah make yuh start fi moan and groan
Cah me an ur love strong like a stone
Girl coz I

Chorus: (Alexis)
I, I'll do anything I could for ya
Boy you're my only
I, I'm gonna flip these beats on ya
You don't even know me.
Cause I- I
I don't even want to fight, fight, fight
Said I- I
I ain't even gonna fight it.

Hook: (Sean Paul & Alexis)

Verse Two: (Sean Paul)
Girl a mi alone a give you security
And mi nah just talk fi mind yuh.
Mi alone a give you the remedy fi set you free
Sum bwoy just waan fi hide you
That's why me you a lettin'
Girl I'm not pettin'
Ready fi mek you sweatin'
Ties dem I'm checkin'
Legs dem I'm settin'
Build fi hot steppin'
Mi cyaan lose, I'm bettin'

Chorus (Alexis)

Hook: (Sean Paul & Alexis)

Bridge: (Alexis)
You were the sun,
Hot steppin' girl, we're not stoppin' (Sean Paul)
Got me standing in your orbit (Alexis)
With nowhere to run
Good lovin', Give yuh good lovin' (Sean Paul)
Boy you got me, I can't ignore (Alexis)
It's me and you forever girl! (Sean Paul)

Chorus (Alexis) repeat

Hook: (Sean Paul & Alexis)



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